Do you know that the number one problem I see that women like you and I have in our lives is an inability to RECEIVE?


Do you know that the number one problem I see that women like you and I have in our lives is an inability to RECEIVE?

And most of us don’t even realise it.

So we end up over working because it feels normal.

We undercharge for our services because earning more feels uncomfortable.

And bit by bit we drain ourselves while our business fails to grow and provide for us in ways that actually feel good for us.

We often think the answer is to do another miracle business strategy course, or to adjust our money mindset.

And while these can be useful strategies, they need to come after we do the first part.

And what is that first part?

We need to work at the level of our bodies to discover why it feels so hard to receive.

How do I know this?

Because I lived this story of under-receiving repeatedly until I did the deeper work and tended to those developmental parts of myself that had been misattuned to, ignored and neglected, causing my receptivity to become atrophied.

Yes ATROPHIED receptivity is a thing.

But because my inability to receive was so wired in and normal for me, I didn’t even know it was happening.

So probably like you I thought it was because I didn’t know how to run my business, that I was missing some strategic element to success. Or that if I just pulled my socks up and worked harder then everything would be ok.

But I want to tell you – loud and clear – that is not the answer. It will only take you in one direction – burn out.

What I learned was that opening to receive actually felt really scary at first, it didn’t feel safe and I didn’t trust because my nervous system was both expecting and kept moving towards repeated patterns of neglect.

But over time I found that working in a trauma-informed way created the embodied safety and trust I needed to open my receiving channel and to allow wealth, abundance and flow into my business like never before.

And here’s the thing – I learned to receive from a place of relaxation, safety and even, dare I say it, pleasure in my body.

I want to tell you – you can have this too.

I love supporting women like you to learn to receive more fully in your business which is why I’ve created a group program called RECEIVE. This is for experienced and change-making women who coach, heal, and lead, it’s designed for you to increase your wealth capacity so you can pleasurably receive a steadier, more reliable income in your business.

Now who doesn’t want that?

Over 3 months, together we’ll heal your nervous system level money wounds by finally making it safe for you to expand and open to receive more money in your business. Meaning you get to run a sustainable business that’s in service to both you and your clients.

I’m so excited to share this receiving wisdom with you – I know it will radically change your relationship to receiving in your business – just like it did mine.

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