I’m a self-confessed bookworm and have always found books to be a powerful resource in my healing journey. Bibliotherapy is a term to describe the process of being therapeutically and positively influenced by what you read.

Bibliotherapy is especially helpful for people dealing with trauma created in family environments where criticism, intimidation and disgust were the currency of communication. It also supports people who’s early lives were missing adults who could be looked to for guidance and support where in the realm of sexuality, self-love or other key area of healthy development.

books Catherine Hale
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Ever since being a small child I’ve found maps hold my fascination, for they show the lands yet to be discovered. They illuminate the pathways we can take and warn us of the obstacles we may find on our way.

When we represent complex ideas in the form of maps we can understand complexity through simplicity. My maps are ways to support you to understand the complexity of you.


I want to share with you some of my community, each of these people are woven into the fabric of my community in various forms. They are healers and practitioners who I’ve either personally worked with them and have been inspired and transformed by their work or they’re people I hold in high regard for the work that they bring into my local community. They are all following their soul’s desire living in service to others by offering their unique gifts and as part of their life’s purpose.

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