Energy Orgasm Video

What is an Energy Orgasm?

Watch me demonstrating the energy orgasm in this video. This is a profound healing modality supporting the receiver to open up to experience orgasmic energy through the body.

The person you are watching in the video has received a number of energy orgasm sessions so their body responds both obviously and rapidly to the experience. Someone experiencing this technique for the first time may not have the same experience, it may be more subtle, or more emotional, or entirely different. We are not looking to replicate anything, rather we are responding to how the body wants to express itself authentically.

How to Experience This Type of Energy in Your Body

I offer sexuality sessions and occasional workshops where I teach this healing way of engaging with your own energy.

What Does it Feel Like?

We are able to orgasm from any part of our body, however most of us have only ever experienced a genital based orgasmic release.

When we move orgasmic energy away from the genitals we experience opening and expansion.

Depending on where in the body this happens determines how this feels. An orgasm in the heart can feel blissful and connects us with an incredible feeling of love and oneness whereas an orgasm in the eyes can produce tears. As we get used to moving our sexual energy through our body we can open to more sensations across the range from gross to subtle and taste any emotion in our emotional range.

In doing so we open up to the vastness of who we are. We open to greater bliss and pleasure, oneness and love.

Where can I learn this?

I offer 1:1 sessions or workshops where I teach this modality.