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Thrive in Business

Is a 5 month long individual trauma informed and body based program. Its for inspired women who coach, heal or are socially conscious entrepreneurs, who are committed to being in service to humanity.

This one to one online container offers personalised coaching to transform and advance both you and your business in a highly effective yet generative way. Through nervous system and behaviour shifts we grow your worthiness and prioritise your well being while also creating solutions that grow your business sustainably.


This is your invitation to step into a sustainable and co-operative relationship with your body so both you and your business THRIVE.

Welcome to The Thrive in Business Program


In this video I share a simple introduction to the program which you may like to watch.

Katrina Clark testimonial

Having completed the Business Coaching with Catherine I feel a brand new relationship with my business. I've moved from being stuck, lost and overwhelmed to being fully present and I see myself as a business owner now, rather than just a practitioner.

Catherine was so generous in what she shared, her knowledge and care. At all times the sessions felt totally focused on the needs of my business and it has completely reformed as a result.

If you genuinely want the best for you, your business, and all that it serves, investing in this programme is an ideal way to meet these needs. Thank you Catherine!

Thrive in Business Coaching Client

You Need Thrive in Business If You

  • Are a practitioner, coach, guide, healer, or socially conscious entrepreneur desiring to create regenerative impact for you and your clients - but are stuck how to do this in your current business
  • Have worked with therapists, coaches and healers but find yourself not able to grow your business without compromising your health while longing for a breakthrough
  • Are searching for an in depth program with proven results that respects your natural rhythms and needs for rest and integration while still creating significant lasting results
  • Know that perhaps you have trauma and that it prevents you from being accountable in your business
  • Struggle to embody your power as a business leader and change maker
  • You've stalled coming into coherence with your most truth aligned business medicine 
  • You are beginning to recognise our cultural systems of oppression and long to unlearn them while growing into systems of care, sustainability and regeneration
  • Are in the thick messiness of life yet some part of you can consistently show up with enough stability: personally, financially and time to commit to the program
  • Know that your relationship with money needs some tending as perhaps you don't budget, overspend or perhaps undercharge while you simultaneously long to become a mature custodian of money
  • Are ready to fully commit to the program
Catherine Hale - thrive in business coaching program
Trauma informed practice Madalaine Munroe photo

It has been one of the best decisions to receive business support from you, and I am deeply grateful. Thank you for all you do. The questions you ask are potent and my business mindset is fundamentally shifting.

Madalaine Munro

I'm Ready To Thrive in Business

My Story

I’ve been a practitioner since 2012 – running my own business and learning through the hard school of experience, set back, working really hard and lots of tears.

In the beginning I really had no idea how to do business in fact I didn’t even think I was running a business I was just doing the thing I loved - helping people – all that business stuff was just another expression of capitalist b*llshit which I couldn’t stand so I avoided it – like the plague.

Despite that, I somehow made my business work. I got clients and created lasting change. However I spent long hours promoting myself on social media – often with little return - because shame stopped me from really putting myself out there. I started new business ventures based on a hunch with no background research or onward strategy – which later failed.

I was running around like a dog chasing its own tail and the price was EXHAUSTION.

I was firmly caught in the collective trauma spell of capitalism. While working more hours a week than I’d ever done before I was earning just enough to get by while silently feeding my internal belief system that I wasn’t worthy enough for financial security to become attainable.

Catherine Hale - nature profile picture

I was stuck in the panic of flight, keeping me whirring and busy on the social media train while not allowing me to access my creativity while being in  deep denial and freeze around money.

With trauma coaching my nervous system began to calm down – I found regulation, safety and I began to slowly and steadily tackle my business - just one step at a time. I started with the simple question: ‘What do I need from my business?’ My responses covered pages. I looked at the common threads that emerged. I wanted safety, security, consistency, and reliability. The same basic relational needs of infant attachment were showing up in my business cue light bulb moment……

Through Trauma Education I Began To See The Light.

I was in a relationship with my business  – and it wasn’t a very healthy one. My business got everything and I got very little in return. It needed to change. I learned to get my needs met. I got real about money. I spent significant money studying economics/ finances/money/marketing and then applied a trauma informed lens to what I had learned to make it regenerative and sustainable.

As the seeds of worthiness grew - I could breathe and relax and trust into knowing that I could do this.

I asked for and received the right kind of support.

I started working with exactly the clients I wanted to work with.

I said no - a lot.

A new authentic relationship with money emerged – I became a mature custodian of finance.

I accessed my deeper medicine – I embodied my intelligent inner leader – the wise Queen who teaches and guides.

And my business became a success, a playground of possibilities, an opportunity of devotion to co-create a world of healthy abundance where it was possible for anyone to shift from surviving to thriving.


Working with Catherine, for both for personal and professional reasons, has completely revolutionized how I approach my work, infusing trauma-informed practices into everything including how I manage my business.

I highly recommend Catherine to all my colleagues who work with sexuality and in the healing/coaching space, and also to people needing trauma work that is gentle and self-paced.


Lucy Rowett, Thrive in Business

Thrive in Business Offers a Container for Both Personal Development and Business Maturation

  • Gain clarity on what's preventing your business from Thriving and become accountable for making change in sustainable ways
  • Create a doable and unique plan to address the areas of your business that need your attention
  • Resolve deep trauma so you can show up in your business with mastery and influence
  • Learn intelligent and trauma informed marketing skills to identify who your people are and how you can serve them
  • Create exceptionally coherent offerings  attracting and feeding your people - and you too
  • Significantly upgrade your relationship to money – and create simple yet highly effective ways to grow and manage it
  • Breakthrough unrelenting work schedules and instead learn to work at a pace that is doable for your body – learning to honour its natural rhythms while creating effective systems and supportive strategies that foster growth
  • Access my highly sought after 1:1 sessions in this personalised program

I love that you're here on this earth sharing what you’re passionate about. I want to support you to hone your medicine – to let your genius shine, to reach those who need it and make an impactful contribution. I want you to become a business leader knowing that money feeds your medicine what it needs to grow, thrive and amplify. You deserve support to shine – to be acknowledged and appreciated for your contribution. Now is the time to heed your calling, to gently grow yourself with integrity whilst aligning to be in cooperation with life. Right now - more than ever - the world needs people like you.

Catherine Hale - I want you to Thrive
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This work was LIFE-CHANGING. As a coach moving into work around trauma, I knew I needed to experience what it would be like as a client. I found Catherine through a website that listed many other practitioners, all of whom are excellent, I’m sure. But, I just couldn’t find someone I connected with until I found Catherine’s profile. And I was absolutely right to listen to my intuition. In Catherine, I found not only a skilled coach, I found someone who could validate my experience as a woman in midlife, navigating perimenopause, running a business all while healing from trauma.

Catherine is grounded, calm, and sturdy in the way she can make you feel safe and secure while being the guide for you to heal. After the first session, I felt different. I noticed different thoughts about difficult life events, and it just got better from there.

I cannot recommend doing this work highly enough and I can’t think of a better partner for this work than Catherine.

Sam Salenger


I often get asked similar questions about the program so I've put together an FAQ to answer your questions here.

I'm Ready To Thrive in Business

What The Journey Looks Like


  • We begin by identifying and tackling the most relevant topics and challenges and use that to create your personal vision for your business.
  • You’ll receive personalised practices to discern the next most powerful action step – and you will take them to experience immediate change
  •  You will learn my insider strategies and intelligent systems based on success to revolutionise your business effectivity
  • We'll grow your somatic literacy - enabling you to sense, feel and track your inner world of emotion and sensation allowing for regulated completion of trauma responses
  • We’ll explore the critical role of trauma in your life and business and start healing it from the roots up using an archetypal, developmental and systemic system - freeing you to manifest your business vision
  • I’ll create and hold a consistent and trustworthy relational container where you get to meet your edges and grow - and where all of you is welcome.
  • You’ll receive my crystal clarity around your patterns and I’ll support you 100% to shift them in full service to you becoming the most outstanding, empowered and heartfelt version of you.
step by step thrive in business coaching

Comprehensive Package

You receive 25 years of my personal healing journey combined with my professional business journey - masterfully synthesised into a trauma informed approach - so you don't have to attend all the courses I did and you save time and unnecessary stress

You also receive 3 levels of support from me  to ensure you get the results, both financial and soulful, as you fully step into sharing your gifts with confidence and power, while creating a deep sense of trust in yourself as a change maker.

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In Session

  • Detailed intake question analysis
  • 1 x 90 minute in depth intake session
  • Multi-page personalised program tailored with focused developmental objectives for you to grow into
  • 1 x 90 minute program offer session - where we go through your program in detail - ensuring we have a map to support and focus our explorations
  • 8 x 90 minute on-going sessions via Zoom
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Between Session Support

  • Personally designed practices between sessions
  • Light email support with personalised video responses between sessions where needed
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Master your Learning

  • Access to the Thrive Learning Portal - a digital space to continue your collective learning experience

Your Program Gifts

Thrive in Business personalised plan

Your Personalised Thrive in Business Plan

Thrive learning portal

Bonus Gift: Access to Thrive Learning Portal

I'm Ready To Thrive in Business

Program Cost

The program is 5 months long. The current cost is £3000 and this will increase  on the 1st September

Payment plans are available of £600 a month.

£600 / month
  • Detailed Intake Question Analysis
  • 1 x 90 Minute in Depth Intake Session
  • Multi-Page Personalised Program
  • 1 x 90 Minute Program Offer Session
  • 8 x 90 Minute On-Going Sessions
  • Personally Designed Practices
  • Thrive in Business Coaching Journal
  • Thrive Learning Portal Access


  • The program is online and is spread over a period of 4 - 5 months - which gives time and space for change to occur in a regulated and lasting way.
  • I would usually recommend biweekly sessions but sometimes it works better for you to meet me more or less frequently so I invite you to book sessions at a pace that honours your body.
  • You are held accountable to do the practices between our sessions - to support the transformation you long for
  • Additionally many of my client’s find they seriously benefit from deeper integration, by embarking on an in person retreat with me here in Devon.

Why You Want to Work With Me

I'm an embodied trauma coach, educator and guide specialising in sex, love, and business and I believe in the power of post-traumatic growth.

As heartfelt entrepreneur, I've created the Thrive in Life Coaching Program, which has supported 100’s of courageous people to shift from surviving to Thriving in their lives.

My Thrive in Business Coaching Program is for heart centred coaches and entrepreneurs wanting to Thrive in Business and to dedicate their lives to create positive and sustainable change in the world.

My successful Trauma Awareness Training has been taken by participants in numerous countries worldwide and continues to bridge the gap in the therapeutic community – offering trauma informed practices and perspectives where previously absent.

As a qualified trauma coach, sexological bodyworker, Trauma Release Exercises Practitioner, and post-menopausal woman I write a about a range of topics from a trauma informed perspective: sex, love, relationships, menopause, women’s pelvic health, and post traumatic growth.

With a life long passion for the natural world, exemplified through my master’s degree in environmental science, I've chosen to live in rural Devon, UK with my cat Simba and can be found deepening my connection to nature while exploring ancient pathways in Dartmoor National Park.

Catherine Hale, profile close up

The coaching programme has been a very valuable container for me to make important and sustainable changes in my business. Your expert guidance, expertise and tools have helped me to put systems in place that will free up more space and time and I am so glad I could look with you at some of the more challenging subjects like pricing and marketing in a calm, constructive way. I am sure that the work we did will continue to unfold. Thank you Catherine!  E.W

Thrive Coaching Client

Catherine's sessions were the antithesis of the big 'life-changing' peak experiences I have often sought. They were very gentle and, ironically, provided a much more powerful and lasting transformation. Catherine has an incredible depth of knowledge and expertise about trauma and how to resolve it. Issues I've spent years spinning in talk therapy were cleared in just a few sessions. I came away from each session feeling empowered and clear about how to move past long held blocks and patterns. I highly recommend Catherine's work to create deep and lasting change in every area of life. ~ N (anonymous client)

Thrive Coaching Client

It was an immense pleasure to journey with Catherine.

She has an amazing gift at holding a compassionate, loving space with great presence, and care. This allowed for deep healing and transformation to occur of which I'm continuing to see the benefits of. I was very touched by Catherine's empowering approach to working with trauma where she helped me to reactivate and remember so much more of my true self beyond the self-limiting beliefs and painful stories that I had felt trapped by until I met her. I look back over how far I've come these last few months of journeying together and feel waves of gratitude for what a transformative and empowering experience it was! 

Thrive Coaching Client

Who’s a Best Fit For This Program

  • People who have previously worked with a therapist or coach and have access to feeling their emotions and bodily sensations
  • People who are both consistent and fully committed to their process and to the duration of program - who want to be held accountable
  • People who’ve struggled with boundaries and who know that healthy power and sovereignty awaits them
  • People who have a relationship with money that longs for maturity
  • People who long to know their purpose and want to share that in regenerative and lasting ways with their clients
  • People open to connecting to their bodies and going through the program at the speed that honours their body
  • Coaches, therapists and change makers who want body integrity and are ready to put their body first in their business
  • People who know they can no longer put off their desire to run a sustainable business that regenerates them and their clients

Who’s Not a Best Fit For This Program


  • People who are looking solely for a cognitive/mind based approach to transforming their business
  • People not working as entrepreneurs, coaches or practitioners
  • People who don't have the time, energy, resources to commit to the program
  • People looking to be saved
  • People who are not willing to feel their feelings
  • People who are missing the burning desire for deep change and transformation
  • People wanting a quick fix, or who prioritise making money over making impact, or who want a hot house learning environment
  • People with active addictions or eating disorders who are currently not receiving support for this
  • People not ready to fully commit to the program

My Training and Experience

I am a professionally certified Trauma Resolution Practitioner, a Certified ReBloom Coach, and a Sexological Body Worker. I’ve also trained in Rebloom Your Business, with Leonie Dawson on reclaiming my money power, the Wheel of Consent – and Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy as well as many other modalities. You can read more about my qualifications here.

Since 2012 I’ve worked with 100’s of people supporting them with trauma resolution across their life and specifically with coaches and practitioners inviting them to become trauma informed in practice and grow their business in sustainable and regenerative ways.

I’ve worked with Rachael Maddox through both level one and two of her Rebloom Coach training. With her I deepened into working both somatically and soulfully with trauma, learned practices to work with the 7 Core Wounds of Humanity, and discovered even safer ways of working with my client’s triggers.

I’ve worked with Katie Sarra through many 1:1 trauma resolution sessions. This was a profound journey using the Wheel of Consent and the Emotional Command System to unravel trauma, to develop choice and agency and to discover what I truly wanted. I learned the power of developing awareness in order to embody strong somatic experiences and how to uncouple sensations from traumatic experiences.

I’ve worked with Indigenous peoples and people trained by Indigenous peoples, learning ritual, and ceremony to deepen my connection and love for the Earth.

I'm Ready To Thrive in Business

My Coaching Style

This is what previous clients have shared about me:

  • Really safe and embodied
  • Invitational with tons of permission
  • Deep knowledge base
  • Engaging and inspiring
  • Crystal clear and structured
  • Heartfelt and calm
  • Encouraging and empowering
  • Respectful and non-shaming
  • Slow and doable
Catherine Hale wise and grounded

What Others Are Saying About Working With me

The most valuable part of the program was the slowness, the spaciousness, being able to really move as my body wanted.

It was deeply healing to be given full permission to give my presence to my body and to what it was feeling and experiencing. I have been feeling very well resourced since. I am much more aware of my old habits and tendencies that usually end up in burnout and overwhelm, not only am I more aware of them but I am now able to take the steps needed to ensure that I fill my cup more regularly than ever before leading to greater balance and harmony in my life.

I have also expanded my capacity to self-regulate thereby enjoying more ease in my relationships as well as a softer, less stressful and more gentle way of life. I felt very supported all the way through

Thrive Coaching Client

I felt the love and care right from the beginning.

The slowness, spaciousness, and permission to what it was feeling and experiencing was DEEPLY HEALING.

I am much more aware of my old habits and tendencies that usually end up in burnout and overwhelm, not only am I more aware of them but I am now able to take the steps needed to ensure that I fill my cup more regularly than ever before leading to greater balance and harmony in my life.

I have also expanded my capacity to self-regulate thereby enjoying more ease in my relationships as well as a softer, less stressful and more gentle way of life.

I felt very SUPPORTED all the way through and  it was such a nourishing and healing journey where I was given the tenderness, space, presence and honouring I needed to really feel into the depths of my pain.

I look back over how far I've come these last few months of journeying together and feel waves of GRATITUDE for what a transformative and empowering experience it was!

Thrive Coaching Client

I have experienced a lot of therapy in the past, but have found the wisdom & combination of skills that Catherine holds has helped me really to embody and integrate on such a deep level.'

The space that was held by you felt empowering, I loved the mixture of educationembodiment and your own wisdom. It was profound and meant I could embody and learn about my nervous system and different energies within my body.

I feel more empowered in being able to take care of myself and have more trust in my capacity to recognising my nervous system state and can bring about self regulation much quicker than ever before.  Experiencing a coaching container with Catherine has been so EMPOWERING and has helped me to heal, grow, and develop knowledge and tools to weave into my life.

Thrive Coaching Client

'The way in which you hold the space, tenderly and gently was for me the most powerful aspect.'

Being judged has always been something that causes fear and I found the sessions to be totally free of that concern - leaving me feeling safe to learn to embody my authentic voice.

Thrive Coaching Client

I'm Ready To Thrive in Business

What I Hope For You and Your Business

I’m super excited to share my potent medicine of transformation with you - its going to support you to

  • Awaken to your potential as an embodied, connected and wise business person
  • Make your business financially successful -without burning out
  • Enable you to share your inherent gifts and emerge as a powerful change maker
  • Build your business to co-create a world your grandchildren will be proud of 
  • Live in a world where business equals regeneration, sustainability, equality and reverence for the preciousness of life.
Catherine Hale - Thrive in life coaching, you deserve it

Commit to Yourself and Thrive in Business Today!


Blessings and love

Catherine x