Healthy Rhythms and Routines in Your Business

Healthy rhythms and routines

Many people involved in the healing professions arrive in business with little understanding of how to run a business. I know. I was one of them.


I had ideas, inspiration, projects and events I wanted to share with people – and share I did but the results were taxing both financially and on my energy levels.


My style of business was to respond – to be in the moment – to say yes to this and no to that. But I was constantly running a survival physiology underneath that causal style.


I found myself saying yes to things that were not in alignment because I hadn’t prepared for financial downtimes in the business year. I was saying yes to the wrong timing, the wrong fit and the wrong size. It left me depleted, my medicine was watered down and there was no space for creative thinking, reflecting, or doing.


I was running in the hamster wheel of self-employment and couldn’t see my way out.


What would it take to begin to Thrive in my business?


Enter the medicine of deeper trauma resolution.


A lifetime of unprocessed trauma was sitting on the shelf waiting to be resolved. So gently, step by step, I began to meet those scary emergency responses bound in my nervous system – the parts that wanted to run, the parts that were fighting and the parts so deeply locked into a freeze response I didn’t even know they were there.


In meeting these parts – something began to shift – I had more energy – more clarity – more belief in myself. As the mist of freeze began to clear I could create vision and strategy that served my needs so deeply I had an overflowing cup that could serve others.


When I centred myself at the core of my business – when I got really clear that my business firstly needed to serve me I could place healthy boundaries around my time, my energy, my resources and guess what – I became way more effective in my work as a coach. My clients kept coming back for more – I started to build a community around me and I felt more energy than I had for years despite moving through the initiatory fires of menopause at the same time.


Building healthy rhythms and routines


I started to create more healthy rhythms and routines in my work. I started with looking at my weekly calendar – as that felt easy – and chose the days I wanted to see clients. I set up a simple booking system so I wasn’t forever responding to booking enquiries and playing booking tennis with clients. I scheduled time for specific tasks each week, times I would update my website, times I would respond to email, and times I would get dreamy and plan my next offering.


I became more effective.


I reached more people.


I was way more relaxed.


And I was happier.


The more I invested in created strategy and rhythms the sweeter life was becoming.


Now at the heart of my business is a structure that has space to grow at a pace that feels doable while reflecting my evolution as a business woman. I regularly weed out what no longer serves my business and replace it with more flow, more ease and increased revenue. I spend time tending to what needs my attention, areas which I may have neglected while spinning in the hamster wheel, and give them my focused time and care. I watch what wants to grow – what ‘s flourishing in my environment – and what wants to evolve from that. I have time to connect to my muse nature every day – and she offers me both inspiration and time to digest and reflect on how my day, week, month and year have been in my business.


I wonder what is a small and doable step you could take today towards creating more rhythm and flow in your business?