Trauma Ethics

I uphold the following code of ethics in all my client - practitioner relations.

I offer:

  • Empathy and attunment with you
  • Only platonic relationships (no romantic or sexual relations, unless previously agreed upon)
  • Singularly focused relationships (no dual relationships, unless previously agreed upon)
  • All relationships to be free of conflicts of interest
  • Transparency if any of the above can not be kept
  • Informed consent throughout each session
  • Honest marketing that accurately reflects my training, my skill base and clean marketing techniques (no pressure sales)
  • Investment in continued education and professional support and guidance
  • An awareness of systemic trauma - to support client to understand how much of their struggles are due to the society and systems we live in

In the case of relational rupture

I will:

  • Make opportunities for communication and repair
  • Own my mistakes openly
  • Share my feelings and experience with you
  • Not blame you even when transference or projection is happening
  • Be humble and meet you on a level

Before we start working together

I will:

  • Share my experience and training - and areas where I lack training
  • Share the estimated time of the therapeutic relationship
  • Share other possible alternative treatments where I feel it would be more suitable
  • Share my fees and invoicing practices
  • Share your right to terminate sessions and any financial obligation if that occurs
  • Share my right to terminate sessions - if I feel you are not benefitting from the service or if my safety is threatened
  • Share what I can and can't provide - such as support between sessions