Money, Manifestation and Sustainable Abundance

Are You Ready To Heal Your Money Relationship?

This pioneering course is an investment in your future. Designed for socially conscious entrepreneurs who are ready to heal their money relationship and to turn their financial future around.

You may have tried affirmations, meditations, and working on money beliefs cognitively - but you still don't have the relationship you want to have with money its probably your physiology that needs changing.

Working at the level of your body, we'll resolve your money trauma.

Clearly and simply explained you'll be expertly guided through changing your money relationship. Skilfully designed as a step by step process - that you work through at a pace that honours your body meaning no more overwhelm or trying to keep up. Healing your money relationship has never been easier.

You Need Money, Manifestation and Sustainable Abundance If You


Can you afford not to?


Money in the bank.


Here's  a better solution


Comprehensive course

Why You Want To Learn From Me


I used to think that money was unobtainable, that you were either born with it - or you needed to sell your soul doing a job you hated in order to accumulate money.

It wasn't until I somatically addressed my trauma and found the regulation I longed for that I finally had the physiological band width to address my money relationship.

In the last year I've more than doubled my business income by taking small doable steps towards sustainable economic growth and financial literacy. I've become the accomplished business woman I'd secretly thought was never possible.

Rather than the unsustainable models we often see advertised on social media - my approach has been both regenerative and in alignment with the capacity of my nervous system.

You have better things to do than wade through volumes of money self-help books and gather financial information from a wide range of sources - while experimenting with what works and what doesn't, I've already done that so you can have that here in one package.

Isn't it time you once and for all healed your money relationship, so you can grow sustainable abundance all the while getting paid to be the work you love and that supports positive change in our world?



Who's a Right Fit For This Course


  • You're looking to breakthrough cycles of financial boom and bust
  • You want to know how to easily move beyond your financial ceiling
  • You find managing money challenging
  • You're willing to honour your body's current capacity and rate of growth
  • You want to work at their own pace though the material
  • You're excited by working in an embodied way to heal your money relationship

Who's Not a Right Fit For This Course


  • You're going to put yourself in financial stress by doing this course
  • You're looking for financial advice - you'll need a financial advisor instead
  • You're looking to be saved from your financial challenges
  • You want to rush through the process - rather than honour your body's desired speed
  • You want a purely cognitive approach to healing your money relationship

What You'll get from The Course


  • Effortlessly grow your money confidence
  • Expand your money capacity and grow into sustainable abundance
  • Get access to my behind the scenes money habits, records and systems
  • Develop choice flexibility when you get triggered around money
  • Discover your money beliefs and how you physiologically respond to them
  • Access an amazingly simple map of your nervous system and learn how it determines your money relationship


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What the Course Looks Like


"Now my intention is to treat money as my lover. This was a very enlightening perspective. I recognise I ignore money at times, so my commitment now is to acknowledge it fully, in a resourced way."


"Through working with Catherine I'm now realising its not about making money per se but about taking responsibility for being able to provide for my life."

Dan Dukes

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Stephanie testimonial

"The money course expanded my awareness of just how tender the topic of money is which has allowed me to become much more compassionate with myself when it comes to shifting my relationship with money. It has given me a framework on how to do so by taking it one small doable step at a time."


Sara Ablinger testimonial

"I did many high priced money mindset and business coaching that left me in debt because - in my hyper triggered state - I fell for the sales pitches that I needed one more course to finally break through my patterns. Catherine's course was so different. When I saw the title, I was like "Yes, that's what nobody talks about!!". The course was valuable, empowering and authentic. Looking at our relationship with money from a nervous system point of view is excellent."

Sara Ablinger - Big Body Love

Lucy Rowett testimonial

"I've learned so much from Catherine, and the idea of doability, small steps, and noticing if I am hyper or hypo has changed everything. Because I'm doing small doable steps, it feels much more manageable and I feel more in a relationship with money. Also, normalizing how much entrepreneurs  freeze around money and that it is such a difficult topic has helped immensely too."

Lucy Rowett


"During this training I learned how I had undercharged and when I looked at my pricing plans I could feel in my body where it was out of alignment. I could also see where the old beliefs I had were getting in the way of both valuing my work and exhausting myself by trying to save the world. As soon as the training finished I updated my website with my new prices and instantly felt more ease in my body. I'm already feeling more abundant not only financially, but also with time and energy."

Jem Ayres

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