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Lucy Rowett testimonial


" I've known for a while that I needed to do more nervous system work, and I've always felt safe and non-judged with her. In our time together I gained so many skills to work with my own nervous system and slow down, I feel like it's been a missing piece in my healing path and learning to trust myself again.

Thank you thank you thank you Catherine, I am beyond grateful."

Lucy Rowett - Thrive in Life Coaching client

I Want You to Thrive!

Hello I'm Catherine (she/her) and I want women to have the opportunity to live in a world were we Thrive - where we have broken free of the personal and collective trauma spells we've been under and to fully embody our power, our capacity to create a world that our grandchildren would be proud of.


Right now there's work to do. Our planet needs us to do the ESSENTIAL WORK OF TRANSFORMATION.


Let me help you take the steps - where I can share with you EVERYTHING I've learned on my journey of Trauma Resolution that's created a Thriving Life and Business for me.

Catherine Hale "I want you to thrive"
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Katrina Clark testimonial


"Having completed the Business Coaching with Catherine I feel a brand new relationship with my business. I've moved from being stuck, lost and overwhelmed to being fully present and I see myself as a business owner now, rather than just a practitioner.

Catherine was so generous in what she shared, her knowledge and care. At all times the sessions felt totally focused on the needs of my business and it has completely reformed as a result.

If you genuinely want the best for you, your business, and all that it serves, investing in this programme is an ideal way to meet these needs. Thank you Catherine!"

Katrina Clark - Thrive in Business Coaching Client



Trauma Resolution in  Business & Money, Love & Sex


Let's start the conversation. There is so much power bound up in these topics  - we need to heal around them like never before.

As women let's claim our embodied power, live in alignment with what truly matters to us and be the force that creates the world we long for.


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How I Can Help You

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Catherine Hale practitioner coaching
Catherine Hale "Who I am"

Who I am

I'm an embodied trauma coach, educator and guide and I specialise in supporting women to transform their relationship to business & money, sex & love and I believe in the power of post-traumatic growth.

As heartfelt entrepreneur, I've created the Thrive in Life Coaching Program, which has supported 100’s of courageous woman and female bodies people to shift from surviving to Thriving in their lives.

My Thrive in Business Coaching Program is for heart centred coaches and entrepreneurs wanting to Thrive in Business and to dedicate their lives to create positive and sustainable change in the world.

My successful Trauma Awareness Training has been taken by participants in numerous countries worldwide and continues to bridge the gap in the therapeutic community – offering trauma informed practices and perspectives where previously absent.


As a qualified trauma resolution coach, Trauma Release Exercises practitioner, a sexological bodyworker, and a menopausal woman I write about a range of topics from a trauma informed perspective: reducing the harm of internalised capitalism in our bodies and business, radical rest in business, and post traumatic growth. You can read more about my qualifications and trainings here.

With a life long passion for the natural world, and a generous heart, I donate to the Tree Sisters Charity each month and hold the vision to acquire land with the purpose to re-wild it. I currently live l Devon, UK with my cat Simba and I can be found deepening my connection to nature while exploring ancient pathways and river valleys in Dartmoor National Park.


Healing From Trauma

Trauma does not need to be a life sentence - even if it feels that way.

Through my trauma resolution journey I discovered my challenges were my greatest teachers.

Let me help you do the same - I believe in you - you can do this!


trauma symptoms,healing from trauma,recover from emotional trauma,thrive in life,thrive

 "Experiencing a coaching container with catherine has been so empowering,

and has helped me to heal, grow, and develop knowledge and tools to  weave into my life. I have experience a lot of therapy in the past, but have found the wisdom & combination of skills that Catherine holds has helped me really to embody and integrate on such a deep level. This continues to support me to thrive and heal. I feel more empowered and aligned with my essence, body & nervous system with more trust and tools to care and support myself.  Thank you!"

Thrive in Life Coaching Client


"In the Thrive in Life Coaching Program I learned practical and creative ways of regulating my state and moving from a history of extreme ups and downs to stabilising my health and well-being. I now have more capacity to take risks and to thrive in work and play. This is a huge change – to truly dampen the patterns of trauma I’ve inherited, not just for me but for the people around me as well, is no small shift.

I have really enjoyed working with Catherine  - I always felt safe and cared for, and the work we did was at a profound level of creativity, depth and simplicity. Please do this work if you’re considering it, somatic work goes far beyond any psychotherapeutic and coaching work I’ve experienced before."

Jules - Thrive in Life Coaching Client