Sexual Shadow

sexual shadow

Who’s that hiding in the sexual shadow of yourself? Are you curious?

Invite them over into the light of your consciousness, offer them to stay for a while to know them a little more.

What secrets do they hold? Can you sit without judgement as their story unfolds?

With your listening there is an unwinding of the personal and collective sexual conditioning that forced them into exile in the first place.

Is it the conditioning of the Victorians with their rigid austerity? Wrapped in whale bone corsets and a life of restraint? Telling you its wrong, immoral and down right improper to have sexual desires?

Or is it the hand of patriarchy, long-lived and far reaching, its iron like fist squeezing the juice out of feminine energy and forcing it into the dark corners where you think you have it all under control?

Maybe its the scared one, the frightened one, devoid of love who learned to share without discernment her sex as a currency for love?

Sexual Shadow

Whoever you meet in the shadows listen to them with all your heart. Welcome them into the living room of your consciousness, for it is vast enough to hold it all, every last ounce of shame, fear and guilt is welcomed here.

The light of consciousness, infused with the healing balm of sexual energy, brings about the integration you are longing for, bringing each part of your sexual self home to rest deeply in the oceanic expanse of you.