Business with Balance

This is an invitation to step into a different way of being in business. One where your emotional blocks and past traumas don't get in the way of you building the business of your dreams. Instead, in this reality, you get to feel free to express yourself and share your gifts confidently whilst feeling really successful doing the work that you love.

Catherine Thrive in Life

In this 5 month long 1:1 coaching container together we'll heal your emotional blocks and your sensitive nervous system's relationship to the most important parts of your business, so you get to build a business that's so in tune with your body that it feels pleasurable.

Choosing Catherine as a business coach was absolutely the right decision. She is much more than a coach and her trauma centered approach helped me heal and rewire my nervous system so that my relationship with business and money has profoundly shifted at a level that cannot be 'undone', it sticks, it's long-lasting and therefore it's something I can trust.

I look at my business in a completely new way, I am more flexible, more agile, more open to possibilities and to receiving and trusting in my ability to thrive. Finally my relationship with money has transformed in a way that I really couldn't think possible. I feel much more able to receive and rely on money which in turn has released so much of the anxiety I was being plagued by.

Catherine is a wonderful coach and healer and this combination is what makes her special!

— Elisa Dari | IFS Practitioner and Coach

You Need Thrive in Business If You


  • Want to create a successful business bringing value and transformation to your clients so you can make an impact with your gifts
  • Long for authentic self expression and visibility but you fear being judged, criticised or made wrong for what you stand for yet
  • You want to grow into solid self confidence so you can ride the waves of entrepreneurship with ease and resilience
  • Want to have good support but you believe you can't afford to pay for it, struggle to delegate, or never seem to find the right fit person to help you so you continue to do it alone
  • Desire a business that feels spacious yet organised so you have time for play, connection and non-doing but you always seem to have an endless list of things to do that call your attention and limits your free time
  • Find boundaries hard to establish and/or maintain and are stuck in patterns of over giving, undercharging and saviourship with your clients whilst finding it hard to create a rhythm for how and when you work
  • Long to have a regular and consistent income that sustains you and helps you build your future but your relationship with money feels insecure, unreliable and unsafe, leading to cycles of boom and bust or constant deficit
  • Are ready to devote yourself to the coaching container and are open to receive a high level of support from me so you're no longer doing it all alone
  • Want to build the foundations to create an authentic business aligned with your passion and purpose

"Having completed the Thrive in Business Coaching program with Catherine I feel a brand new relationship with my business. I've moved from being stuck, lost and overwhelmed to being fully present and I see myself as a business owner now, rather than just a practitioner.

At all times the sessions felt totally focused on the needs of my business and it has completely reformed as a result.

If you genuinely want the best for you, your business, and all that it serves, investing in this programme is an ideal way to meet these needs. Thank you Catherine!"


— Katrina Clark | Sexologist

Why You Want to Learn From Me

I’ve been in business since 2012 –  and like you I was doing everything I thought I ‘should’ do.

The business strategy.

The mindset work.

And endlessly applying it to my business but without the success I longed for.

But in reality I was running around like a dog chasing its own tail and the price was EXHAUSTION.

Untitled design

What I didn't realise was that unresolved trauma and blocks were keeping me from stepping into the business woman I knew I could be.

So I kept playing small, because on some level that felt safe. I was 'nice' on social media whilst concealing the deeper message I had to share.  Every day was characterised by feelings of panic which kept me whirring and busy in the doing of all the small and less important tasks while not allowing me to access my creativity. 

I knew it had to change.

  • Got clear about the business I REALLY wanted to be creating and made a step by step plan of how I could get there
  • I started to heal my nervous system and build more resilience so that I had capacity to ride the ups and downs of business, instead of being derailed with every small challenge
  • I identified and addressed the patterns of trauma that sabotaged my business efforts and tended to my emotional wounds, the unworthiness, shame, attachment wounding and perfectionism, so that I could show up with more authenticity and confidence
  • I stopped taking on other people's version of success and redefined it for myself so I could grow my business at a pace that felt regulated for me
  • I learned the specific action steps I needed to take for my stage of business and took them repeatedly so that my business could move in the right direction

"Working with Catherine, for both for personal and professional reasons, has completely revolutionized how I approach my work, infusing trauma-informed practices into everything including how I manage my business.

I highly recommend Catherine to all my colleagues who work with sexuality and in the healing/coaching space, and also to people needing trauma work that is gentle and self-paced."

— Lucy Rowett | Sexologist


This work was LIFE-CHANGING. As a coach moving into work around trauma, I knew I needed to experience what it would be like as a client. I found Catherine through a website that listed many other practitioners, all of whom are excellent, I’m sure. But, I just couldn’t find someone I connected with until I found Catherine’s profile. And I was absolutely right to listen to my intuition. In Catherine, I found not only a skilled coach, I found someone who could validate my experience as a woman in midlife, navigating perimenopause, running a business all while healing from trauma.

Catherine is grounded, calm, and sturdy in the way she can make you feel safe and secure while being the guide for you to heal. After the first session, I felt different. I noticed different thoughts about difficult life events, and it just got better from there as I learned to open to receive more wealth from my business.

I cannot recommend doing this work highly enough and I can’t think of a better partner for this work than Catherine.

— Sam Salenger | Coach

Coaching Container Structure


  • Phase one ~ The Plan

Together we get really clear on how you want your business to look and feel like and what’s currently stopping you from already having that. Then we create a plan detailing the journey we will take so that you can stay on track and feel empowered to grow into the embodied leadership that your business is ready for

  • Phase two ~ Nervous System Foundations

Is about building build nervous system health and resilience so that you have the capacity to make the changes that your business needs without getting into stress, overwhelm or anxiety

  • Phase three ~ Internal Structure

We start addressing the real reasons why your business isn't how you want it to be. Here we do the depth work, healing the emotional wounds of unworthiness, shame, attachment, and perfectionism so you can start building a regenerative business from healthy inner foundations. 

  • Phase four ~ Action and Integration

Here we take the necessary steps to move your business in the right direction, whilst taking time to review and integrate so your business feels solid.

What You'll Receive

In Sessions

  • Detailed intake question analysis so I can get really clear on what's not working in your business
  • Session 1: an depth intake
  • Session 2: Program offer  - where we go through your multi-page business regeneration plan in detail - ensuring we have a map to support and focus our explorations
  • Sessions 8 - 10 ~ 75 minutes via Zoom
  • The program is online and is spread over a period of 4 - 5 months - which gives time and space for change to occur in a regulated and lasting way.
  • I would usually recommend biweekly sessions but sometimes it works better for you to meet me more or less frequently so I invite you to book sessions at a pace that honours your body.

Between Session Support

  • Personally designed practices/processes between sessions so that you can learn the specific embodied skills, and business strategy that is specific to your needs
  • Detailed and high level support with What's App or Voxer  support between sessions - so that you can stay on track, be celebrated and ask questions throughout the container.

Master Your Learning

  • Lifetime access to the Thrive in Business Support Platform - a digital space with courses, meditations and practices designed so that you can to continue your nervous system healing and regenerative business expansion with ease.

The Investment

  • The full cost for everything that you'll receive in the coaching container, if you pay in full is: £3997
  • If you pay by payment plan over 5 months the total cost is: £4444
Trauma informed practice Madalaine Munroe photo

It has been one of the best decisions to receive business support from you, and I am deeply grateful. Thank you for all you do. The questions you ask are potent and my business mindset and ability to receive is fundamentally shifting. 

— Madalaine Munro | Sexologist

Who’s a Best Fit For This Coaching Container

Ambitious business women who:

  • Have previously worked with a therapist or coach and have access to feeling their emotions and bodily sensations
  • Are both consistent and fully committed to their process and to the duration of the coaching container - who want to be held accountable
  • Desire a safe and reciprocal relationship with receiving more money 
  • Know their purpose and want to share that in regenerative and lasting ways with their clients
  • Can engage with the program at the speed that honours their body’s needs by putting their body first

Who’s Not a Best Fit For This Coaching Container

Women who:

  • Are solely looking for a cognitive/mind based approach to transforming their business
  • Are not in soul aligned leadership
  • Don't have the time, energy, resources to commit to the coaching container
  • Are in a crisis and are looking to be saved
  • Are not willing to feel their feelings
  • Miss the burning desire for deep change and transformation
  • Want a quick fix, or who prioritise making money over making impact, or who want a hot house learning environment
  • Have active addictions or eating disorders who are currently not receiving support for this

'Just 18 months ago, Kat was emerging from a challenging and relentless menopause, determined to rebuild her business. It was a time of transformation and growth, as she shifted her focus from one-off 1:1 sessions to creating powerful packages. But Kat had even bigger dreams in mind - she wanted to create a program that would empower other practitioners with the skills she had honed as a somatic sexologist.

Now, this was no ordinary leap; it was a massive up level for Kat. To achieve this dream, we had to work not just on her business strategies but also at the very core of her being - her nervous system. We delved deep into creating the capacity for ongoing body led growth, allowing her journey to be pleasurable and expansive rather than overwhelming.

Fast forward 18 months, and the results are nothing short of spectacular! Kat is now on the verge of launching her groundbreaking Somatic Sexology Training program following the huge success of the pilot training last year with graduates now working and thriving in the area of Conscious Sexuality? In this year’s full training Kat’s going to mentor and support even more practitioners, transforming them into leading professionals in this specialised field.

The metamorphosis Kat has undergone is truly remarkable, and it goes to show what can happen when nervous system care, devotion, strategic guidance, and a touch of magic come together. Her story is a testament to the power of nervous system healing and expansion, perseverance and the art of embracing growth with open arms.'

Katrina Clark | Somatic Coach

What Others Are Saying About Working With me

I am very grateful for the work that I did with Catherine. I came across her during an incredibly difficult time of my life - I had burnt myself out and was subsequently signed off work with anxiety and depression. With Catherine’s support I was able to make some big decisions about my future which meant getting clear on my purpose in the world and how to most effectively share this. By the end of the 5 months I had left my job, developed a vision for my own coaching business, and was ready to launch; all whilst ensuring I was continuing to put my body first. I am now living from a place of love, purpose, and authenticity - for the first time in my life.

Jenny - Life, Career and Business coach for People in Recovery

Working with Catherine has been a truly wonderful experience. She supported me to open up to new possibilities within my life and business, to move beyond old patterning that I had been carrying and to feel a greater sense of impact, leadership and power. The space she held was deeply attuned, present, compassionate and respectful. I felt seen and heard and nourished on a nervous system level in her care. Catherine - thank you. You are a wonder.

Claire - Trauma Resolution Coach & Educator

Working with Catherine gave me the courage to clear away all that was not serving my highest potential. It was not only my business that undertook an overhaul it was the entire way I did relationship.'

At the end of the journey with Catherine I've got clearer about my direction, I have a stable income, I have cleared away relationships that weren't reciprocal or didn't respect my boundaries. Looking forward things feel more manageable, and I am clearer about which conditions I need within my business offerings so that I continue to feel fed and supported.

Catherine's support was invaluable, respectful, she gave me insights for what I had experienced that felt truly validating and something I had needed for some time, she helped me to see clearly why I felt the way I did, and eventually have the courage to let everything fall away that wasn't bringing me joy, energy, reciprocity, all the things I wanted and needed.

EW | Thrive in Business Client

The coaching programme has been a very valuable container for me to make important and sustainable changes in my business. Your expert guidance, expertise and tools have helped me to put systems in place that will free up more space and time and I am so glad I could look with you at some of the more challenging subjects like pricing and marketing in a calm, constructive way. I am sure that the work we did will continue to unfold. Thank you Catherine!

E.W - Sexologist

It was an immense pleasure to journey with Catherine.

She has an amazing gift at holding a compassionate, loving space with great presence, and care. This allowed for deep healing and transformation to occur of which I'm continuing to see the benefits of. I was very touched by Catherine's empowering approach to working with trauma where she helped me to reactivate and remember so much more of my true self beyond the self-limiting beliefs and painful stories that I had felt trapped by until I met her. I look back over how far I've come these last few months of journeying together and feel waves of gratitude for what a transformative and empowering experience it was!

Thrive Coaching Client

Catherine's sessions were the antithesis of the big 'life-changing' peak experiences I have often sought. They were very gentle and, ironically, provided a much more powerful and lasting transformation. Catherine has an incredible depth of knowledge and expertise about trauma and how to resolve it. Issues I've spent years spinning in talk therapy were cleared in just a few sessions. I came away from each session feeling empowered and clear about how to move past long held blocks and patterns. I highly recommend Catherine's work to create deep and lasting change in every area of life. 

N — Thrive Coaching Client

The most valuable part of the coaching container was the slowness, the spaciousness, being able to really move as my body wanted.

It was deeply healing to be given full permission to give my presence to my body and to what it was feeling and experiencing. I have been feeling very well resourced since. I am much more aware of my old habits and tendencies that usually end up in burnout and overwhelm, not only am I more aware of them but I am now able to take the steps needed to ensure that I fill my cup more regularly than ever before leading to greater balance and harmony in my life.

I have also expanded my capacity to self-regulate thereby enjoying more ease in my relationships as well as a softer, less stressful and more gentle way of life. I felt very supported all the way through. 

Thrive Coaching Client

I felt the love and care right from the beginning.

The slowness, spaciousness, and permission to what it was feeling and experiencing was DEEPLY HEALING.

I am much more aware of my old habits and tendencies that usually end up in burnout and overwhelm, not only am I more aware of them but I am now able to take the steps needed to ensure that I fill my cup more regularly than ever before leading to greater balance and harmony in my life.

I have also expanded my capacity to self-regulate thereby enjoying more ease in my relationships as well as a softer, less stressful and more gentle way of life.

I felt very SUPPORTED all the way through and  it was such a nourishing and healing journey where I was given the tenderness, space, presence and honouring I needed to really feel into the depths of my pain.

I look back over how far I've come these last few months of journeying together and feel waves of GRATITUDE for what a transformative and empowering experience it was!

Thrive Coaching Client

I have experienced a lot of therapy in the past, but have found the wisdom & combination of skills that Catherine holds has helped me really to embody and integrate on such a deep level.'

The space that was held by you felt empowering, I loved the mixture of education, embodiment and your own wisdom. It was profound and meant I could embody and learn about my nervous system and different energies within my body.

I feel more empowered in being able to take care of myself and have more trust in my capacity to recognising my nervous system state and can bring about self regulation much quicker than ever before.  Experiencing a coaching container with Catherine has been so EMPOWERING and has helped me to heal, grow, and develop knowledge and tools to weave into my life.

Thrive Coaching Client

The way in which you hold the space, tenderly and gently was for me the most powerful aspect.'

Being judged has always been something that causes fear and I found the sessions to be totally free of that concern - leaving me feeling safe to learn to embody my authentic voice.

Thrive Coaching Client


Commit to Yourself and Thrive in Business Today!

With love