Trauma Healing: Heads of Hydra

trauma healing resolution

Our nervous systems become dysregulated

We all know that our world has become an increasingly stressful place to live. These accumulated day-to-day stresses, unless released, are registered and stored as trauma in our bodies, setting up our nervous systems to become dysregulated.

Early trauma or developmental trauma, which can be passed onto us from stressed parents, from living in an unsafe environment, or from abuse and neglect, further effects our level of resilience to environmental stress meaning we are more predisposed to challenges in our life including health challenges.

Heads of Hydra

I see, in my practice as a sexological body worker and trauma practitioner,  undiagnosed trauma in my clients manifesting in myriad ways, which can be described as the ‘heads of Hydra’ syndrome, meaning when we resolve one complaint another pops up in its wake.

Typical complaints are:

inability to sleep

lack of libido,

erection problems

inability to orgasm


endocrine disorders (adrenal and thyroid typically)

autoimmune diseases


chronic fatigue

inability to loose weight

constant fear/anxiety/panic attacks

disconnection from emotion and sensation

toxic relationships

intimacy challenges

Often when a clients presents with these symptoms they’ve tried different approaches to create healing but most haven’t addressed the underlying cause of the problem, that their nervous system is dysregulated. Their primitive survival  responses are stuck on either fight, flight or freeze, causing havoc in their autonomic nervous system as these survival responses are designed to be time limited.

We go out of alignment

The consequence of a lack of spaciousness, results in the mind ~ body interface relationship to the environment being out of alignment. We can feel rigid and tense in our bodies and our thinking, our energy can feel low, so we may fly off the handle, feel stressed easily and maybe feel overwhelmed or in a state of chaos.

The good news is we can heal a dysregulated nervous system by ‘rewiring’ our neural connections through accessing the neuroplasticity of the brain, this effects our ability to change and grow. Infact the nervous system wants to thrive, it wants to get rid of the stresses, it wants to shift from survival into a flourishing state of being.

Increasing the capacity of the nervous system

This shift from survive to thrive requires we learn to increase the capacity of the nervous system by taking out the stressors, by making lots of space in the system so accumulated stress and trauma can exit the body. It requires we develop self awareness so we can attune to and thus attend to the messages we are receiving from the body and have awareness of our external environment so we can be alert and assess for danger. We need to tune into our biological impulses, give space to our emotions and feel them, rather than dull them down with avoidance tactics such as the obvious addictions of smoking, alcohol and drugs to the less obvious ones of sugar, junk food, shopping, scrolling on the internet. When we also learn to express ourselves and speak up for what we believe in, we create a flow in the body which supports regulation, health and vitality, along with supporting our relationships and sexuality to flourish.

In my sessions I support you to change your relationship to your body, from one of avoidance to one of embracing emotion, to where you can listen to and feel the sensations in your body. To learn how to unwind the tension and stress that’s tightly coiled to becoming softer, more open and flexible in mind and body. I offer support in discovering what you want and learning how to ask for it, where you empower your voice and allow yourself to be heard. Along with creating maps of your nervous system so you can take care of this internal balancer so you can thrive and bring all your gifts into the world.