Why hustle culture doesn’t work


Hustle culture forces us to strive, push and perform to standards and expectations that are way beyond what is sustainable. We self and other extract, whilst capitalising on the sacred resources of our bodies, our earth and our humanity in order to dominate and to have power over the natural and the wild.

When we apply hustle culture strategy to business, and in particular making money, we force ourselves to work really hard, exploit others and yet still feel insecure in our money relationship. Meaning we may feel anxious that if we make money we will lose it, unless we hold a really tight grip on it. Or that we may have abundance now, but it will never last – because that’s how strong the fear of scarcity is. Or perhaps it just all feels too overwhelming and money slips through our fingers leaving us ashamed for our ‘poor money management skills’.

And all of that is totally exhausting and puts extra strain on our already maxed out nervous systems.

But trust me there is a different way.

The antidote to hustle culture and subsequent insecure money attachment is to anchor into abundance, generosity and sustainability and that requires us to learn how to RECEIVE.

Receptivity happens when we feel safe, secure and trusting that our needs will be met.

It comes online in our early developmental years and is foundational to secure attachment.

Yet a lack of attuned parenting, combined with being born into a pre-traumatised soup of systems of oppression, means many of us are unable to receive – leaving us with no choice but to hustle.

That is, until the circumstances are right for us to do the nervous system work that rewires receptivity.

This is the work we do In the RECEIVE group program where together as women we will gather for 3 months of online somatic work, cultivating a new paradigm of receiving by calibrating your nervous system to feel safe to receive more.

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