Welcome to Thrive in Business Coaching Program

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Simple Practical Guide to the Program


Welcome to the Thrive in Business Program!

I’m so excited you have chosen to level up in your business - so more people can access your unique gifts and medicine - this is what the world needs right now - people like you who make a difference.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here – for being the change that all our hearts need – and this world needs.

You may not realise this yet but you’ve also chosen to awaken to your Blueprint of Health in your business and you’ll move your business relationship from


Neglect to Worthiness and Receptivity

Exploitation to Sovereignty

Shame and repression to Whole Self Expression

Manipulation and Control to Clarity and Choice

Violence to Vitality and Empowered Safety

Isolation and Alienation to Intimate Belonging

Colonisation to Co-Creation

The Thrive in Business Journey

Over the course of the next 4-5 months we’ll be journeying into the depths of you and how you relate to your business.

Together we’ll start by creating a map of your business landscape, something we can use to orientate ourselves through the sessions. We’ll create developmental objectives so you know where to focus.

The first step is to answer these intake questions and to return to me 48 hours before our first session.

Our first session is an intake session where we talk through what you are here in this container for - I’ll have read your responses to your questions and taken detailed notes so I’m up to speed with what matters to you and your business. In the session you can share your story (only if you want to), and learn techniques for releasing trauma from your body.

The second session is the program offer where I read to you the personalised map I’ve created for you – we tweak the map until it lands for you. It also includes the developmental muscles you can begin to grow which would be in service to you shifting and growing into a new way of being in relationship to your business – where you get to step up and share your medicine with the world.

The subsequent sessions continue to work at the level of your nervous system, your emotions, your heart, soul and sexuality in doable and titrated (one drop at a time) ways resulting in transformation and resolution, and a return to your Blueprint.

Session Preparation

The more stabilising/self care or resourcing you do before your session, the more powerful it can be. After the session make sure you schedule yourself some digestion/integration/interaction/loving/cocooning time. Later you may feel to let the story of the session be felt through expression: moving your body, journaling allowing your creativity to flow. Usually I will share homework practices for you to do between sessions to further deepen your journey of change.

How to Book your Sessions

The sessions are for you to book at a pace that honours your body while completing the package within the contracted time we've agreed upon.

You can book your sessions here

My schedule is open 3 months in advance so please book your first 5- 6 sessions at start of the program to ensure you get the dates and times you want.

All sessions to be used within the 5 month period - sessions can't be carried over.

The sessions are 90 minutes each.

Calls are on Zoom

Zoom Meeting ID: 226 671 9946

Password: 713266


Its your responsibility to make sure all your sessions are booked with your 5 month contracted  program period.

What you can Expect From Me

I will be there for all our calls at the agreed time unless there has been an emergency situation I need to attend to. I will email you if this is the case.

I usually do coaching sessions on:

  • Wednesday 10am – 5pm
  • Thursday 10am - 6pm
  • Friday 10 - 5pm with an hour break between 12.30 - 1.30pm for lunch.
  • If for whatever reason I can't offer one or more of those days I open up either another day/s in my calendar.

In between sessions I am available for light email emotional support - this looks like one or two short support emails between sessions - where you make a clear request for what you need. If you are in a crisis then reach out - I'm here.

My working hours are Monday to Friday 10am – 6pm.

Every 6 weeks or so I take a week off to recharge.

I will do my best to respond to your emails within 2 working days.

These are my Code of Ethics

During Our Calls

Please set yourself up for our calls in a space where you won't be disturbed, with phones switched off and notifications on your device silenced or switched off in order to protect your precious time and space.

Please make sure that as much of you is as visible as possible in the session, this allows me to track your nervous system easier!

Coaching Program Resources

I seriously recommend learning about the Rebloom Archetypes, doing the Rebloom coherence Practice - which can all be found in the learning portal - at least once a week and the practices we create at the end of your session. If need more support with these practices just let me know. x

I really look forward to being your guide - coach – teacher on this adventure. I’ll be cheering you on, supporting you when the going gets tough and celebrating all your successes.

With so much love and respect to you.

Catherine xx