De-Stress in 2 Minutes: My Gift to You!


Just Breathe

My Gift to You: De-Stress in Just 2 Minutes! Downregulating the breath calms the nervous system, allows you to de-stress and supports periods of expansion in sexual arousal.


There are many breath practices that support you to de-stress they are described as down-regulating, meaning that calm the nervous system. I want to share one of them with you which I call the 3/5 breath. Its simple to do and yet the rewards can have a dramatic effect on our lives.

Listen to the practice as I guide you into a state of deeper relaxation. Notice how it feels if you body after you do the practice. How calm are you? What’s the level of quietness inside of you? How open and expanded do you feel? Does the body tell you it wants more of this?

If you’re feeling sleepy or yawning that’s a good thing, it shows that you’re down-regulating into the rest part of the nervous system, you may even hear your tummy rumble too thats a sign of relaxation. How often do you give yourself this opportunity to deeply rest?

Bliss, Excitement and more Pleasure!

Then next time you are engaging with your sexual energy, either on your own or with other/s try applying the down regulating 3/5 breath to move from arousal into bliss and expansion. As you feel excitement build, take a pause and do the 3/5 breath for 5 – 10 breaths, notice what happens in your body. Can you feel energy tingle and move in your body? If you feel sleepy it’s a sure sign that you’re in need of more rest! Developing the ability to down-regulate your breath during sexual play is the beginning of moving away from peak and rushed orgasms into fuller, body wide orgasms and of course more pleasure!!