What Is Culture of Care - Trauma Informed Training?

This training adopts a broad and holistic approach to becoming trauma informed which is way beyond learning a few skills to support your participants when they get triggered in your space.

It offers a thorough and comprehensive avenue for deeply understanding, embodying and applying a trauma informed approach to how you can skilfully relate with your clients so that they can receive high level care, reduced risk of re-traumatisation, and feel safe enough to do the transformational work that you offer them.


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You're ready to step up and raise the standards of care you offer your clients because you know authentic care that provides safety, attunement and compassion is central to healing. You're calling for integrity in your field and recognise the profound significance of embracing a trauma-informed approach

What is a Culture of Care?

My deep desire is to live in a culture that prioritises care. This body of work, Culture of Care, emerges from embodying a trauma informed way of being and relating with: yourself, your clients and the wider world.

It seeks to empower practitioners and facilitators to offer higher standards of care to their clients, and to emerge as leaders within a new culture that not only comprehends but also reveres the profound ramifications of personal and systemic trauma, and who know how to hold that with deep care and compassion.

This culture, in its broader scope, enables practitioners and facilitators to embody the degree of safety that allows them to respond sensitively and compassionately to the array of different needs, paces, nervous systems and human experiences existing within group and individual containers, whilst sharing the wisdom that allows for their students to create lasting and profound transformation.

The Culture of Care Trauma Informed Certified Training is being offered in 2024 as part of the Field Facilitation Training, which is a comprehensive year-long, trauma-informed program offering in-depth training to equip leaders and facilitators with the skills to hold responsible, high-integrity events, develop specialized groups, and become heart-centered leaders.

There are several different entry points for joining the Field training, providing opportunities for you to do the training either in person or online and which include professional trauma informed certification.

The Value Your Investment Will Provide


  • Unwavering Confidence and Self Trust: Create safe yet transformational interventions for your participants that create a transformational impact instead of harm 
  • Translation of Symptoms into Healing Processes: Powerfully tap into and sense the wisdom of the nervous system so you can trust yourself to provide attuned care in 1:1 or group settings  
  • Mastery of Nervous System Science: Recognise nervous system states, and corresponding behaviour and thinking and trust you can support a shift towards safe connection
  • Skilled Trauma Informed Professional: Know what it means to be trauma informed across your work and how to strategically action this 
  • Liberation and Sharing of Power: Understand the influence of power dynamics in group and 1:1 settings and know how to liberate power so that your participants develop agency and choice
  • Unwavering Professional Integrity: Know how to create and implement transparent and ethical processes so you can demonstrate unwavering professional integrity whilst raising standards across your field 
  • Identify and Communicate Trauma: Compassionately and skillfully communicate the presence of trauma so that it can be received in ways that empower your participants to receive your support and to take relevant action
  • Amplify Healing and Stability: Prevent enmeshment with your participants and instead be the anchor they long for by building your nervous system resilience and capacity 
  • Referral Confidence: Know when to refer out, and who to refer to, so that you remain operating within your scope of practice whilst offering your clients the right people to continue their healing journey with
  • Empowered Trust in Your Abilities: Meet the needs of diverse participants with nuanced care by learning about and taking action to mitigate the impact of systems of harm that operate within our culture
  • Aligned Purpose and Ease: Establish a body based business approach that centres you and your needs while reducing hyperproductivity and other extractive tendencies
  • Authentic Connection and Communication: Break free from shame so you can be more visible and connect with your audience through values focused marketing
  • Secure Money Attachment: Shift from money heartbreak to money intimacy so you can build a secure and empowered connection
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Being trauma informed is an ongoing commitment to raising standards of care towards those people that we are serving so that they can feel safe enough to heal

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Why Learn From Me?

Hello, I’m Catherine Hale and I’m committed to teach high level trauma informed trainings to practitioners and facilitators so together we can be safer and more effective in our work.

I'm a qualified ReBloom Trauma Resolution Coach, a TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) practitioner and I've undertaken a deep dive into healing my own Big T and developmental trauma over the last 20+ years.

I've supported 100's of people to heal and transform their lives that were once negatively impacted by trauma, including: sexual trauma, abuse trauma, systemic trauma, and developmental trauma.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who This Program Is For

  • You are a heart centred and skilled coach, therapist, facilitator or practitioner wanting to create a safer trauma informed space for your clients so they can heal and transform
  • You’re looking to create more impact through your services that are aligned with your ethics and integrity so you can stand tall in your leadership
  • You want to embody being trauma informed rather than just ticking a box so you can be part of building a culture that truly cares
  • You understand that trauma disrupts and distorts the relational landscape and you want to learn trauma informed relational skills so you can relate with more attuned care and compassion
  • You want to tie together all the trainings you've done into a cohesive approach to working with people

Who This Program Is Not For

  • You want to just tick a box and say that you've done the bare minimum to be trauma informed
  • You use a purely cognitive approach to your work with clients
  • You're not willing to do the deeper inquiry work that being trauma informed requires
  • You want to call yourself a trauma trained professional and offer deep trauma resolution services when you've not done

What others are saying about working with me on previous trauma informed trainings

Trauma informed practice Madalaine Munroe photo

"The teachings from this training have now become a BEDROCK of my life.'

Its transformed the way I work with clients. It has provided skills which have allowed me to create deeper safety and trust with clients, and upgrade my skillset as a practitioner.

Through understanding nervous system regulation and trauma theory, It has provided tools that I have used in every aspect of life, allowing me to have greater insight into the way I hold my own trauma and deeper self-compassion and self-trust.

It is delivered in a consent focused and empowering way, creating permission to go at the right pace for each person. Thanks to Catherine I felt safe and held throughout the training.

She embodies the work that she teaches, and I deeply respect how she models this with integrity." 

Madalaine Munro - Sexologist


"Catherine presents such a huge, important but potentially overwhelming subject with such ease and clarity that it makes it inspiring, super accessible and easy to integrate into your work life and client sessions.

I’m now aware of what place I make decisions for within my life; my money, my relationships, my business development and my client sessions.

My clients benefit not only from the practices that Catherines teaches me, but also they are getting a healthier and more resourced practitioner who is able to give from a full place of integrity and alignment."

Jem Ayres - Orgasmic Embodiment Coach

Stephanie testimonial

"The trauma first aid piece was really beneficial to learn about and is something I have already been bringing to my work in supporting my clients with regulating their nervous system.

I feel much more prepared and confident to navigate trauma showing up with my clients since completing the course. I feel like I have a good tool kit to draw from to better support my clients when the imprint presents itself.

I'm much more aware of what a client needs in order to feel as safe as possible during a session"


trauma informed practice Red Willow photo

"Catherine has created something very VALUABLE here, and delivers it in a way that is gentle and easy to digest.'

So many courses teach just techniques relating to the subject matter, and stoke the excitement of helping people, yet miss out the vitally important part - relating to the client in their suffering.

Catherine embodies the concepts she teaches which helps with integration of the material. As I make the move into coaching, this short course with Catherine has given me the confidence to work with clients on a one to one basis."

Red Willow - Holistic Health and Eating Coach

trauma informed practice Shivani Ottaway photo

"Catherine is very generous with her experience and knowledge. She holds a safe space to delve into these topics all from a place of invitation and choice.'

Before the course I didn't know what it meant to be trauma informed - I used to override or shut my feelings down.

As a marketing coach I now see trauma in my clients can often take the form of overwhelm, shame of being seen, resistance and avoidance. Practicing what I've learned from this course I now have tools to support my clients in a trauma informed way to provide safety through structure, choice and ease.

I am very GRATEFUL to this work for the understanding and compassion it has given me for myself and my clients and the ongoing practice and healing it provides."

Shivani Ottaway - Marketing Coach


"I found the course really supportive in my journey of learning how to be trauma aware. The information offered was clear and concise and I felt Catherine brought a lot of different approaches to healing trauma together for me in a way that was really inspiring. I learnt a lot from the way Catherine held the sessions. I was seeing the tools and skills she was teaching in action and able to experience how this felt - both a deeply permissive, welcoming and empowering space. I was moved by the simplicity, depth and potential for healing of this way of working with people."

Trauma Awareness Training Participant

"Thank you, thank you for the past 5 weeks.  I can't imagine this time without the invitations and increased awareness the training has offered me. The invitation to soften further and become more aware of the felt experience of my own trauma imprint and noticing where this shows up and beginning to recognise it better in others. Such deep teachings that I will be watching all the sessions again and following up particular areas of exploration and research. I feel privileged and grateful."

Lynne Roscow - Soft Tissue Massage Therapist

"This was an EXCELLENT introduction into the complexity of trauma.'

I feel stronger and more empowered and protected to hold the space for a client if they feel the need to release.

The course gave me strong foundations which I am developing as I see each client.

The best part of the course was the total acceptance that sometimes I might not be willing/able to contribute.

The pace was excellent! Thank you Catherine!"

Eva Weaver

"It felt like a super safe space right from the beginning. I love how you modelled what you taught: orientation, structure asking for pronouns in the opening round."


"It’s a fascinating subject which gets to the core of being human and how we can effect change in the world through regulating our nervous systems – thank you!!"


"The space was so well held – I felt full permission, acceptance and non-judgement – I really felt relief! I thoroughly enjoyed Catherine’s facilitation. Such grounded, clear and inspiring teaching! You have my FULL confidence."


"This training is so needed in the world! It's a simple training, just 10 hours time investment, yet it packs so much value and awareness. I wish this was compulsory for every single practitioner - the world would be a much more healed place if it were!"


"I loved the layout, design content and facilitation of the course. It was wonderfully held, deep yet gentle foundational workshop in trauma. I feel regulated, empowered, tooled up and inspired."


"The depth and knowledge and awareness that Catherine embodies is in itself a very safe holding container for this deepening of knowledge for others."