Event Organiser Marketer Job

I'm looking for an outstanding event organiser and marketing person to join our existing team - ideally you'll become a long term member.

In this current iteration we are looking to expand the Trauma Awareness Training and need a stable foundation of support in place to grow from.

If you are interested in female empowerment and sexuality, women in business, and trauma resolution as a way of living and working - then this might be the role for you.


The Role

An invitation for the right fit person to grow and thrive in a feminine leadership based business model.  You'll be responsible for events organisation and events marketing - leaving me free to focus on creation and evolution of my business.

Event organisation

  • Dealing with all enquiries related to the training – using the designated email address
  • Taking bookings and taking payments – in an effective and inclusive manner
  • Accurate recording of all the booking finance
  • Having clear and quick responses to all participant communications – fostering a sense of belonging in the community
  • Connecting to participants on the waiting list and sending timely reminders
  • Communicating with all the clients I send discounted offers to – making sure they have received all the information they need in a timely manner
  • Communicating with participants throughout the training, sending before and after call emails and to request and collect feedback data from all participants - you are the thread of connection in our community from first email to final post call email


  • Following and contributing to the pre-launch strategy
  • Creating, communicating and implementing an inspiring marketing strategy, and content strategy for the launch period (this is not essential)
  • Promoting to your own networks during the launch period
  • Engaging with the marketing schedule and following the protocol’s we have set out there
  • Engaging with all posts shared for the training on social media in a timely manner creating excitement and engagement
  • Supporting the facebook live event – by acting as the host

Essential Personal Skills

  • Values - you are in sacred relationship with the Earth
  • Empathic and attuned communication - you speak compassionately from your heart
  • Intuition - you listen and respond to your gut and your felt sense
  • Integrity - you connect to your inner wisdom and show up in the world with clarity
  • Reliable - professional and committed - you take pride in your work and celebrate your successes
  • Boundaries - you have healthy boundaries in place
  • Self-directed - you can pace your own work and remain focused whilst knowing your capacity
  • Self-care - you have rhythms and patterns in place to ensure your well being
  • Outstanding organisation - you have the ability to prioritise, sequence and deliver all tasks
  • Detail focused - you pay attention to aesthetics, accuracy, consistency - you care
  • Creative - you're able to think outside the box
  • Worthiness - you have an inherent sense of your value
  • Willingness and capacity to resolve difficulty especially in relating
  • Willingness to learn and apply trauma informed skills in your work - by attending my Trauma Awareness Training
  • You are solution focused and have an 'I can' attitude

Hours required

The current event is split into 3 phases

  • Pre launch period 2- 3 weeks
  • Launch period 1 month
  • Training period 6 weeks
  • Post training period 1 week

The amount of time I need support varies from 5- 10 hours per week - but will be a growing role - with more opportunities available as we expand.

You need to be available Monday - Friday. (UK time zone) from 1st March 2021.

This role suits someone who is self-employed


  • £15 an hour
  • Participation on my Trauma Awareness Training
  • Q and A calls where you can bring your business related questions
  • Bonus community calls
  • Direct access to pre training live events
  • My support
  • Experience of working in a trauma informed way


The application form needs to be completed by midnight Thursday 18th February.

Online interviews are the 22nd and 23rd February