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My Mission: Embodied Female Empowerment

Embodied Female Empowerment is my mission, using the tools of trauma resolution, pelvic health and pleasure based sex- education. Collectively we have spent too long in the dark, living lives smaller than we truly are. I feel it’s time for ALL women to shine and to share their gifts in the world. The time of holding back, of playing small, or pleasing others is over.

Stepping into empowerment includes exploring everything about us: our sexuality, our trauma, our pelvis and our relationship to power. I believe we women deserve to have sexual vitality, pelvic health, bodies free from trauma, to be powerful, and to share an intimacy where we're met in our strength, beauty and love.

Our challenges can be our greatest teachers; our trauma can unlock the door into safety and a deep trust in the world and others. Our sexual wounding can ignite the way back to pleasure, our pelvis can birth our creations and our disempowerment can guide us into healthy relationships with shared power.

Women’s pelvic health, sexuality, trauma resolution and embodied female empowerment is essential in creating the world in which we can manifest our dreams. Yet the provision for support and care we women need tends to be lacking.

I plan to change this by offering a paradigm  shift from inadequate to specialised and effective care for women.

I want to support women to:

  • Celebrate their bodies and their sexuality
  • Live healthy, vibrant fulfilling lives
  • Feel their body ~ mind ~ spirit connection and be emotionally and spiritually nourished through this
  • Create meaningful and satisfying relationships with their partners and community
  • Come into their authentic female power and share this and their gifts fully into the world.

My wish is you find on this website resources on sexuality, pelvic health, and trauma, including discovering your arousal anatomy, why vaginal steaming is good for you, the process of healing from trauma, working with your sexual shadow and the power of energy orgasms, so you can grow into your expression of embodied female empowerment. Everything I share has been part of my journey, each is a jewel in my treasure box and I want to share them all with you.

Catherine Hale vaginal steaming London

About Catherine

I work with women and where desired their partners too, weaving together a diverse range of traditions and practices. I work with you to guide you into embodied female empowerment, through somatic education in the territories of sexuality, trauma, and pelvic health care to restore a body ~ mind ~ spirit connection within.

I’m an explorer, forever curious about the world of body, mind and spirit.

Everything I offer is a reflection of my own personal and professional journey of recovering from sexual trauma and learning to navigate pelvic health challenges.


Trauma is the response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event that overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope, causing feelings of helplessness, a diminished sense of self and a reduced ability to feel the full range of emotions and experiences.

  • We don't need to have experienced  war, natural disaster, or personal assault to be profoundly affected. Traumatic situations that cause post-trauma symptoms vary quite dramatically from person to person. Indeed, it is very subjective and its important to bear in mind the effects are defined more by the response than the trigger.
  • Essentially the trigger initiates a fight/flight response so intensely it can’t be turned off once the threat is over. The adrenalised state in the body becomes stuck 'on' meaning we can’t shift into our relaxation mode.
  • Trauma is a fact of life, but it doesn't need to be a life sentence.  Is it possible to unravel the thread of trauma housed in our bodies. When done with sufficient care it maintains a degree of internal integrity and prevents overwhelm.
women's sexuality Catherine Hale

Women's Sexuality

Most of us have received sex education limited to reproduction rather than pleasure, meaning we probably know more about avoiding pregnancy than ways to create orgasm.

We may:

  • Be going along with sex that doesn’t feel right for us because
  • We don't know what we want from our sexual encounters. We’re left mystified about all the women we read about who are apparently having multiple orgasms all the time.
  • Have a sexual history we’re ashamed of, too many, too painful, violating, or not enough experiences. Conditioned by a sex negative society where sexual shame is epidemic we may be torn between the virgin and the whore, trying to be ‘acceptable’ whilst internally battling with our desires.
  • Have birth injuries and find sex painful or find it doesn’t feel the same anymore. Or we have pelvic conditions limit our sexual expression.
  • Wonder why we’ve never found sex satisfying but felt ashamed to say so.

It doesn’t need to be that way anymore. You can create the sex that you've been longing for, I'm here to support you.


You can choose 4 possible ways of working with me





bespoke sex and intimacy retreats


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I just want to thank you...

for the beautiful day on the Anatomy of Female Arousal workshop and for creating a safe space for our exploration. I feel blessed to have experienced the depth of wisdom and healing our Pussy’s have. I feel so honoured to have held space for these women in what I feel is a sacred moment that I will always honour and never forget, and in the witnessing of such beauty and courage of the Divine Feminine. I will always honour my sacred pussy and do my utmost to give her daily attention.