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Womb Love with Vaginal Steaming Ceremony

Date: 26th May 2019 - 26th May 2019

Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Address: 29 Wesley Place Bristol BS8 2XP

About the Event


This is an opportunity to take part in an act of gentle self-love, together with a group of women. We will weave together through our voices and bodies as we take part in a day of womb-love including the ancient practice of healing: vaginal steaming.

We will journey emotionally, physically and energetically into the womb space inviting her to reveal herself to us. To clear what may need to be let go of so we can restore a healthy and vibrant centre where we can anchor into our creativity and power.

We are blessed to have Joy Lovesey with us sharing her live harp music throughout the day to support our bodies to open and receive the medicine of soul music.


Why you might attend

  • You feel disconnected from your womb
  • Your periods are missing or painful
  • Your cycle doesn’t fall in the 28- 30 day range
  • You have fibroids, cysts, tumours, endometriosis
  • You’ve experienced sexual abuse or pelvic violation
  • You struggle with boundaries
  • You’re struggling with fertility
  • You’re moving through perimenopause/menopause
  • You feel cut off sexually or feel that something is missing for you


What we will do

The intention of the day is gentleness, care and encouraging a radical shift towards deeper self-love, to be shared with a group of other women.

We will practice

  • Guided embodied meditation
  • Sharing in circle and small groups
  • Energetic Womb clearing
  • Menstrual care guidance
  • Clearing blocks with castor oil
  • Vaginal steaming in ceremony


For many women these are deeply relaxing processes, where you allow your body to open and release on emotional, physical and energetic levels. Letting your womb, the musculature and internal organs of the pelvis, surrender is a radical act of deep self-love.

The workshop is suitable for all women including those who have passed through the gateway of menopause.


You will learn

  • To reconnect the body and its inherent capacity to heal.
  • To connect with the wisdom of subtle herb medicines, and their power to clear the womb and sexual organs on both a physical and energetic level
  • To open the womb’s innate capacity to create, not just babies, but the vision we hold for ourselves, and for the world we live in.
  • To connect to your root, your centre of power, your sex and to awaken your power.


More on Vaginal steaming

I want to share more on vaginal steaming as this is an unfamiliar practice for many women.

Vaginal steaming has its origins in communities of women across the globe. Currently it is practiced in Korea, where they have vaginal steaming spas, south America and African countries, and there is a resurgence of women trained in vaginal steaming bringing this practice back to their communities across the globe.

It is know to have a profound effect on menstrual and gynaecological issues, hormonal imbalances, and is supportive for women healing from sexual violation and boundary rupture.

Vaginal steaming has been found to:

  • Aid better sleep and relaxation
  • Regulate your menstrual cycle
  • Reduce abdominal bloating, cramps, and brown blood  during menstruation
  • Connect to your genitals and heighten libido
  • Increase fertility
  • Reduce breast tenderness, headaches, and PMT symptoms
  • Clear energetic stagnancy, release traumas and create emotional balance
  • Improve circulation and energy, reduce hormonal acne and make the skin glow
  • Increase vaginal lubrication, tighten the vaginal canal, and soften scars postpartum
  • Eliminate vaginal infections

When women come together to participate in a ceremonial vaginal steam we collectively drop into our wombs and from there into the depths of the earth. Here we anchor into the lineage of women who have practiced vaginal steaming, and feel our connection to this web of feminine energies holding and nurturing us into empowered loving beings.

You will be sent a form to complete when you book. It is essential for this to be completed before attending the ceremony so that you can be adequately screened and your specific herb blend provided for you.

£55 early bird until 26th April 2019, thereafter £70