Menopause is my Business Coach

menopause is my business coach

You don’t usually see the words menopause and business together. Instead menopause is usually associated with hot flushes, aging, and a time when women disappear from the forefront of our culture – often never to be seen again.


Menopausal Business Coach


But that model of menopause is dying – and instead is being replaced by an army of menopausal women who have realised they are not too old nor should they be discarded into the shadows of society, indeed to the contrary they are finding their power, their voices and honing their kick ass business skills as they realise they are the medicine this culture needs right now.


I know because I’m one on them.


I now consider my life as being in two parts, the first I call BM (before menopause) and the second part started when perimenopause kicked in some 6 years ago. I call this part the INITIATION. Since then EVERYTHING has changed. I’m no longer the women I was, she’s long gone having been burnt away in the fires of hot flushes and sleepless nights – instead a wiser, smarter and more empowered version has been born in her place.


I now have less energy and need to consider wisely where I invest it – if I scatter it far and wide – there’s the immediate feedback of increased menopausal symptoms – and trust me NOBODY wants that.


Yesterday it was the menopausal headache I’d been harbouring for 3 days. I went to the chiropractor – she is an angel – and in one thoracic spine adjustment it shifted – but its message was clear – telling me in no uncertain terms that I needed to change how I’m working – again.


As I felt into that message I asked myself the question:

How can I share my medicine more powerfully, with more people, yet spend less time working so I can give myself the care I need as my hormones shift?


I started by questioning my beliefs – do I actually believe that is possible? Do I deserve that? Can I really give that to myself?


I stopped. I listened and heard a resolute yes.


While also remembering the part of me that used to believe I needed to play small, that I wasn’t worthy of receiving my needs or that someone else needed to provide for me. But she has grown quiet during menopause – because she’s been met and seen, loved and cared for and she’s more content than ever before.


My own trauma resolution has paved the way for the wisdom of my menopausal business coach to come online and I know when I listen to her, magic happens. I get to honour my needs by valuing them, tending to them by putting boundaries in place. I shift into greater alignment with what truly serves me and I remember what I came here for, while creating strategy that’s both sustainable and changes the face of how we do business – a shift from capitalism to regeneration.


Menopause Business coach


So whether you’re a menopausal woman journeying through the initiatory fires or not – remember the seed of wisdom each menopausal woman carries, how it gets germinated by shifts in hormones, and how its purpose is to change the trajectory of humanity towards regeneration.


My menopausal seed grows trauma informed business coaching. What does your seed grow?