Cultivating Worthiness Through Your Business

Cultivating Worthiness

I wonder how many times you’ve thought to yourself:

‘If I’ll just do this course/training then I’ll be good enough to attract clients?’

Let me tell you – its really common to think this.

But the reality is it’s just not true.

Thinking we need to keep jumping on the self improvement train is a nervous system reaction – driven by the parts of us that feel unworthy.

Unworthy to receive love, money, success – you name it.

This behaviour is the consequence of unresolved developmental trauma.

It arises from us not getting our needs met – we could call this neglect.

Whether that’s emotional neglect or physical neglect.

Neglect leads to deep seated feelings of unworthiness.

Your unworthiness shows up in your business. Its a ticking time bomb, sabotaging the heck out of all your attempts to be successful.

But with worthiness onboard we know we have needs that they are valid, and how to receive them.

What unmet needs do you have that are currently showing up in your business relationship?


These needs are one’s my client’s often show up with.




Financial security



Grab a pen and paper and start writing out this sentence – listing everything you need from your business relationship.

“In my business relationship I need….”

What’s the first action step you can now take in order to start getting your business to meet your needs?

For example if you need to feel more stable in your business relationship what do you need to do?

* Is it to work on attracting more clients through your marketing?

* Is it creating a clear schedule for the week so you know that day by day your business has the conditions to grow and thrive?

* Is it getting clear on what you’re spending and how to reduce that?


Know that with every step you take you plant a seed of worthiness in the fertile soil of yourself and this will be reflected in your business success.


I love guiding other coaches, entrepreneurs and practitioners into changing their business relationship – so you can share your heart’s medicine with the world and you ALSO get fed and nourished – so that your needs get met, tended to and your worthiness becomes plumped up.

If you want to go deeper with healing your business relationship so you can grow worthiness then my 1:1 Thrive in Business Coaching Program maybe the support you are looking for right now.