Social Media and Your Nervous System

Catherine Hale - thrive in business coaching program

Did you know that your relationship to social media marketing is governed by the state of your nervous system?

Let me explore this a little with you.


I expect, like many people, you find challenges in your relationship to social media.

* Too much screen time.

* Too much time on your phone with a narrow focus.

* Jumping from one social media account to the next while feel distracted.

* Feeling its a hungry beast you endlessly need to feed.

Let’s be honest – social media creates states of stress.

Long term patterns of unresolved stress in the nervous system creates trauma.

These patterns can play out differently from person to person depending on the wiring of your nervous system.

Your nervous system gets wired in the early years of life in response to the degree to which our needs were met, or not.

This includes the needs for safety, belonging, identity, boundaries, and self-expression, to mention a few.

Based on these early experiences we may have a tendency to go to fight – flight – or freeze depending on how we got wired.


So a person with a:

* Fight tendency may find themselves getting annoyed with social media, irritated, or easily frustrated.

* Flight tendency may find themselves getting anxious, over-doing, overstimulated, or easily feeling fast in their physiology.

* Freeze tendency may find themselves avoiding, procrastinating, or conversely using social media as a way to numb out by endlessly scrolling but without creating their own content.

Fight, flight and freeze are embodied emergency responses but they can become our default way of living in the world when they didn’t get the time, space and witness enough to be completed through our bodies.

And so of course – they show up in our business creating stress and preventing us from creating the regenerative business we long for.

In this sense we could use our business as a litmus test for the health of our nervous system as it will show us it’s tendencies and patterns.

When we learn to put our bodies first and to tend to their needs social media marketing becomes way easier.

It could be that your body is longing to:

* Resolve embodied flight response and needs to move before you do your social media marketing

* To be given permission to slow down so it has time and space to gently thaw out freeze without you over-riding it by getting on with doing

* Push against a wall with your hands so you can feel the energy of fight moving through your body and coming into completion before you’re ready to sit in front of a screen.


When we put our body first – which goes against the momentum of now that social media forces upon us, social media marketing becomes easier.

Just right here right now can you listen to your body, what does it need and can you respond and attend to that need?

The more you take the needs of your body seriously the more that unresolved trauma gets the opportunity to finally discharge, you get to feel less stressed and your business gets to be more regenerative because YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS!