Why Receiving More Money in Menopause Matters

The Hidden Financial Cost Of Menopause

At this point in history there are more women journeying through menopause than ever before – and many of these of initiates are meeting menopause in ways that our mother’s could never have dreamed of.

We are talking about it. Educating ourselves. Destigmatising it and claiming back menopause as an initiatory rite.

All of which I wholeheartedly celebrate.

But nobody is talking about the financial burden of menopause.

The cost of the extra therapy you need as you old traumas surface. Or the supplements and practitioner care you’ll need in order to find hormonal balance and regulation. Or the money needed for extra time away as the need to retreat into your cave grows stronger.

Instead I see women struggling on as before ignoring their needs and trying to make do with a limited receiving capacity while their bodies ramp up symptoms and their health falls away. All because they’ve arrived at the threshold of menopause underfunded and therefore under-supported.

I want to change that.

I want women to be able to fully fund their own menopause, so they can receive ALL the support they need at this powerful time of transition. And in order to do this women need to grow their capacity to receive more money at this time.

But here’s the thing, having been trained to be givers, people pleasers and carers its REALLY hard for most women to even acknowledge they have needs, let alone name them or receive them.

I know, because Ive been there.

Prior to menopause I didn’t know how to receive. Oestrogen provided me with all the giving super powers I needed. But once that started to decline I felt empty, bereft, and menopause symptoms flooded in and took the rug out from underneath my feet.

I knew I had to heal my money relationship and fast to pay for the high level of care and support I needed and I knew I couldn’t do it the old way of pushing and working all the hours as my body wasn’t going to allow that.

Instead of making money I had to learn to receive money – and that required a whole new level of trust and safety to come onboard in my nervous system.

Ive forever grateful for having an amazing trauma resolution coach who I worked with during this time, who supported me to grow my capacity to receive in new ways that actually felt good and dare I say it venturing into the realms of it feeling pleasurable.

I began to earn more money with ease. Instead of my old pattern of over-giving and undercharging – I charged rates that matched the value I gave. As my bank balance grew I found myself embodying this new version of me who trusted that life would support me, and that abundance was actually really all around me.

I would say that so far I have spent somewhere between £15 – £20K on menopause related care. That includes medical testing, practitioner sessions, body work, acupuncture, herbs, supplements, therapy, coaching, and more time off. And there is no way that I could have provided so much for myself had I not opened up to receiving more fully.

The number one problem that I help change-making women like you to resolve is how to increase your wealth capacity so you can pleasurably receive a steadier, more reliable income in your business.

I love doing this work more than anything because receiving is your birthright.

This is my free gift to you – my Open to Receive Meditation, designed to increase your wealth capacity so you can begin to pleasurably receive a steadier, more reliable income in your business.

Together we will take the first step in opening up your channel to receive so you can stop over-giving, or working harder than you already are and instead serve from a full cup.