Vaginal Steaming: The Forgotten Practice

Vaginal steaming forgotten practice

Like many of us living in our modern day world, I’ve lived disconnected from the generations old traditions of my ancestors. I know much has been forgotten even before my birth in my family lineage, but I am remembering, deep in my belly, a different way, a better way to take care of ourselves, our bodies and our relationship to the earth.

Vaginal steaming is one of these forgotten practices, and yet currently we are witnessing a global vaginal steaming revolution. Personally this is something I’m excited about and I want to share this knowledge with every woman in the world!

As a practitioner working in the field of trauma and sexuality I’ve learned much about the human body, about the complexities of the nervous system, about relational dynamics, about empowerment, about self-love and radical self care.

Vaginal steaming is another tool by which women can claim back their right to pelvic health, to wellness, to relaxation, to healthy periods and a vibrant life.

Menstrual discomfort

If you’re any thing like me you’ve had anything but an easy ride with your periods, you may have cramping, bloating, spotting, brown blood, and like me you’ve probably been told this is all normal and nothing can be done about it. So you’ve reached for the painkillers, grabbed the hot water bottle and looked forward to it all being over each month.

However viewed through a different lens, our period is a way to measure our health and well-being, our symptoms are indicators of dis-ease and when explored from this perspective we can use this monthly body data to begin to make radical changes in how we take care of ourselves.

Vaginal steaming

Vaginal steaming clears out the old build up residue inside the womb, you’ll know you have this if you have cramps, brown blood before or after your bleed, and/or mucus, or dried blood. These are all signs that the uterus is not doing its job of self-cleansing.

Vaginal steaming has been known to support all gynaecological issues from cysts, to bacterial vaginosis, to scar tissue, fertility issues, recovery during the post-partum period, reclaiming moisture post-menopause and supporting an increase in libido through awakening your connection to your pelvis.

Steaming is a simple yet powerful practice so we need to steam under the guidance of a practitioner ensuring we learn when steaming is contraindicated and which herbal formulas are correct for our condition.