Leadership Edge

Sopt, say no

Today I’ve had several people ask me for an extension on early bird pricing.

And each time I’ve said NO.

And it’s not so easy as a recovering people pleaser.

Of course I want to support them.
Of course I want to empathise with the cost of living challenges we are facing.
Of course I want them to join my program because I know they will get life changing results.

But the answer is no because honouring myself and my boundaries is greater than the part of me that wants to people please, take on responsibility that isn’t mine, and over give.
And I also know that when we have to stretch a little for courses/program/events that we tend to value it more and ultimately put in more effort to get the results we desire. And I don’t want to take that level of motivation away from anyone.

Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash