Why meditation may be making your symptoms worse


If you’re trying to use meditation to heal your stress, anxiety and insomnia you could be making your symptoms worse

I often see meditation suggested as a way to calm our nervous systems and to bring about changes to the symptoms of stress, anxiety, weight gain, and periods of insomnia that we may experience. Or if you’re a business owner perhaps you’ve heard meditation will resolve your racing thoughts that stop you from thinking straight.

And for some people meditation works.

But it could be that meditation doesn’t work for you.

And here’s why:

Meditation requires us to be still for a period of time.

And for many of us sustained stillness can be a signal of danger for the nervous system because being still equates to hiding from the predator, making ourselves small and trying not to be seen, which takes us into collapse, dissociation and shutdown. 

Because our nervous systems do not want to descend into this lifeless state we get activated

During meditation which may look like us fidgeting, an inability to stop our thoughts, feelings of stress, restlessness, and bodily discomfort.


The more we repeat this the more we train our bodies to be stressed which worsens our symptoms.

But if you give uo meditation, which IMO you should if it creates stress, then you’re left  figuring out what is the right practice to do. And that can be a bit of a minefield given that there is so much misinformation about the nervous system and how to heal our symptoms. Literally every coach on social media has an opinion about this, but most aren’t trained in nervous system science and so they dish out buckets full of nonsense that don’t alleviate your symptoms.

This is where I can support you. I’m a trained nervous system and trauma resolution coach. And I have over a decade of experience helping people to heal and transform their lives by learning one simple thing.

Get to know which practices change the dial on your nervous system regulation.

It’s not a one size fits all job.

It’s nuanced and specific to YOU.

Getting nuanced about your nervous system is the work we do in my Anchored in Regulation.

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Image by StockSnap from Pixabay.