Create a Money Date

Build Money Devotion

A simple yet powerful short course teaching you how to build more intimacy with money by creating money dates

What you'll learn on this course

  • Understand what a money date is and why you might want to have one
  • Schedule your first money date so you can create the foundations of an intimate money relationship
  • Have your first money date so you can start to feel more safe, connected and easeful in your money relationship
  • Connect with money from a place where you feel safe and calm so you can avoid anxiety, overwhelm or collapse with money
  • Create money intimacy so you start to feel more secure in your money relationship

Why you want to learn from me

Most of my adult life was overshadowed by financial struggles, leaving me trapped in a perpetual cycle of scarcity and limitation. My business aspirations seemed perpetually stalled, unable to break free from the shackles of my own beliefs.

It wasn't until I realised that I was in a relationship with money that I began to identify all my attachment pattern were playing out - just like they did in romantic relationships weaving a complex tapestry that influenced my financial reality.

My money relationship felt insecure and I would flip between patterns of avoidance around money to feeling incredibly anxious any time I thought about money. Deep within, my very nervous system was lacking the safety and stability it craved in this delicate liaison with money.

When I started to heal my money relationship I decided to start going on money dates as a way to start building an intimate and safe connection with money. I would set aside special moments, just like rendezvous with a dear friend or a cherished lover. These money dates were sacred, a sanctuary where I could foster trust, understanding, and mutual respect. With each encounter, I sought to dismantle the barriers that had held me back for so long, tenderly rebuilding a foundation of abundance and empowerment.

With each date the bond with money grew stronger, fortified by newfound emotional intimacy. And as a result I started to develop money confidence and my business became a financial success.




Money dates support the embodiment of safety at the level of your nervous system

Program Structure

Be guided through this simple step by step approach to take your first money date with my expert guidance and tuition using:

  • audios
  • videos
  • 7 easy steps to money date success guide
  • embodied safety practice

To support your learning and to facilitate lasting change at the level of your nervous system so that your money relationship starts to feel safer, more secure and easeful.

Here's how to know if Create a Money Date is a right fit for you

  • Embrace the profound desire for stability, consistency, and safety, despite the shaky and insecure nature of your current money relationship.
  • Courageously confront the anxiety, avoidance, overwhelm, or collapse that money may bring, as you consciously strive to establish a deeper connection with it.
  • Prioritise your commitment to nurturing a healthier money relationship by carving out dedicated time in your weekly schedule, even if it seems daunting or difficult.
  • Embrace the transformative journey of becoming a mature custodian of money, as you boldly take the first step towards learning and growth. Say yes to embracing your financial responsibility.

Here's how to know if Create a Money date might not be a right fit for you

  • You neglect the opportunity to prioritise a regular "money date" each week, perpetuating a cycle of disconnection and missed growth.
  • You allow the overwhelming distress in your money relationship to consume you, preventing any meaningful interaction with it, perpetuating the turmoil.
  • You relinquish your personal power and responsibility by seeking external solutions to fix your money relationship, denying yourself the empowerment and growth that comes from taking ownership.


Client results

During this training I learned how I had undercharged and when I looked at my pricing plans I could feel in my body where it was out of alignment. I could also see where the old beliefs I had were getting in the way of both valuing my work and exhausting myself by trying to save the world. As soon as the training finished I updated my website with my new prices and instantly felt more ease in my body. I'm already feeling more abundant not only financially, but also with time and energy.

— Jem Ayres - Orgasmic Embodiment Coach

Lucy Rowett testimonial

I've learned so much from Catherine, and the idea of doability, small steps, and noticing if I am hyper or hypo has changed everything. Because I'm doing small doable steps, it feels much more manageable and I feel more in a relationship with money. Also, normalizing how much entrepreneurs  freeze around money and that it is such a difficult topic has helped immensely too.

— Lucy Rowett - Sexologist

The money course expanded my awareness of just how tender the topic of money is which has allowed me to become much more compassionate with myself when it comes to shifting my money relationship. It has given me a framework on how to do so by taking it one small doable step at a time.

— Stephanie - Coach

Stephanie testimonial