I want to share with you some of my community, each of these people are woven into the fabric of my community in various forms. They are healers and practitioners who I’ve either personally worked with them and have been inspired and transformed by their work or they’re people I hold in high regard for the work that they bring into my local community. They are all following their soul’s desire living in service to others by offering their unique gifts and as part of their life’s purpose.


Sue Holmes

Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Holistic Healing

I am a shamanic practitioner, consultant and teacher. My passion is facilitating transformation for people and places.

With 25 years experience of holding sessions for thousands of people, and a range of holistic techniques - shamanic healing, energy healing, sound healing, colour light therapy and angelic reiki - I hold a safe, compassionate space for deep healing.

I offer professional feng shui, space clearing and geomancy consultations for homes and businesses throughout the UK & abroad.

I also teach certified training courses:

  • Professional Space Clearing & Geomancy
  • Shamanic Practitioner and Energy Healer
  • Angelic Reiki.

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Nikki Chambers

I am passionate about empowering women, by bringing the feminine mysteries back into common knowledge, so that every woman knows how to flow with the menstrual cycle, the lunar cycle and the seasons of the year – unwrapping her innate mystery and magic.In fact, I see this as our birthright, to be handed to each girl as she steps into womanhood.

For me this knowledge is underpinned by a wider relationship to nature and with the elements, learning how to build relationship with them and bring them into our daily life to guide and support our feminine energy.

All that I bring is inspired by indigenous and soulful ways of living, by years of nature connection work and learning from menstrual cycle awareness.

This women’s work is nested in a wider longing for a return to soulful, connected, indigenous ways of living, in loving harmony with Life, Earth and all living beings. How society treats the feminine, is very much reflected in the way it treats the Earth. Reconnecting both women and men to the feminine principle is part of the journey back to balance, to restoring healthy human communities.

What I offer


Nandan O'Leary

Craniosacral, TRE, Massage, Grief Circles

I am a Biodynamic Craniosacral practitioner, a TRE (Tension Release Exercises) provider, an Ayurvedic Abhyanga and Deep Tissue Massage Provider as well as holder of Grief Tending Circles.

  • I have committed a lot of my time over the past 20 years to an exploration of coming into safe relationship with my body and my emotions.
  • I offer this to clients with a deep yet gentle holding field.
  • To be in safe relationship with our body and all that moves through it, is like a coming home, our birth right, from this place we can feel grounded and fully alive.
  • I offer my support on this journey of returning to safety in ones body and invite clients to be with all that may arise, listening carefully to hear and read the signs the body may offer.
  • I work intuitively with a sensitivity to help you unwind, let go and move into alignment as deeply as each person and their body can comfortably allow.

07825 447860


Klaudia van Gool

Creative solutions inspired by nature
I have followed a nature inspired path of work, whilst gathering a wide variety of tools and techniques to help bring about a regenerative world.
I work with organisations, groups and individuals, using permaculture, environmental management, coaching, facilitation, deep nature connection and ceremony.
My offerings include: permaculture teaching, coaching & facilitation, women’s deep nature camps and days, fire skills and plant connection workshops, Active Hope, sweat lodge.
Find out how you might be supported to bring about connection in your life or organisation and become the more thriving being the world needs right now.
07816 841129

Agata Krajewska

Autobiographical Performance for Transformation

Agata Krajewska is a founder and director of Theatre of Awakening and Stories for Change, where she facilitates autobiographical performance for transformation. Trained in movement therapy and a long-term student of embodied awakening, she incorporates these approaches.

Rooted in compassion for human condition, and necessity for play and humour, her work aims to alchemise trauma into gifts. She engages extensively with women, for healing and empowerment.


Maite Alonso

Embodiment through Yoga, Dance, Meditation and Bodywork

My name is Maite Alonso. A former General and Psychiatric Nurse in Spain, I embarked on a journey of meditation, yoga, movement, dance and personal development 28 years ago, following a call for integration and a deep healing journey into myself through a debilitating eating disorder.

The last 3 years I have been diving into tantric trainings and courses bringing more consciousness to the area of sexuality and relationships. After these years of conscious embodiment work, I feel very passionate about sharing my experience, learning and skills with others who resonate with me and what I offer.

I offer spaces where people can relax into their bodies, reconnecting with their innate life force flow, their joy and lightness of being. I love facilitating and witnessing people opening up to their life potential through their bodies.

I do this in 1 to 1 massage work sessions, mainly Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Reiki and combination of them. I will be soon also offering Tantric sensual massage. And I also do this in groups, through flowing mindful yoga and dance (part of Shakti Dance, the Yoga of Dance), Kundalini Yoga and chanting and sound in workshops and retreats.

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