Trauma Training

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 The Next Training will be in Spring 2021

Wednesdays @ 10 - 12pm UK time

3rd March - 7th April

Dear heartfelt you,

Thank you for taking the time to read about my Trauma Awareness Training. This is an introduction for experienced practitioners, coaches, body-workers, therapists and healers who are looking to create impact with their clients by developing safer trauma informed spaces, practices and approaches.

This last year has been a lot - both personally and collectively. Our nervous systems have been challenged - our trauma has come to the surface - we need trauma aware practitioners more than ever before. We need the ability to attune to, notice and respond to trauma in our clients, to create healthy relational dynamics leading to relational repair, and to support our clients to sense and awaken the health that resides deep within them.

This training teaches you the fundamental and essential practices of detecting nervous system dysregulation so you can teach nervous system regulation - a practice which feeds sustainable growth, anchors vitality and reconnects us to our inherent worthiness. Once mastered these tools have magical powers that transform -  not just your clients - but in your own neurology every time you use them. I've also included calls on practitioner care - how to avoid burn out when working with trauma and money and the nervous system - how trauma shows up in relationship to money in your business and personal life.

Madalaine Munro - Sexologist

As a Sexologist, Catherine’s Trauma Awareness Training  has transformed the way I work with clients. It has provided skills which have allowed me to create deeper safety and trust with clients, and upgrade my skillset as a practitioner. 

The teachings from this training have now become a bedrock of my life.  Through understanding nervous system regulation and trauma theory, It has provided tools that I have use in every aspect of life, allowing me to have greater insight into the way I hold my own trauma and deeper self-compassion and self-trust. 

It is delivered in a consent focused and empowering way, creating permission to go at the right pace for each person. Thanks to Catherine I felt safe and held throughout the training.  She embodies the work that she teaches, and I deeply respect how she models this with integrity. ~ Trauma Awareness Training participant

Hello, I’m Catherine Hale and I’m committed to bringing trauma awareness into the world to make us safer and more effective practitioners. And so we can truly heal ourselves and our clients from the trauma we carry in our bodies, hearts and minds – from the collective trauma laid down in the soil of our culture – families and bodies - to the trauma from our disconnection with the Earth.

I spent decades of feeling stuck despite ongoing personal development work – therapy – catharsis – depth psychology – and Tantra. I felt my anger, cried my grief, stepped into the fire of shame. I looked for quick fixes – Pushing – Forcing – and Over-Riding myself. But nothing really transformed the emotional pain I was feeling and I wondered if it would always be like this.

My soul was begging me to find a different way.

My prayers were answered and I’m eternally grateful for discovering trauma informed body based practices like Trauma Resolution coaching, TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) and Somatic Experiencing. In these body based practices I learned to relate to myself at the level of soul – heart – mind and body with a Kindness I’d never felt before.

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I remember a session where my body gently shook, the tears of relief I felt for how gentle it was – the joy in discovering so much space within me and just how safe I felt.

I never knew healing could be that powerful – yet so soft and gentle.

There was no pressure – no trying to get anywhere. I was learning to feel in a Doable way. I learned about:

Less is More

Slow is Sexy

One Drop At a Time

Resourcing Myself to Meet what Arises

Finding and Magnifying the Places That Feel Good

I dropped the idea of needing to release it all in one session. Instead I entered an inner landscape of Choice - Gentleness – Compassion - Vitality – Trust in Myself – Trust in my Body’s Wisdom - Trust in Life and began to reclaim a life based on thriving.

My invitation - if you’re a practitioner, coach, body-worker, therapist or healer - is to expand your trauma informed-skillset, to deepen your connection to your inner guidance - to choose which clients you work with, to share in community, and to change the world we live in, one doable step at a time. If that resonates then maybe this is the training you’re looking for.

Who You Are

  • A heartfelt and talented practitioner, coach, body-worker, therapist or healer
  • Maybe you work as a sexuality practitioner – hands on or hands off the body
  • Maybe you have your own history of developmental or sexual trauma
  • Maybe you know you're missing some trauma skills and know now is the time to collect them
  • Maybe you’re getting stuck or triggered when your client’s trauma shows up – or at other times too
  • Maybe you’re longing to create more safety and nurturance in your work whether you work online or in person
  • Maybe you’re looking to create more choice in who you work with
  • Maybe you know slow is healing – even if you chronically rush
  • Maybe you want to support your clients in an empowered way
  • Maybe your soul knows the power of sovereignty – and you want to share this with your clients
  • Maybe your relationship with money is unsustainable - you don't know why - and may feel shame around it
  • Maybe you're longing to create rhythms of care and regeneration around how you work - but you're stuck in patterns of over doing or collapse
  • Maybe you’re willing to show up for sharing and harmonising with others to co-create a more beautiful world

This Course Is Not A Right Fit If

  • You’re seeking a personal trauma healing program – I offer a 1:1 coaching program which would suit you better
  • You are looking for me to help regulate your nervous system on the course
  • You want a really fast pace of delivery
  • You’re primarily looking for a space to be social and hang out
  • You don’t work professionally as a practitioner, coach, body-worker, guide, therapist or healer
  • You want a professional qualification certifying you as a Trauma Practitioner

When This Course Will Run

  • Weekly online calls: 10am - 12pm on Wednesday 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st March and 7th April 2021
  • Q and A calls: 10- 11am  on Friday 19th March and 2nd April 2021

Sessions will be recorded and available for one month after each class for you to download and watch at a later date. Click for times around the world


This Training Includes

  • 5 x  2 hour online live calls
  • 1 x 2 hour online community call on money
  • 2 x  Q & A live community calls
  • Access to a private Facebook support group - where you can receive answers to your questions
  • Lesson by lesson workbook (downloadable)
  • Access to all course videos – so you can watch at your own pace
  • Support buddy
  • Access to our online community
  • Access on ongoing Q and A community calls


  • £450 is the full price of this training when you pay this 10% goes into the scholarship fund to support people less economically resourced than yourself
  • £350 is the early bird price which ends on 15th February 2021
  • For those who identify as BIPOC/BAME, we'd like to offer a 50% discount enter BAME50 at checkout
  • For repeat attendees there is a 50% discount enter REPEAT50 at checkout
  • There is a limited scholarship fund which is offered on the highest needs first basis

During The Course You’ll Explore

  • How orientating to health is the medicine
  • How choice builds safety and how to embed this in your practcie
  • How resourcing builds a wide base of support to meet difficulty
  • How to recognise nuanced trauma responses
  • Basic trauma theory
  • Basic nervous system hierarchy theory
  • Basic brain structure responses to trauma
  • Basic Polyvagal Theory
  • Healthy boundaries: the foundations to trauma resolution
  • Trauma First Aid: keeping a triggered person safe
  • Relational Rupture And Repair: return to right relationship
  • Practitioner care - creating a regenerative practice and avoid burn out
  • Safer practice when working online
  • Gatekeeping: choosing who you work with
  • Community co-creation
  • Being part of a learning environment where we weave in predictability and rhythm, always knowing where you are on the map of this shared journey.
  • Money and the Nervous System - where we'll explore how trauma shows up in your relationship to money and how you can begin to start healing this.
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Course Style

This course is dedicated to increasing our awareness of trauma through:

  • Direct teaching
  • Embodiment practices
  • Awareness practices
  • Partner work
  • Journaling
  • Demonstrations
  • Community building

While this is not a personal trauma healing course – you’ll discover how trauma informed skills support you to Regulate – Stay Grounded – and give you More Capacity to be with what life throws at you at this time of great global uncertainty.

Lynne Roscow - Soft Tissue Massage Therapist

This was an excellent introduction into the complexity of trauma. I am so much more aware now that trauma can take many forms and be felt/experienced in many ways, but also I feel stronger and more empowered and protected to hold the space for a client if they feel the need to release. It is a process of continual learning, with strong foundations from this course and I am developing as I see each client. For me it was the total acceptance that sometimes I might not be willing/able to contribute. Even though I attended 4 out of the 5 sessions live, I realised that if I didn't feel that I could share I didn't have to, but when I did it was accepted and made to feel valuable. And the pace was excellent! Thank you Catherine!

Maybe You Will Leave The Course

  • Feeling more resilient and resourced for your own trauma healing
  • Feeling more knowledgeable about trauma and how this relates to your clients
  • Feeling more empowered working with your clients
  • Feeling you have a basic trauma first-aid tool kit to work safely and effectively with your clients
  • Knowing which clients you want to work with
  • Recognizing your professional capacity and knowing who to refer your clients to when needed
  • With access to our growing community of trauma aware practitioners through a referrals network as well as ongoing Facebook group
  • Calling yourself a Trauma Informed Practitioner – and knowing there is more to learn - and embody - before calling yourself a Trauma Practitioner

Shivani Ottaway - Marketing Coach

Catherine's Trauma Awareness course has really helped me understand what it is to be trauma informed. It has given me a deeper understanding of the subtleties and nuances of what trauma is and how it shows up in my nervous system. What does a trauma response feel like in my body? What patterns and coping mechanisms do I have to deal with this underlying feeling of tension in my body? Understanding trauma at this level has allowed me to be more compassionate with my feelings and explore new methods of regulating my nervous system rather than constantly trying to override or shut my feelings down. Catherine is very generous with her experience and knowledge. She holds a safe space to delve into these topics all from a place of invitation and choice.

As a marketing coach I have now have a greater understanding of how trauma can show up in my clients. When it comes to business and marketing it can often take the form of overwhelm, shame of being seen, resistance and avoidance. Practicing what I've learned from this course I now have tools to support my clients in a trauma informed way to provide safety through structure, choice and ease. I am very grateful to this work for the understanding and compassion it has given me for myself and my clients and the ongoing practice and healing it provides. ~ Trauma Awareness Training participant

Why Learn From Me?

I’m here for transformation. Mine – yours – the collective and the Earth’s.

I want to invite you into a more magical way of living in harmony with all of life – where you’re held and guided to find a different way of being with yourself – Empowered – Loving and Deeply Alive.

I want us all to reawaken to the beauty, the magic and the mystery that life offers us in each and EVERY moment – by reawakening from the trauma spell and returning to the forgotten landscapes of our bodies, hearts and souls.

I love being slow - being connected to what matters to my heart - to savour life - deeply. I love to listen to the birdsong every day and know deeply just how blessed I am for my life.

I want us to fall in Love with this Earth and its people – to remember the simple ways – to give thanks and to celebrate this life we’ve been given. I want us to care for the Earth and all those creatures that live upon her and to feel our interconnectedness.

My dream is being part of a land cooperative where community can gather - where we can remember the old ways - where we dream into being the future we are proud to pass on to our grandchildren. Where each day we have our hands in the soil - infusing it with our love and gratitude just because we can. Where each day is celebratory and punctuated with prayer and song - with meaning - ritual and ceremony.

Nikki Chambers - Creator of Moon Sisters

I feel my professional capacity to make sure my women's groups are a trauma informed space  has definitely increased and I look forward to weaving this layer in when I start up again next year. The calls were great - I really enjoyed the ones I attended live (timing and length good for me) - but I was super grateful for recordings, not just because I was mostly not well enough for the live calls, but because I could pause it, take notes, listen again....really valuable thank you! ~ Trauma Awareness Training participant

My Teaching Style

This is what previous Trauma Awareness Training participants have share about me:

  • Really safe and embodied
  • Invitational with tons of permission
  • Deep knowledge base
  • Engaging and inspiring
  • Crystal clear and structured
  • Heartfelt and calm
  • Encouraging and empowering
  • Respectful and non-shaming
  • Slow and doable
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Red Willow - Holistic Health and Eating Coach

So many courses teach just techniques relating to the subject matter, and stoke the excitement of helping people, yet miss out the vitally important part - relating to the client in their suffering. Catherine has created something very valuable here, and delivers it in a way that is gentle and easy to digest. She embodies the concepts she teaches which helps with integration of the material. As I make the move into coaching, this short course with Catherine has given me the confidence to work with clients on a one to one basis. ~ Trauma Awareness Training participant

My Training And Experience

I am a professionally certified Trauma Resolution Practitioner, a Rebloom Coach and a Sexological Body worker. I’ve also trained in the Wheel of Consent – Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy – Energy Healing – Tantra and Sacred Sexuality – Sexual Shamanism – Vaginal Steaming - Pelvic Health. You can read more about my qualifications here.

In the last 8 years I’ve worked with 100’s of people supporting them with trauma resolution, particularly sexual trauma resolution- enabling them to find their true sexuality, in one to one, group, retreat and workshop settings.

I’ve worked with Rachael Maddox through both level one and two of her Rebloom Coach training and continue to work with her in supervision. I deepened into working both somatically and soulfully with trauma, learned practices to work with the 7 Core Wounds of Humanity, and discovered even safer ways of working with my client’s triggers.

I’ve worked with Katie Sarra through many 1:1 trauma resolution sessions. It was a profound journey using the Wheel of Consent and the Emotional Command System to unravel trauma, to develop choice and agency and to discover what I truly wanted. I learned the power of developing awareness in order to house somatic experiences and how to uncouple sensations from traumatic experiences.

I’ve worked with Indigenous peoples and people trained by Indigenous peoples, learning ritual, and ceremony to deepen my connection and love for the Earth.

Testimonials - What Other Participants Have Shared About The Course


Thank you, thank you for the past 5 weeks.  I can't imagine this time without the invitations and increased awareness the training has offered me.  The invitation to soften further and become more aware of the felt experience of my own trauma imprint and noticing where this shows up and beginning to recognise it better in others.  Such deep teachings that I will be watching all the sessions again and following up particular areas of exploration and research.

I didn't end up joining the live sessions and this felt right for me this time, but I very much valued the reflections and sharing of the other participants.  It was so rich I almost forgot each time I was watching the recording as I went to comment in the chat.  I feel privileged and grateful." ~Trauma Awareness Training participant

"Catherine presents such a huge, important but potentially overwhelming subject with such ease and clarity that it makes it inspiring, super accessible and easy to integrate into your work life and client sessions." Jem Ayres Orgasmic Embodiment Coach ~ Trauma Awareness Training participant

"The depth and knowledge and awareness that Catherine embodies is in itself a very safe holding container for this deepening of knowledge for others." - Hugs ~Trauma Awareness Training participant

"This training is so needed in the world! It's a simple training, just 10 hours time investment, yet it packs so much value and awareness. I wish this was compulsory for every single practitioner - the world would be a much more healed place if it were! Natalie ~ Trauma Awareness Training participant

" I found the course really supportive in my journey of learning how to be trauma aware. The information offered was clear and concise and I felt Catherine brought a lot of different approaches to healing trauma together for me in a way that was really inspiring. I learnt a lot from the way Catherine held the sessions. I was seeing the tools and skills she was teaching in action and able to experience how this felt - both a deeply permissive, welcoming and empowering space. I was moved by the simplicity, depth and potential for healing of this way of working with people." Annie ~Trauma Awareness Training participant

"I loved the layout, design content and facilitation of the course.It was wonderfully held, deep yet gentle foundational workshop in trauma. I feel regulated, empowered, tooled up and inspired." Drew ~ Trauma Awareness Training participant

"It felt like a super safe space right from the beginning. I love how you modelled what you taught: orientation, structure asking for pronouns in the opening round." Eva Weaver ~ Trauma Awareness Training participant

"It’s a fascinating subject which gets to the core of being human and how we can effect change in the world through regulating our nervous systems – thank you!!" Lou ~ Trauma Awareness Training participant

"The space was so well held – I felt full permission, acceptance and non-judgement – I really felt relief! I thoroughly enjoyed Catherine’s facilitation. Such grounded, clear and inspiring teaching! You have my FULL confidence." Stevie ~Trauma Awareness Training participant

"Thank you so much for you. I loved your pace and clarity." Grace ~ Trauma Awareness Training participant

"The explanations and diagrams were really clear. I loved the group participation. There was invitation and choice throughout and Catherine’s lovely caring energy with no stress shone through." Lisa Collins ~ Trauma Awareness Training participant

"The way you gave permission encouraged us to REALLY take care of ourselves!" ~Trauma Awareness Training participant

"I am beyond grateful for such a comprehensive and thorough grounding in trauma." - Lucy Rowett, ~Trauma Awareness Training participant

What I Hope For You

I hope you feel inspired to join me on this course to co-create a safer space for your clients so their weary bodies can rest into the cocoon of care you can provide. I hope that you find ways to nurture and tend to your own needs enabling you to be in balance as you live in regenerative harmony with all of life.

Whether you choose to take that journey with me or someone else I deeply know that together we can make the world the more beautiful place our hearts know is possible.

Blessings and love

Catherine xx

live in harmoy with all of life Catherine Hale