Menopause and the Nervous System


What most women don’t know, at least the beginning of their menopause initiation, is the link between their hormonal system and the nervous system.

These 2 systems are so inextricably linked they are coupled together and called the neuroendocrine system.

Why do we need to know this?

In menopause we experience fluctuations in hormone levels which eventually give way to a steady decline in the production of oestrogen and progesterone.

Changes in our environment, whether that’s internal or external, hormonal or otherwise, can be registered as a threat by the nervous system – leading to activation of the fight/flight, freeze, fawn and collapse responses.


Over time, these responses, if left unresolved, can accumulate as stress within the body leading to chronic health conditions.


Much of what I personally experienced in my menopause journey, and much of what I see other women go through, are the consequences of this stress on their bodies.

Given that the journey of perimenopause through to the moment of menopause lasts anywhere from  7 – 10+ years, that’s a long time that many women are undergoing extreme stress and the impact of that on their health.


Now if we were to counteract the impact of fluctuating hormones by offering the nervous system deep level resource at this time, my belief is that most women would suffer less stress, have fewer health challenges and experience a better quality of life.

And here’s the thing, building resource in the nervous system is actually very straightforward once you understand the simple mechanics of nervous system state recognition and change.


Imagine a reality where:

  • menopausal anxiety can be soothed with ease
  • rage can be felt from a place of capacity rather than overwhelm
  • grief can be held within ample resource so you stop getting flooded by it
  • hot flushes can be claimed as power rather than as overwhelm
  • your nervous system steps up and supports you while you manage the changes you’re moving through

I know this is possible.

I know that with this level of embodied resource we can claim menopause as the powerful life affirming transition that it is.

Claiming back the power of resource is the work we do in Anchored in Regulation, my nervous system course designed for all people to find the safe harbour in their nervous systems from which they can tend to their emotions, their challenges and the changes in their lives with more ease and less stress.

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Photo by Nadezhda Moryak