Nervous System Healing & Expansion

A Healthy Nervous System is Your Birthright

Yet the number one problem I see conscious entrepreneurs like you have is an often unsafe nervous system, which manifests as layers of unhelpful protection preventing you from shining your light fully.

But I'm here to change that. I want you to shine. To have access to feelings of wellbeing and business success, and to receive that in ways that feel safe, joyful and stress free. No more over-giving and exhaustion, no more overworking and undercharging, and no more ignoring your body in the pursuit of success in business.

Healing your own trauma and applying trauma informed approaches to your client business is the doorway through which you can create the life that you've been dreaming of and the regenerative business you've been working hard to grow - are within reach. All it takes is nurturing your sensitive nervous system so it can feel safe enough to live your one precious life more fully. And I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

Are you ready to step into the life and business you truly desire? Let's make it happen.

Catherine Hale "I want you to thrive"
Catherine Hale "Who I am"

Who I am

As a nervous system expert, educator and inspiring guide for seasoned, change-making, and heart centred people who coach, heal and lead.

I'm passionate about supporting you to unlock the extraordinary power of post-traumatic growth through the process of both healing and expanding your nervous system so you can feel empowered to create the lives and businesses that are aligned with your deepest purpose and desires.

As an advocate for conscious entrepreneurs, I firmly believe that you can cultivate a trauma informed way of living and being where you get to thrive.

And let me tell you, I'm not just any coach. I am a qualified trauma coach, sexological bodyworker, and post-menopausal woman who understands what it takes to heal and grow from the inside out. My trauma-informed perspective focuses on reducing the harm of internalised capitalism in our bodies and businesses, recognising the need for radical rest in business, and unlocking the power of post-traumatic growth.

Curious about my qualifications and trainings? Head on over here to learn more. Let's start creating the life and business you deserve!

My 1:1 Coaching Containers

Thrive in Business 1:1 Coaching Container

Is exclusively designed for ambitious, high-achieving people who have sensitive nervous systems.

You've already done mindset work and strategy implementation, and have some business success under your belt. But secretly you know you are still under receiving.

But now, you're ready to build the nervous system regulation you need to create a regenerative business where you have the right support and the capacity to reach and serve your people. Whilst also having the spaciousness, that reduced stress brings, to do the other things you love in your life: more family/friends time, more self-care, more time in your community and space to be more creative.

We'll work together to identify the nervous system, thinking and behavioural  patterns  that have been preventing you from receiving, and together create a highly personalised plan to rewire your nervous system so you learn to receive with ease.

Over 5 months, we'll focus on healing your nervous system, creating a strong foundation of safety and security that will enable you to expand into your business vision with confidence. Together, we'll take strategic and actionable steps that are aligned with your body and nervous system capacity, bringing your business vision to life and empowering you to thrive like never before.

Thrive in Life 1: 1 Coaching Container

Is specifically designed for courageous and bold people who are ready to revolutionise their relationships and reclaim their sexual power.

Together, we'll create a fully customised plan that takes into account your unique nervous system capacity, allowing you to fully blossom into the most vibrant, authentic version of yourself - in a way that feels entirely consensual and honouring to your body.

Over the course of 5 months, we'll work somatically, supporting you as you safely explore the exiled parts of yourself, releasing the attachment trauma and unlocking the parts that have been shut down or forgotten - so that you can access more of your natural, radiant aliveness.

By the end of our program, you'll feel awakened to your own power and embodied in your sexuality, equipped with the tools and mindset to thrive in all areas of your life.

Lucy Rowett testimonial

" I chose to work with Catherine for both for personal and professional reasons, and it has completely revolutionised how I approach my work, infusing trauma-informed practices into everything including how I manage my business.

In our time together I gained so many skills to work with my own nervous system and slow down, I feel like it's been a missing piece in my healing path and learning to trust myself again. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Catherine, I am beyond grateful."

Lucy Rowett - Sexologist - Thrive in Business Coaching client

"Having completed the Thrive in Business Coaching program with Catherine I feel a brand new relationship with my business. I've moved from being stuck, lost and overwhelmed to being fully present and I see myself as a business owner now, rather than just a practitioner.

At all times the sessions felt totally focused on the needs of my business and it has completely reformed as a result.

If you genuinely want the best for you, your business, and all that it serves, investing in this programme is an ideal way to meet these needs. Thank you Catherine!"

Katrina Clark - Conscious Sexuality Coach - Thrive in Business Coaching Client


It can be easier to receive across your life, your business and your relationships, especially your money relationship.

Open to Receive

A short daily meditation to expand your wealth capacity so you can serve from a full cup

  • Reconnect with your healthy money blueprint and anchoring your future money relationship into your nervous system.
  •  Transform over-giving and undercharging to create a solid foundation for expanding your money capacity from a place of safety and relaxation.
  • Break free from old patterns and limitations and step into a new level of financial abundance and empowerment.
  • Listen to the meditation today and unlock your true potential.
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A Love Note To You On

Nervous System Healing and Expansion


You can grow a new capacity to receive.

Even if you've always over given or thought you had to work really hard to get what you needed.

Your nervous system is designed to be rewired - so you can create the changes you long for and deserve.

In my journey of opening my receiving capacity I discovered my challenges were my greatest teachers.

So let's do this together, and know that I believe in you. You have the power to make these changes, and I'm here to support you every step of the way.

So much love to you,