Vaginal Steaming Sessions

Why you might attend a Vaginal Steaming Session

  • You’re periods are irregular, missing, and/or painful
  • You have cramps or brown blood either before or during your period
  • You're prone to bacterial, fungal or viral infections
  • You experience vaginal dryness
  • You have fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis
  • You’re postpartum or have experienced a miscarriage and you want to support your body to restore itself
  • You've experienced sexual abuse/violation
  • Your'e struggling with fertility
  • Read my article on 'why your period is a monthly download on the state of your health'.
vaginal steam sauna

I've been following the postpartum (postnatal) steaming protocol you gave me.

My midwife came around on Friday (2 weeks postpartum) and after examining me said she was really shocked at how well I was healing. She said it is what she expects at 4 weeks post partum. The tissue is looking healthy and strong and she believes it is the steaming.


How does a Vaginal Steaming Session work?

After completing the online vaginal steaming intake form I'll assess:

  • Your suitability for steaming
  • What type of steaming set up you need
  • What type of steaming protocol you need
  • What herbal formula we will use for your session
  • Analysis of your menstrual cycle
  • If you implement your steaming plan you can get a period that is: only red blood without clots and crams, 28 - 30 days long cycle, no pain or other symptoms, with an even medium flow throughout.

Online consultations: I teach you to steam using a simple set up at home or using your own steamer and post out the herbs most suited to your condition.

In person sessions: Can be incorporated into my retreats. We will go through your completed form then there will be time to share any questions you may have then you'll be invited to wrap a blanket around you, remove your bottom half of clothing and sit on the vaginal steam sauna. Underneath is a pot of steaming water containing an infusion of herbs, allow the steam rise gently into your vagina and up to your cervix and womb. This is time for you to leave your busy day behind you and to relax into receiving the healing benefits of the herbal steam.

Women may see changes in their next period but expect to need to follow the steaming protocol for 2- 6 months for most cases to resolve. Then you'll be advised to follow a less intense maintenance protocol to ensure a healthy uterus ongoingly.

I really enjoyed the experience as it brought so much care...

and warmth (not only physical) and love to an area of my body that has been pretty ignored, neglected and even abused and misused. Feeling the gentle steam softening and caressing the skin in my yoni, made it feel valued, juicy and getting alive and very present. I am menopausal now and with no major problems in this part of my body and still, I am very keen on keeping doing it myself at home just as an act of care, of self-love. I felt very supported and held by Catherine's knowledge, care and passion for what she offers.


When not to do a Vaginal Steaming Session

Sometimes steaming is contraindicated

  • When you have your period
  • When you are currently spotting fresh blood
  • When you are pregnant
yoni steaming herbs

How to know if the Vaginal Steaming Session is working for you

Steaming is a cleanse, so like any cleanse we may experience effects.

  • You may feel the urge to pee during the steaming session
  • You may have brown discharge after steaming
  • You may have increased clots or cramps during the period
  • You may have dry cramps (when you are not bleeding)
  • You may experience increased vaginal discharge (white, thick, green, clumpy)
  • You may feel emotional
  • Your period may come earlier or later than expected

All these signs are normal and will go away once the cleanse is complete. Remember to note down any changes and let me know in your post steam feedback.

I felt very held and supported by Catherine ...

during the steaming session. Being my first time I was a little nervous, but Catherine soon put me at ease. The session felt extremely relaxing and nourishing to my yoni and body. I came away with some herbs to continue my steaming practice and a newly found confidence and connection with my yoni. Deeply grateful.

K O’Leary

What to expect from a Vaginal Steaming Session

  • You may feel more relaxed and have better sleep
  • You may have less abdominal bloating, fewer cramps, and less brown blood
  • You may have greater connection to your genitals and potentially an increased libido
  • You may have increased fertility
  • You may see a reduction in breast tenderness, fewer headaches, and fewer PMT symptoms
  • You may experience emotional balance
  • You may experience improved circulation and energy, with tingling feet and glowing skin
  • You may experience a reduction in hormonally related acne
  • You may experience an increase in vaginal lubrication, a tightening of the vaginal canal, and scar softening
  • You may harmonise your menstrual cycle with the moon.
  • You may get a period that is only red blood without clots and cramps or other menstrual symptoms also know as the perfect period. Watch my video below for more on this.

I have had my period, which arrived on day 29 without spotting and continued for 5 days.


I followed the steaming protocol you gave me and  I must admit I strapped the hot water bottle to me for days 1-3 as well as taking the herbs and there have been significant changes!

The bleeding was not as heavy, no leakage or flooding! The blood was a bright red colour and I only had one clot on day 4. I had no sharp pains in my ovaries before bleeding and cramping was minimal! The whole thing felt bearable and not so traumatic due to  blood loss. Alongside the womb cleansing and care I have been making changes in my wider life so maybe this has helped too as I had been in a very stressful and demanding job. Many thanks and gratitude for all your help so far.


Steaming Session


Online Session (1 hour)

  • Full menstrual cycle analysis consultation
  • Tailored steaming protocol
  • Tailored food and herb therapy protocol
  • How to steam at home guidance
  • Bespoke herb formulas where required
  • Light email support for one month

Cost £70


If you have any questions please email me