You are calling for integrity in your field and recognise the profound significance of embracing a trauma-informed approach.

Who this program is for

  • You are a heart centred and skilled coach, bodyworker, healer or space holder wanting to create a safer space for your clients
  • You’re looking to create more impact through your services that’s aligned with your ethics, consent and integrity
  • You want to embody being trauma informed rather than just ticking a box
  • You understand the world through the relational lens and know that trauma disrupts and distorts the relational landscape. 

Who this program is not for

  • You want to just tick a box and say that you've done the bare minimum to be trauma informed
  • You use a purely cognitive to your work with clients
  • You're not willing to do the deeper inquiry work that being trauma informed requires
  • You want to call yourself a trauma professional and offer deep trauma resolution services when you've not done the appropriate training