Empowerment… and What it isn’t!!

fake female empowerment

I’m noticing a particular phrase showing up on Facebook usually on posts offering workshops/sessions or events and it’s a phrase that makes my skin crawl.

When I read ……’come to my workshop and I’ll empower you to …..’ I wonder if the writer has actually given thought to what they write.

Empowerment is not something that can be handed over

This statement makes several assumptions, the first is that power can be handed over from one person to another. The second is that the person handing over the power believes they have power to give.

I find this thinking characteristic of the old hierarchy paradigm with one person at the top with power and who ‘gives’ power to a select few. Usually with an unspoken agreement where the power share isn’t authentic, it doesn’t offer freedom, and we must continue to support the person at the top.

We see this example of power over, this dominating force, so much in our world and its unhealthy all the way to its core.

Empowerment… what it is

I describe myself as an empowerment coach, but I don’t empower anyone. I support people to:

Make choices informed from their body awareness

Develop a somatic understanding of boundaries and consent

Become aware of their conditioning and where that limits them

Develop a capacity for feeling sensations and emotions in their body

Learn to ask for what they want.

When this support is integrated, people become clearer, stronger, and more aligned with their truth. I see them making better choices for themselves in and out of the bedroom. I see people grow in self-compassion and kindness towards others. I see they have no need to tread on others to get what they want. I see they develop more responsibly and show greater care for all living beings. These people become their own powerful versions of their greatest selves.

And I’ve not given anyone of them any power.