My Journey With HRT Three Months On

My Journey with HRT 3 months on

Menopause symptoms?

Over the last 6 years, and especially the last 3, I found I’d piled all my physical and emotional symptoms into the bucket labelled menopause. Now that I’m taking HRT, the decrease in many of my symptoms has allowed me to sift through that bucket to determine what actually belongs to menopause and what doesn’t.

The hip, knee and lower back pain which I’d originally believed to be oestrogen receptors screaming out for their supply – it’s a structural problem, its scar tissue and a body that needs a detox.

Knowing I can take action on this – that the destiny of my body’s health and wellness rests firmly in my hands is both empowering and reassuring. No longer do I need to ‘give-up’ and accept my fate of living in an out of control menopausal body.

Menopause symptoms?

Instead HRT has presented me with the clarity to determine the cause of my symptoms allowing me to take radical care of myself as it creates breathing space and a pause in the torment of symptoms. It’s been the welcome break of mid-life.

Life before HRT was a marathon, an erosion of wellness, an incomprehensible tangled web of changing body sensations and symptoms signalling for my attention – yet undecipherable in my pre-HRT brain fog. The emergency sirens wailed endlessly – dragging me to fight one fire after another – exhaustion being the undertone of the day.

In the three months since staring my daily dose of HRT I’ve acquired the resources to facilitate my body’s desire for gentle titrated transformation applied to mid-life. I can inhabit my body more freely, I feel strong and my energy levels have returned.

While the option of HRT isn’t available for every woman, nor do many desire to take it. I can only express gratitude for the alleviation of the debilitating menopause symptoms I’ve experienced from taking it, as I shift into feeling the most alive and well I’ve felt for years.