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Open to Receive Pleasurably in Business, Money, Sex & Love





Lucy Rowett testimonial


" I chose to work with Catherine for both for personal and professional reasons, and it has completely revolutionised how I approach my work, infusing trauma-informed practices into everything including how I manage my business.

In our time together I gained so many skills to work with my own nervous system and slow down, I feel like it's been a missing piece in my healing path and learning to trust myself again. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Catherine, I am beyond grateful."

Lucy Rowett - Thrive in Business Coaching client

Receiving is Your Birthright


The number one problem women like you and I have is a limit to our receiving capacity.


If you are like I was then you probably don't realise its because our nervous systems only feel safe to receive in a certain way.


I'm here to change that.

I want you to have access to wealth, in a way that feels pleasurable.

- Without over giving and feeling exhausted

- Without overworking and undercharging

- Without overriding your body and leaving it out of the equation


Using the Nervous System Expansion Method  you can open to and expand your capacity, by making it safe and even pleasurable to allow more in.

That life you dreamed of, that business you want to grow - its all possible when you calibrate your nervous system to the next level of receiving.

Catherine Hale "I want you to thrive"


"Having completed the Thrive in Business Coaching program with Catherine I feel a brand new relationship with my business. I've moved from being stuck, lost and overwhelmed to being fully present and I see myself as a business owner now, rather than just a practitioner.

At all times the sessions felt totally focused on the needs of my business and it has completely reformed as a result.

If you genuinely want the best for you, your business, and all that it serves, investing in this programme is an ideal way to meet these needs. Thank you Catherine!"

Katrina Clark - Thrive in Business Coaching Client

Katrina Clark testimonial
Catherine Hale "Who I am"

Who I am

I'm a nervous system coach, educator and guide for seasoned and change-making, heart centred women who coach, heal and lead.

Together we heal your relationship to receiving in business, money, sex & love.

My Thrive in Business Coaching Program is for seasoned and heart centred coaches, healers and leaders who've put a whole lot of energy into their business but are not seeing the results they desire. We work at the nervous system level to expand your capacity to receive more fully from your business in ways that feel easeful, joyful and even pleasurable.

My Thrive in Life Coaching Program, has supported 100’s of courageous woman shift from patterns of stuckness, low confidence and self doubt so they can step into and receive the lives they most truly desire.


As a qualified trauma resolution coach, Trauma Release Exercises practitioner, a sexological bodyworker, and a menopausal woman I write about a range of topics from a trauma informed perspective: reducing the harm of internalised capitalism in our bodies and business, radical rest in business, and post traumatic growth. You can read more about my qualifications and trainings here.

With a life long passion for the natural world, and a generous heart, I donate to the Tree Sisters Charity each month and hold the vision to acquire land to re-wild it. I currently live in Devon, UK with my cat Simba and I can be found deepening my connection to nature while exploring ancient pathways and river valleys in Dartmoor National Park.


Nervous System Health


You can grow a new capacity to receive.

Even if you've always over given or thought you had to work really hard to get what you needed.

Your nervous system is designed to be rewired - so you can create the changes you long for and deserve.


In my journey of opening my receiving capacity I discovered my challenges were my greatest teachers.

Let me help you do the same - I believe in you - you can do this!


So much love  to you



It can be easier to receive across your life, your business and your relationships, especially your money relationship.


By working with your nervous system you get to rewire your receiving story. In this version you get to embody receptivity without shame and guilt, without overworking, without compromising your health or adopting the strategies of burnout culture. 


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