Do you have a money problem?

Are you really convinced this is the reason why you are not receiving the money you need in your business to be sustainable?
It’s highly likely you don’t have a money problem – instead you’ve got a RECEIVING problem.
I’ll give you a moment to feel what I just said.
Here it is again – this is all about a limit to your capacity to RECEIVE.
(And it’s not just about receiving money, though that’s obviously an important part.)
How do I know this?
Because just about every woman I’ve worked with has a receiving limit.
This shows up in business as undercharging, over giving and hustling and striving with insufficient reward.
It feels like being small and contracted around money, or believing that having money makes you a bad or greedy person.
All of which can make us feel that it is our fault that we can’t generate money, that something is inherently wrong with us which generates feelings of shame.
This actually reinforces the root cause of our developmental trauma and perpetuates a cycle of feeling not good enough, all alone, and responsible for the failures in your environment.
But what is really going on is that developmentally you never got the opportunity to grow those parts of you that feel safe to open to receive so instead they remain closed or only partially open. Drip feeding you a little here and there, but not really enough to be nourished or to enable you to grow your business with ease.

Let me tell you this – resolving your RECEIVING problem is an inside job, where you need to work at the level of your nervous system to change your neural wiring so that receiving starts to feel safe.

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Photo by cottonbro studio