London Sessions

London sessions 29th and 30th June

Date: 29th Jun 2019 - 30th Jun 2019

Time: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Address: Elephant and Castle London

About the Event

Sexuality, Trauma, Women’s Pelvic Health

This is time dedicated to you, for your healing, where you’re supported to create the sexual, relational and empowered life you deserve.

Sometimes my sessions involve touch sometimes its more appropriate to do other work such as body-sensing, talking, boundary restoration, or sex education.

Whatever the nature of the session my role is to guide or coach you, as you stay fully present to all of your internal experiences both before and during any touch that may happen.

The practice of presence cultivates our ability to stay acceptingly open to our emotional, visceral and somatic experience without repeating the cycle of reactivity. It also involves noticing the psyche’s penchant to dissociate from uncomfortable sensations.

We will discuss your needs by getting clear about what you want, by listening to the voice of your body and letting its wisdom guide us when we meet.