Why you need to befriend your nervous system?

befriend your brain

The nervous system is designed to respond to threats in your environment and body with the fight/flight, freeze, fawn or collapse responses.

Having access to these responses or states, as they are also called, ensures our survival. Once they are over we are designed to return back to regulated safety.

However often we get stuck in these states. Sometimes in just one, but often we cycle from one to another without ever finding ourselves back in regulated safety.

  • Do you ever feel irritable for days at a time – this is a stuck fight state 
  • Or feel stuck and like its all just too much for days on end – this is a stuck collapse state 
  • Perhaps you feel anxious and have repetitive thoughts cycling through your mind that stop you from sleeping well – this is a stuck flight state 
  • Maybe you repeatedly find yourself saying yes to things that you don’t have capacity for but feel you don’t want to let others down – this is a stuck fawn state 
  • Or perhaps you cycle between all of these responses  leaving you simultaneously exhausted and wired – this is a stuck freeze state 


Here’s the thing, the time we spend in dysegulated states has a negative impact on our: immunity, hormones, digestion, and other bodily systems. Over time this causes increased wear and tear on our bodies creating health challenges and reducing the quality of our lives.

Meaning that nervous system regulation is paramount to living happy and fulfilling lives.

Yet the majority of people I meet whether, they are my clients or people interested in transforming their lives, don’t have adequate nervous system knowledge to create and apply practices that actually turn the dial towards regulated nervous system health.

You see, with the nervous system, there is no one size fits all approach, you need to use state specific practices that:

  • match the intensity in your body
  • honours your capacity in that moment
  • you can repeat regularly
  • allow for choice and agency
  • are easy to do

When we can recognise our nervous system state and know how to shift it towards a momentum of health we are back in the driving seat of our lives and you deserve this.


That’s why I’ve created the ANCHORED IN REGULATION COURSE where we meet together online so that you can learn the essential skills of nervous system regulation and reclaim your health and happiness within a caring community environment.

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio