Safely Heal Your Nervous System Level Money Wounds And Expand Your Upper Limit To Receiving Money

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If you’re anything like the women I work with then you’re doing amazing work, creating transformation for others, and you get great feedback.


You’re working really hard into the small hours of the night and the weekend and you feel wired, it feels like a lot of effort and you’re maybe feeling ashamed that you’re not generating the kind of income that you really desire to live your dream life.

I hear you.

And I bet you’ve tried all sorts of strategies to try to resolve this revenue limit. Maybe you’ve read the money mindset books, done some money/abundance courses or even employed a money or financial coach. And perhaps these things have helped, to some degree.

But I can tell you this for certain – these approaches are not addressing the root cause of your problem.

Because it’s highly likely you don’t have a money problem – instead you’ve got a RECEIVING problem.


I’ll give you a moment to feel what I just said.

Here it is again – this is all about a limit to your capacity to RECEIVE.


(And it’s not just about receiving money, though that’s obviously an important part.)

How do I know this?

Because just about every woman I’ve worked with has a receiving limit.

This shows up in business as undercharging.

Putting in a huge effort with insufficient reward.

Feeling small and contracted around money, or believing that having money makes you a bad or greedy person.

Really what this points to is that developmentally you never got the opportunity to grow those parts of you that feel safe to open to receive so instead they remain closed or only partially open. Drip feeding you a little here and there, but not really enough to be nourished or to enable you to grow your business with ease.

Let me tell you this – resolving your RECEIVING problems is an inside job.


Because it’s your body that’s feeling closed – and there’s a good reason why.

It doesn’t feel safe to open – and no mindset course is going to change that.

Instead you actually need to work at the level of your nervous system to change your neural wiring so that receiving starts to feel safe.


And here’s the good news.

This is 100% possible for you to do.


You can rewire to a future where receptivity means safety, trust, ease and, let me go there again, PLEASURE instead of  feeling contracted, resistant and stressed.

What does this all mean?

You get to cut back on effort without losing out on income.

Just like Kate did when she joined the RECEIVE Program.

I did the opening the channel for receiving practice today and felt an expansion in my whole pelvic area and THEN I spoke to my coach who suggested I doubled my prices as I am undercharging and I had a discovery call today and offered the new prices and she said yes! Wooohoooo its working!!!” – Kate

I’ve seen this magic happen again and again with my clients and I want to share this with you so I’ve created a group program called RECEIVE.

This is for experienced and change-making women who coach, heal, and lead, and is designed to increase your wealth capacity so you can pleasurably receive a steadier, more reliable income in your business.

Over 3 months you can heal your nervous system level money wounds by making it safe for you to expand your revenue through opening up your receiving channel.

Sounds amazing right?

Well it is.


Join the RECEIVE Program waitlist here.