Let me share my guided resourcing practice with you.

The Guided Resourcing Practice - Together we can heal from trauma - together we can create that beautiful world our hearts know to be true

Resourcing Practice


I loved the resourcing practice at the beginning of each call as well as how we were encouraged to check in with ourselves and our body and to give it what it needed as we went through the course material. This provided a very integrated approach to learning.

Catherine was able to delicately tweezer out the locked emotions with beautiful skill, diplomacy, and accuracy. I was able to delve deeper into areas of trauma during our sessions that helped resolve issues and bring healing to my nervous system. She always created a container of ease and grace, without any judgment.


I learned practical and creative ways of regulating my state and moving from a history of extreme ups and downs to a stabilising my health and well-being. I now have more capacity to take risks and to thrive in work and play. This is a huge change – to truly dampen the patterns of trauma I’ve inherited, not just for me but for the people around me as well, is no small shift.


Those of us who have histories of trauma may sometimes be prone to embodying a negativity bias, resonating more with pain than with ease with pleasure, joy, and positivity. When combined with the belief that healing should be hard work we can set ourselves up for a painful healing journey where we may regularly experience defeat and hopelessness.
In the world of post-traumatic growth, we find ways that invite empowerment, doability, and growing resiliency. We can do this by starting where it's easy - then dip into difficulty then swing or 'pendulate' (to use some trauma lingo) back into easy. The practice of resourcing offers us a simple yet effective approach to post-traumatic growth or healing.

Through resourcing we:

  • build capacity to meet bigness when it comes
  • avoid overriding or pushing ourselves in any way
  • can synch up with something more stabilizing or nourishing

Resourcing can feel strange if you are used to catharsis or jumping in at the deep end of your healing, however, this counter-cultural approach is highly effective in creating more resilience as you navigate towards what feels good, beautiful, caring, supportive, safe, or even neutral.

In this guided resourcing practice I'll offer you:

  • permission to engage in what level feels right for you
  • opportunity to notice the physiology of your resource
  • time to explore how that physiology impacts your somatic experience
  • space to discover how consent and cooperation with the resource feels

Resourcing is one simple way for you to find more spaciousness, capacity and even a dramatically changed state. You may find it helpful to have this resourcing practice somewhere handy, maybe on your phone, so you have access to it whenever you need it.
Together we can heal from trauma - together we can create that beautiful world our hearts know to be true.

With love
Catherine x