Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot

Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot

Female ejaculation is a widely misunderstood subject especially as many people believe ejaculation to be something only men are capable of experiencing! In fact this is a misnomer as female ejaculation is every woman’s birthright as we all have the anatomical structures, including the G-spot and prostate gland that enable us to ejaculate.

Why ejaculate?

Female ejaculation not only alleviates sexual problems, loss of interest or malaise, physical and emotional pain, and decreased sexual satisfaction, but also increases the likelihood of women experiencing the satisfying intimacy that most of us desire.

Whilst being a portal to pleasure female ejaculation can equally be seen as a way to clear our the emotional residue stored in the G-spot of every woman, not only that collected in our own lifetimes but that inherited from millennia of sexuality being shrouded in shame, guilt, fear, abuse, and oppression.

Why do so many women not know about their capacity to ejaculate let alone experience one?

In anatomy books the male sexual organs are outlined in detail. However when you compare this to the information that’s available in the same books about a women’s sexual organs what we find is:

  • Her prostate gland is missing
  • The structure of the clitoris is reduced to the small bump of nerve endings that protrudes from the vaginal opening
  • Her ability to ejaculate isn’t mentioned
  • Her ability to have pleasure is reduced and limited in this paradigm
  • She is seen as an object that reproduces and gives life rather than a divinely sensuous being with the capacity to experience infinite pleasure.

In educating a woman about her sexuality and her ability to ejaculate, she is empowered to experience the full potential of her sexuality. She becomes connected to the source of her own wisdom, healing and the essence of woman within.

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