Nervous System Care

This program is designed for people with sensitive nervous systems who want to stop surviving and instead feel more safe, resilient and receptive to the goodness, joy and connection life has to offer.

What is Nervous System Care?

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards healing, resilience and feeling safe? If so, the Nervous System Care course is tailor-made for you!

  • Break free from the nervous system dance patterns of: survival, negative thinking, the never-ending cycle of hyper productivity, and fear of making the wrong decisions.
  • Access to a treasure trove of knowledge and practical techniques to support you in creating a unique plan to nurture and restore your nervous system, so you can feel safe, confident and trust in yourself as a decision maker and leader in your life and business.
  • Get to the core of your problems - a sensitive nervous system that feels overwhelmed and unsafe either some of the time or a lot of the time and learn how to heal it.
  • Craft a tailor made nervous system care plan so you start to feel good with more ease in your body, more ability to receive and resource your self-care, greater availability for service within your business and community and a growing sense of you flowering.
  • Focus of building practices rooted in devotion rather than becoming another to-do list that you beat yourself up for not doing.
  • Heal your inner saboteur - so you can claim your authority and rise in leadership in your life.
  • Receive my invaluable support dedicated to your every step on this journey to nervous system safety, resilience and receptivity.
  • Build new neural pathways towards feeling safe, secure, and empowered, as you create lasting nervous system resilience.
  • Thrive in all aspects of your life!

Why You Want To Learn From Me


I spent many years of my life living with a highly dysregulated nervous system, its roots tangled in a painful history of abuse and neglect, so I intimately understand the feelings of low resiliency and an inability to receive that are often associated with an unsafe nervous system. 

For what felt like an eternity, I battled to maintain a semblance of well-being, caught in an exhausting rollercoaster ride of extreme highs and debilitating lows. No matter how hard I tried to heal, I found myself constantly pushing too hard, moving too fast, collapsing, or pursuing misguided approaches. It seemed as though I was trapped in an endless cycle of exhaustion, convinced that real change was beyond my reach.

My life was defined by an erratic dance between anxiety and the freeze response which consumed my time and energy and left little time for creativity, play, connection and building a business, until I finally embraced the slow and deliberate path of nervous system healing.

Today, I’m a qualified nervous system coach, educator and guide.

  • My existence is firmly rooted in safety, regulation and stability.
  • I've made a sacred commitment to prioritise my nervous system's health and well-being. It has become my anchor, guiding me towards a life of balance, safety and pleasure.

So, if you've experienced a similar journey of turbulence in your nervous system and yearn for lasting transformation, I invite you to join me on the path of nervous system healing.

Together, we can cultivate:

  • Safety, resilience, unlock the power of regulation, and uncover a sense of well-being that will profoundly impact every aspect of your life.
  • A new found sense of devotion to the sacred task of nurturing your nervous system and embracing a future filled with vitality and joy.

Is is possible to rewire your nervous system to hope, joy, possibility and connection by creating new neural foundations of safety

Let me show you how

Program Structure

  • Transformative journey: carefully crafted around the three powerful pillars of healing: awareness, healing, and aligned action.
  • Five immersive modules: each dedicated to unlocking the key elements of nervous system awareness, profound healing, and taking aligned action.
  • Downloadable video and audio content: allowing you to immerse yourself in the teachings at your own pace. Visualise, listen, and absorb the wisdom shared with you whenever and wherever it suits you best.
  • Lifetime access to this invaluable resource: ensuring that you can revisit the modules, review the content, and continue your healing journey whenever you need it most.

Here's how you'll know if the Nervous System Care course is your perfect fit


  • Your nervous system feels like it's stuck in survival mode, and you've tried various approaches that haven't quite hit the mark. It's time for a game-changer that brings about the transformative change you've been yearning for.
  • You crave a clear and detailed roadmap that guides you through the labyrinth of healing your nervous system. No more guesswork or aimless wandering – it's time for a step-by-step plan that leads you to true safety, and thriving.
  • You're ready to take a leap from the rigidity of commitment and accountability to a whole new level of self-devotion. 
  • You know your inner rebel is sabotaging your progress and preventing you from fully embracing healing practices. This course will empower you to resolve those inner conflicts, allowing you to break free from self-imposed limitations and unleash your full potential.
  • You're seeking a harmonious balance between structure and flexibility. The Nervous System Care Course provides a solid framework for your healing journey, while also honouring your individual pace, curiosity, and unwavering devotion to self-discovery.

Here's how you'll know if this course might not be right for you

  • You're seeking personalised 1:1 support throughout your healing journey. The Nervous System Care course is designed as a self-paced, evergreen program. While it offers a wealth of resources and guidance, it doesn't include direct one-on-one assistance.
  • You prefer a strictly cognitive approach to healing and are hesitant to explore and connect with your emotions and bodily sensations, this course may not align with your preferences. The Nervous System Care program encourages a holistic approach that incorporates both cognitive understanding and embodied experiences.
  • The concept of self-devotion doesn't resonate with you and you're not open to diving deep into practices rooted in self-reflection and self-care, then this course may not be the best fit for your current journey.


Client Results

I just wanted to say thank you for your nervous system care course.  It came at the right time and have really felt the benefits of the practices and now beginning to recognise the different nervous system states...I am very grateful for your work so thanks again.

— Felicia Greene

'Working with Catherine was the medicine I needed in 2020.'

I've known for a while that I needed to do more nervous system work, and I've always felt safe and non-judged with her. In our time together I gained so many skills to work with my own nervous system and slow down, I feel like it's been a missing piece in my healing path and learning to trust myself again.

Thank you thank you thank you Catherine, I am beyond grateful.'

— Lucy Rowett 

Georgina Stevens

'Working with Catherine has been life-changing for me.

I have taken a huge step into understanding and helping myself through listening to my body and it's wisdom. And this has helped me to see where joy lies in my life, where I have gone off track, and how to remedy that, and which people around me can support me on my journey. Life changing, life affirming and essential work. I would love to explore further with her.'


'My capacity and awareness has increased I can now regulate my nervous system and track where I am.

I now have the ability to take action/care to resource myself and am taking steps to having more healthy rhythms and boundaries with myself, others and work.'

— Freya

'I learned practical and creative ways of regulating my state and moving from a history of extreme ups and downs to a stabilising my health and well-being. I now have more capacity to take risks and to thrive in work and play. This is a huge change – to truly dampen the patterns of trauma I’ve inherited, not just for me but for the people around me as well, is no small shift.'

— Jules

You deserve to feel safe, resilient and to receive all the goodness of life