Why Your Period is a Monthly Download about Your Health

period monthly health download

If there was one thing I could whisper into the ear of my much younger self  it would be “Your period is a precious gift, it lets you know the state of your health every month. Learn how to read your period and you’ll be much healthier and happier in your life.”

Like many women I’ve struggled with my menstrual cycle, the peak of which was a 4 year stretch with a cycle of 16 – 64 days.

Those four years were extremely challenging for me. I couldn’t plan to be in rhythm with my cycle because there was no rhythm. I couldn’t plan to take some rest time when I had my period as I never knew when it would happen. I became increasingly tired and anaemic and felt at the mercy of some inner force that I didn’t understand.

I now know this irregularity was born from a lifetime of menstrual misunderstanding.

Understanding your menstrual cycle is so important

From my training as a vaginal steam facilitator and my ongoing training in peristeam hydrotherapy I’ve recognised just how important it is for a menstruating woman to rest. Put it this way if you had an injury and were bleeding EVERYONE would be telling you to rest, so your body could replenish the blood you lost. You’d be encouraged to eat nutritious food so the body could use the nutrients, namely B12, folic acid and iron, to make more blood. You wouldn’t be carrying on as business as usual!

The current world system isn’t set up to support menstruating women. We are encouraged to strive, to push forward, to be productive. Advertising would lead us to believe we can ignore our bodily functions and continue to be superwomen and have everything. But I question is having everything really that good for us as women?

It seems to me that many of us are paying a high price for this with our health.

Women are cyclic, our hormones drive our cycle and give us experience of the 4 phases of woman: maiden, mother, queen and crone every month. Each of these archetypes carries powerful gifts but equally needs to be treated with respect. The crone phase, the time just before and during our period, is synonymous with winter, its time to be quiet, still and go inside. This isn’t the time to be putting in the hours at work, rushing to the gym and eating on the go. If we ignore our body wisdom over time we’ll pay the price as we go into imbalance.

Body Wisdom

Learning to read our period is probably one of the most effective ways a woman can be in control of the state of her health. Each month we are given clear signs that we are either in or out of balance. For example the brown spotting after the fresh blood of a period has stopped is your body’s way to tell you you’ve not had enough rest during the period. You may have been told your 8 day long bleed, or your 21 day cycle, or erratic bleeding in your 40’s is normal. And sadly yes it is normal as so many women have these symptoms, but its not an indicator of health. Most women don’t know this, they believe it to be normal because it always happens, and with few reference points to compare it to, and lets be honest how many of us really talk about our periods with our friends, we have little idea of what a healthy cycle can look like.

Reading our period goes deeper than just tracking our cycle, although cycle tracking is an important first step. It supports us to see where we are going off track and how to bring ourselves back into balance. Every month menstruating women get a download on the state of their health, for free and without the need for a doctors visit!! This powerful lunar gift gives menstruating women the option of becoming the guardians of our health and well-being.

I offer period reading or menstrual analysis as part of my vaginal steaming sessions to tailor a well-being protocol that serves the changing needs of each woman. With a little support and guidance I believe every woman can read their period and claim back their health and vitality to live loving empowered lives.