Vaginal Steam Saunas

Vaginal steam saunas, also known as a vaginal steam stool, support your vaginal steaming experience by providing you physical support while steaming, this can be particularly helpful for longer seaming sessions.

The vaginal steam saunas listed on this page are designed and built by women who practice vaginal steaming and understand the benefits of having a sauna to rest upon while steaming.

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Cambridge Steam Sauna

Vaginal Steam Sauna (yoni steam seat) Product Description

This is a handmade and specifically designed yoni steam sauna aimed to heighten your steam session with comfort and durability. Having your very own vaginal steam sauna at home will bring many health benefits to your life provided by a self care routine.


Each sauna is made from Natural Pine Wood.

~ Untreated (no wood sealant) at £159

~ Treated (with natural handcrafted wood sealant) at £191

~ Treated with a custom made sealant (specially designed according to your needs, eg. in case of allergies) at £200.


If your choice is to have your vaginal steam sauna treated and protected, we will apply the sealant in your vaginal steam sauna from the inside and the outside of it. It is a complete protection from the internal steam, and the external factors; in this way your vaginal steam sauna is fully protected and will last for years to come.

Since wood is a living element each yoni steam seat has unique tones from the different grains and knots of wood.This is a one-of-a-kind hand made item. Please be sure that you will be happy with a hand-made item rather than a factory-made item with perfect edges.


  • HIGH QUALITY: Our sauna is hand made with the highest quality materials, European Pine wood sourced, handmade by a designer (my lovely husband) and I.
  • For easy carrying, each sauna has costumed handles and is small enough to be conveniently stored after each use. With a specially designed side opening to easily control your burner temperature and steam intensity. The bottom part of the sauna is closed and protected so that the steam stays in, optimising your steam session and making it safe too.The top part opens as a lid, which can be used to place your burner and store your Steam Sauna herbs, equipments, cloak and towels, after it is clean and dry.
  • MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: As a V-steam practitioner, naturopathic physician and herbalist, I have extensive knowledge on which products to add in the wood sealant that will be safe for your steam session. The natural handcrafted wood sealant uses herbal extracts, beeswax and oils to protect your sauna against bacteria and mould.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE : We are so confident that you will love your VS sauna, we will provide you with a handout of how to care for your sauna and how to make every session a ritual of self care and love towards your female energy. Unfortunately due to the nature of the product (health and safety) we can’t accept returns unless it is damaged. Please check our warranty for further information.

Handmade Natural and Medicinal Handcrafted Wood Sealant 

  • You may opt to buy the Steam Sauna and separately, our Vita Shakti Special sealant.
  • Our sealant is made with natural products only; beeswax, olive oil and walnut oil with added herbal extracts of pine, tea tree and cedarwood. We use therapeutic grade essential oils from DoTerra. These essential oils are used in order to protect your Vita Shakti VSteam Sauna against mould, bacteria and to preserve the wood.
  • We recommend to apply a new coat of Vita Shakti Special wood sealant every six months.

Sauna Product Description

Type of material (wood) is the sauna made from


Sauna finish

We offer 3 different options: just pine wood, with natural handcrafted wood sealant, and custom made wood sealant in case of allergies,

The size and shape of the vaginal steam opening on the lid is:

A circle of 200mm diameter

Sauna Weight


Dimensions of the steam chair

400mm x 400mm x 360mm (width, length, height)

Sauna Product Delivery

It usually takes 3-5 business day to UK and 5-8 days to Europe


The saunas can be collected in person in Cambridge or they can be posted to UK and Europe using Parcel Force.

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