Ever since being a small child I’ve found maps hold my fascination, for they show the lands yet to be discovered. They illuminate the pathways we can take and warn us of the obstacles we may find on our way.

When we represent complex ideas in the form of maps we can understand complexity through simplicity. My maps are ways to support you to understand the complexity of you.

Nervous system map

To understand where you are at any given moment in your nervous system you can learn to track it through your body responses using my Nervous System Map. This process of tracking brings awareness to the territory of sensation and emotions and is foundational to healing from trauma.

The Wheel of Consent

The Wheel of Consent is map created by Betty Martin, and essentially it’s a framework to support a change in the way that we touch.

Its broken down into four quadrants and we can explore the relational dynamics between quadrants. In doing so we can understand 2 important questions.

Who is doing the touch?

Who is the touch for?

When we begin to ask and understand these questions we can begin to create touch that is consensual.

The wheel of consent underpins all my client work and supports them to create healthy relational dynamics, not just around sexuality, but in all areas of their life!