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In a community of powerful and supportive women, you'll undergo profound healing of the money wounds at the core of your nervous system, empowering you to receive abundance and financial prosperity.

No longer satisfied with mere mindset and burnout tactics that offer empty promises of financial success, you're prepared to prioritise your own well-being and fully immerse yourself in the transformative work that yields enduring and abundant business wealth.

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Unlock a powerful truth: your nervous system is wired to receive money in a specific way, and only feels safe accepting a limited amount. But with the revolutionary techniques taught in the RECEIVE program, you can break free from this pattern and discover a new sense of financial security. Allow me to guide you on this transformative journey.

Why you Need RECEIVE

If you're ready to transform your relationship with money and unlock the keys to true financial freedom, then the RECEIVE program is precisely what you need.

Whether you're struggling to overcome patterns of scarcity and over-giving, or simply feel that you're not earning what you're truly worth, the RECEIVE program offers a path toward sustainable and generative financial success.

Discover a new and empowering approach to money that is founded on ease, safety, and pleasure, and cultivate a consensual relationship with your own body that serves as the foundation for lasting wealth.

Join a tribe of like-minded women and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation that will change the way you feel about money. The life of your dreams is waiting – all you have to do is learn to RECEIVE.

teresa RECEIVE testimonial
"Since joining the Receive program my income has increased by over 30% and I've needed to double the support I have on my team to cater for the extra clients I have taken on.
I can now feel more trust that money will continue to flow towards me, not just now but in the future, as my relationship to receiving feels safer and more secure.

I never thought that working at the level of the nervous system in terms of my receiving capacity would change my business so much and myself so much. Thank you so much Catherine for teaching me how to receive more fully."

Teresa - Online Business Manager For Women in Business

Why You Want To Learn From Me

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As someone who once believed that wealth was an unattainable fantasy, I understand the deep-seated fears and anxieties that can accompany financial struggles.

For years, I laboured under the misconception that financial success was the exclusive province of the lucky few – a mindset that was only reinforced by my own history of complex trauma.

But when I began to explore the intricate workings of my own nervous system, I discovered a revolutionary approach to regulating my emotional response to money. This breakthrough allowed me to finally break free from patterns of over-giving and under-receiving, and to embrace a new and more empowering relationship with wealth.

Through the power of the RECEIVE program, I'm now able to share these life-changing techniques with others, empowering them to overcome their own fears and anxieties and unlock the true potential of their financial lives.

  • Gone are the days of unpredictable income, as I've taken concrete, actionable steps to shift my receiving paradigm and achieve consistent £10K months.
  • By embracing a truth-aligned approach to leadership, I've become the accomplished businesswoman I always secretly believed was out of reach.
  • I'm deeply connected to a profound and unshakeable sense of joy, gratitude, and ease – a state of being that I've never before experienced with such consistency.
  • I've learned how to cultivate a deep sense of safety and presence in my body, opening up a world of pleasure and love that infuses every aspect of my life.

Instead of relying on the empty promises of "miracle" business strategies or unsustainable models that flood social media, I've discovered that sustainable expansion comes from aligning with the capacity of your nervous system.

Program Structure

  • 4 Months of Togetherness  (online)
  • 12 Wealth Expansion Weekly Masterclasses - in bite sized chunks
  • Community Coaching Calls (3 per month)
  • Optional Community Space 
  • Integration Weeks to rest and digest
  • High level program support available throughout
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What This Really Means

  • 4 Months of Togetherness In Community (online) - with a group of like minded ambitious and conscious women who want to co-create positive change in the world. We will grow, heal, and transform together because we were NOT designed to go it alone.
  • 12 Money Healing and Expansion Masterclasses - in bite sized chunks. You'll be guided through 4 modules of somatic education, embodiment meditations, and journal prompts which create a framework for you to navigate your expansion in the territory of money.
  • 9 Community Coaching Calls - receive both group and 1:1 coaching in a  group environment where we’ll create opportunities for healing your nervous system and expansion into a new level of receiving.
  • Optional Community Space - a place to grow into both peer and team lead support where we build a culture of 'we can do this together'. 

Who's a Right Fit For This Course

  • You know how to make money when you hustle - but you're now ready to receive from a place of ease
  • You're willing and excited to honour your body's current capacity and rate of growth 
  • Your income may fluctuate each month and it may feel unreliable and unsafe
  • You recognise that your business is a vehicle for your growth, transformation and leadership
  • You may have tried money mindset or miracle business strategy courses but they have only got you so far
  • You currently have offer/s that you are selling through your business
  • Your business feels aligned to creating the new paradigm you want to see in the world
  • You desire a more secure relationship with your business so you can live the life you dream of
  • You know a part of you holds the seed of worthiness and its time to grow it

Who's Not a Right Fit For This Course

  • You're going to put yourself in financial stress by doing this course
  • You're looking for financial advice - you'll need a financial advisor instead
  • You're looking to be saved from your financial challenges
  • You want to rush through the process - rather than be consensual with the needs of your body
  • You want a purely cognitive approach to healing your money relationship
  • You're still figuring out what your purpose is
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"I'm celebrating not feeling constriction in my body when I think about my upcoming tax bill (well a huge amount less than I did about paying the gardener!) it actually feels like not a frightening number."

 R.T. - RECEIVE Program Member

"I love that you shared around clearer boundaries in time, this week it has been a reflection of exactly that, and how I can tidy up time leaks and be more precise with my attention."

 Madalaine Munro - Sexologist

"This week I'm celebrating developing more conscious awareness in my money relationship. I've noticed a couple of things that before I didn't see.

For example, we have lots of small independent shops here, and I realised that when I don't have cas on me (quite often) I feel guilty about paying with card and so buy more items (that I don't need) to justify it. I just noticed it as a part of my money relationship that I can 'clear up' as it were.

Also, I feel I have much more conscious awareness of my spending, knowing when I've spent enough, but the panic around the money running out has really eased too. It's as if I'm building a more secure attachment with money."

 Amanda Rolph - RECEIVE Program Member

"I'm shifting my narrative of 'I have to keep bulldozing ahead with a strategy that clearly isn't working for me because I've already invested so much energy in it'.

For the first time in a long time, I realize that I feel safe enough to stop the relentless forward thrusting so that I can re-evaluate the landscape and take my bearings.

As a result, I'm earning less than I did lat month - mainly because I'm not investing in taking on clients that don't feel like a good energy exchange for me (I've said some outright 'no's to people who've enquired when I just don't get a good feeling from them). And I have trust in the ebb and flow of the tide that this is necessary and rich place to be. Feeling deeply surrendered to what is right now (for now at least - I'm sure I'll get tested soon enough!)"

 Rose Skelton Pearson - RECEIVE Program Member

"Joining the RECEIVE programme came at exactly the right time for me to make a big shift in how I show up in the world and claim more space. And be supported by Catherine and a group of women in the process.This is a programme that gets down to the roots of our challenges around money rather than grasping at the goodies. It's deep work and continues to evolve in my being.

Pre-pandemic I had been working unsustainably and the fear of burnout was stalling my business. The biggest realisation I had - with a distinct cellular shift - is that my business is there to serve me so that I can serve others through my business. What a game changer!"

Gayatri Beegan - Founder of Tantra Massage Training

Erotic Mystic_square-001
Sara Ablinger testimonial

"I did many high priced money mindset and business coaching programs that left me in debt because - in my hyper triggered state - I fell for the sales pitches that I needed one more course to finally break through my patterns. Catherine's course was so different. When I saw the title, I was like "Yes, that's what nobody talks about!!" The course was valuable, empowering and authentic. Looking at our relationship with money from a nervous system point of view is excellent; it gave me more money confidence and I feel more spacious around receiving money."

Sara Ablinger - Big Body Love

"The money course expanded my awareness of just how tender the topic of money is which has allowed me to become much more compassionate with myself when it comes to shifting my money relationship. It has given me a framework on how to do so by taking it one small doable step at a time."

Stephanie - Women's coach

Stephanie testimonial
Lucy Rowett testimonial

"Thanks for such a wonderful course! This was so much deeper than other money and business courses I have done, and I felt for the first time that I was able to actually relate to money as an entity. I'm also much clearer on where I feel blocked around money on a nervous system level and what to do. The idea of doability, small steps, and noticing if I am hyper or hypo has changed everything. Because I'm doing small doable steps, it feels much more manageable and I feel more in a relationship with money. Also, normalizing how much entrepreneurs  freeze around money and that it is such a difficult topic has helped immensely too."

Lucy Rowett - Sex and Relationship Coach

" During this training I learned how I had undercharged and when I looked at my pricing plans I could feel in my body where it was out of alignment. I could also see where the old beliefs I had were getting in the way of both valuing my work and exhausting myself by trying to save the world. As soon as the training finished I updated my website with my new prices and instantly felt more ease in my body. I'm already feeling more abundant not only financially, but also with time and energy."

Jem Ayres - Orgasmic Embodiment Coach


I did the opening the channel for receiving practice today and felt an expansion in my whole pelvic area and THEN I spoke to my coach who suggested I doubled my prices as I am undercharging and I had a discovery call today and offered the new prices and she said yes! Wooohoooo its working!!!

Kate - Sex and Relationship Coach

"Now my intention is to treat money as my lover. This was a very enlightening perspective. I recognise I ignore money at times, so my commitment now is to acknowledge it fully, in a resourced way, so I can open to receive more."

Camilla - Sound Healer

"At the end of the journey with Catherine I've got clearer about my direction, I have a stable income, I have cleared away relationships that weren't reciprocal or didn't respect my boundaries. Looking forward things feel more manageable, and I am clearer about which conditions I need within my business offerings so that I continue to feel fed and supported.
Catherine's support was invaluable, respectful, she gave me insights for what I had experienced that felt truly validating and something I had needed for some time, she helped me to see clearly why I felt the way I did, and eventually have the courage to let everything fall away that wasn't bringing me joy, energy, reciprocity, all the things I wanted and needed."

EW - Sexologist

"Through working with Catherine I'm now realising its not about making money per se but about taking responsibility for being able to provide for my life."

Sarah - Coach

Open yourself up to receiving all your desires, because you truly deserve them.

With love.