Thrive in Life Coaching Program


Hello beautiful you - thanks for reading about the Thrive in Life Coaching Program.


THRIVE IN LIFE is a personalised transformational coaching journey for courageous people ready to grow into the most empowered, loving, sexually connected and truth aligned version of themselves.

Thrive offers a body-based trauma resolution approach that addresses the roots of trauma using an archetypal, developmental and systemic system. 

We address the topics of love, sex, pleasure, money, trauma resolution, intimate belonging, community, vibrancy, relational health, empowerment, menopause, pelvic health and whatever else you bring. Supporting you to shift from patterns of surviving to patterns of Thriving in your precious life!

My Story

After decades of inner work where I managed to avoid my deepest and scariest trauma, I reached a point of 'it's now or never' and I embarked upon directly addressing the trauma that was dictating my life.

It showed up everywhere - the fire of shame holding me back from living my full potential. Doing a job I hated. Flimsy boundaries leading to poor sexual choices. Addictions. Anger and rage bubbling underneath the surface. Not knowing I had needs let along that they mattered.

I longed for a happy life, centred around belonging, for family, for a job that used the gifts I had, for healthy relationships, for pleasure and safety in my sexual connections and an ability to hold my head up high.

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I discovered somatic trauma resolution work and my body started to literally unwind and shake off years of stored emergency responses. I began to live more fully in an embodied way - but I was still missing a deeper sense of safety and terror was a frequent visitor.

I knew I needed to go deeper. I committed to showing up for myself in the most profound way I could and found a trauma resolution container where I could take all the time I needed to unwind emotionally, to address the gaps in my early development, to build a safe, reliable, consistent attachment with my coach and navigate towards the healthiest most vital parts of myself.

After decades of rupture in my family of origin we are now reunited. I've stepped into leadership in my business and it's the most successful its ever been, my relationships are healthy and based on mutual trust and respect. I know and attend to my needs and my boundaries are clear and they both protect and provide for me. My sexuality is an authentic expression of who I am - grounded in slowness and sensuality and I finally feel that I'm doing exactly what I've been made for - teaching and guiding others to love their lives and to Thrive!

I want you to thrive

Why Work With Me

I see how trauma is at epidemic levels in our world both the personal trauma story and the collective trauma stories born from living in systems that oppress us.

I understand the landscape of trauma - I'm here to wholeheartedly share that with you as I guide you out of it's clutches and into that life you've been dreaming of where you Thrive.

I know how to do it safely, offering you an intimate and fully supported space in my coaching, so you can receive the power of the transformation I've been through. I'll offer you both compassion and precision and the journey will probably be a whole lot quicker than mine as I can direct you away from dead ends and into a more coherent  transformation.

It was an immense pleasure to journey with Catherine. She has an amazing gift at holding a compassionate, loving space with great presence, and care. This allowed for deep healing and transformation to occur of which I'm continuing to see the benefits of now several months later. I was very touched by Catherine's empowering approach to working with trauma where she helped me to reactivate and remember so much more of my true self beyond the self-limiting beliefs and painful stories that I had felt trapped by until I met her. I look back over how far I've come these last few months of journeying together and feel waves of gratitude for what a transformative and empowering experience it was!

Your Journey of Transformation

We start the adventure by creating within you:

  • resilience
  • resource
  • safety

Once you have your roots anchored into the stable soil of safety we can begin to tend to your desires for a deeper embodiment of worthiness, self-confidence and self-belief as you grow into knowing, valuing, and communicating your needs and expanding your capacity to receive.

I'll support you to regrow powerful healthy boundaries  - that allow for the flow of life to move through you in the form of love - sex - money  which will feed your potential to Thrive in the world.

We'll sow the seeds for trust to re-emerge in your connections with yourself, your body and others – leading to experiences of more authentic intimacy, sex and love. As we do this there emerges the wild and natural expression of your sensuality and sexuality. An awakening of pleasure and a re-orientation towards beauty, relaxation and a spaciousness and for the seedlings of love and sex to grow and flourish.

As we continue tending to your inner soil - composting what's ready to fall away - you begin to cultivate stable rhythms of care and consistency, allowing for generative and predictable relationships to bloom and vibrant health to manifest as you begin to Thrive in your life.

Sometimes we'll get curious about your professional life – especially for business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. We'll explore your gifts by opening access to your heart's medicine, sharing it with the world free from shame while creating financial abundance as you step into truth-aligned leadership.


How We’ll Do This Tender Work Together

We always start with a complimentary call to see if we are a right fit to work together. Meaning you get to chose if it feels like the right support for you – and I get to choose clients who I deeply resonate with – this really matters to me.

The Coaching Program Container

If we both decide we are a right fit to work together the price is £3000 for 4 - 5 months for a personalised intimate container for our 1:1 work, with monthly payment plans available making it easier to afford. There is a limited scholarship fund available through application.

In paying the full cost for the program 10% goes into a scholarship fund to support those who are less resourced than you.

£3000 includes

  • 1 x 120 minute in depth intake session
  • multi-page personalised program tailored with focused developmental objectives for you to grow into
  • 1 x 120 minute program offer session - where we go through your program in detail - ensuring we have a map to support and focus our explorations
  • 8 x 90 minute on-going sessions via Zoom
  • Personally designed practices between sessions
  • Light email support between sessions where needed
  • Access to an online bank of trauma informed resources to support you between sessions
  • A developmental guide book for you to track your journey if you wish


The program is online and is normally spread over a period of 4 - 5 months - which gives time and space for change to occur in a regulated and lasting way.

I would usually recommend biweekly sessions but sometimes it works better for you to meet me more or less frequently so I invite you to book sessions at a pace that honours your body.

Additionally: Many of my client’s find they benefit from embarking on an in person retreat with me here in Devon.

In Our Ongoing Sessions

We start with where you are by creating clarity as we build a personalised developmental  program which helps to explain your feelings - the behaviours that don't serve you - and the trauma symptoms that have been plaguing your health - often over many years.

Then step by step we move from the difficulty of trauma into the much longed for landscape of safety - where you get to grow your roots down into the soil to create stability. From here we get curious about the life you truly want and deserve and we navigate our sessions around creating this as your lived reality by bringing you back into relationship with your Blueprint of Health – your original master design before the trauma imprints obscured it.

Your Blueprint of Health is:

  • Worthiness
  •  Sovereignty
  •  Whole Self-Expression
  •  Clarity and Choice
  •  Vitality and Empowered Safety
  •  Intimate Belonging
  •  Co-Creation

We do this work online using body based trauma resolution techniques to alchemise the emergency responses locked deep in your nervous system, your emotions, your heart and your soul. We resolve the stuck trauma at a pace that feels doable for you which leads to greater safety and a growing capacity to be with challenge.

I really felt that Catherine was able to create an environment that was maximally conducive to growth and healing. I felt so safe with her every second of our sessions together. At the beginning of the program, she was able to see my Self and show me how to get there. Every step taken was together, fostering such an incredible capacity in me to trust myself, to heal myself, and to be able to heal others. Its clear to me that the healing made possible in this program will (and has already begun) to spread to others around me. I am realising my potential in a way I could have never imagined! Both in my personal relationships as well as my professional and spiritual realms. I would (and have been) recommending this program to anyone and everyone.

What You Can Expect From Me and This Program

  • The highest level of professionalism, integrity and confidentiality
  • My complete respect, kindness, care and compassion where ever you are – whatever you're feeling
  • A structure grounded in deep wisdom and neuroscience allowing you the safety to grow and emerge as a fuller, brighter, thriving version of yourself
  • Normalisation and regulation of your symptoms through nervous system education
  • An on-going experience of clear boundaries, empowered choice and consensual heart-felt relating with someone who’s got your back
  • An authentic connection with your sensuality and sexuality
  • An awakening of trust in yourself, in others and in life
  • An unravelling of the trauma spell and a reorientation and amplification of – healthy you – vibrant you – deeply alive, thriving and empowered you

Who’s a Best Fit For This Program

  • People who have previously worked with a therapist or coach
  • People who are fully committed to their process and to the duration of program
  • People who’ve struggled with boundaries and who know that healthy power and sovereignty awaits them
  • People who have been stuck in patterns of relating, addictions, depression and emotional volatility and who long for empowered safety and vitality in all areas of life
  • People who desire to have their needs met in sustainable and health giving ways
  • People with sexual challenges – including dealing with the ghosts of past sexual trauma
  • People open to connecting to their bodies and going through the program at the speed their body longs for
  • People who want to step into truth aligned leadership in their business and their lives
  • People who know they can no longer put off their desire for a deeper embodiment of their wholeness, their wellness and their capacity to thrive

Who’s Not a Best Fit For This Program

  • People who are looking solely for a cognitive based approach to healing
  • People who don't have the time, energy, resources to commit to the program
  • People who are not willing to feel their feelings
  • People who are missing the burning desire for deep change and transformation

What Other Clients Are Saying About My Work


"The space that was held by you felt empowering, I loved the mixture of education, embodiment and your own wisdom. I felt I could really embody and learn about my nervous system and different energies within my body. This has been profound - I have seen many therapists over the years, including somatic but I feel the deepest transformation has happened through out our time together.

I feel a lot more capacity in recognising where my nervous system is at (hyper/hypo) and being able to stay with it/ bring myself back. I also feel that it takes me less time to get out of these states that can last a long time.  I feel more empowered in being able to take care of myself

Experiencing a coaching container with Catherine has been so empowering and has helped me to heal, grow, and develop knowledge and tools to  weave into my life. I have experience a lot of therapy in the past, but have found the wisdom & combination of skills that Catherine holds has helped me really to embody and integrate on such a deep level. This continues to support me to thrive and heal. I feel more empowered and aligned with my essence, body & nervous system with more trust and tools to care and support myself.  Thank you!"


"The most valuable part of the program was the slowness, the spaciousness, being able to really move as my body wanted. it was deeply healing to be given full permission to give my presence to my body and to what it was feeling and experiencing. I have been feeling very well resourced since. I am much more aware of my old habits and tendencies that usually end up in burnout and overwhelm, not only am I more aware of them but I am now able to take the steps needed to ensure that I fill my cup more regularly than ever before leading to greater balance and harmony in my life. I have also expanded my capacity to self-regulate thereby enjoying more ease in my relationships as well as a softer, less stressful and more gentle way of life.

I felt very supported all the way through. I felt the love and care right from the beginning. Overall it was such a nourishing and healing journey where I was given the tenderness, space, presence and honouring I needed to really feel into the depths of my pain.

It was an immense pleasure to journey with Catherine. She has an amazing gift at holding a compassionate, loving space with great presence, and care. This allowed for deep healing and transformation to occur of which I'm continuing to see the benefits of now several weeks later. I was very touched by Catherine's empowering approach to working with trauma where she helped me to reactivate and remember so much more of my true self beyond the self-limiting beliefs and painful stories that I had felt trapped by until I met her. I look back over how far I've come these last few months of journeying together and feel waves of gratitude for what a transformative and empowering experience it was!"


“The re-parenting exercise gave me the opportunity to clearly recognise a part of myself that was struggling and needing attention. The depth of the exercise allowed the space to really “see” her and connect with who she was & how her needs were not met, which was something I knew in my mind, but hadn’t connected with her from my heart. This allowed space for empathy to arise & a release of stuck emotion.”


The way in which you hold the space, tenderly and gently was for me the most powerful aspect. Being judged has always been something that causes fear and I found the sessions to be free of that concern. My awareness lens has become wider which has allowed me to see certain behaviours/patterns clearer and in the moment. Which has created space to make choices from regulation.”

My Training and Experience

I am a professionally certified Trauma Resolution Practitioner, a Rebloom Coach and a Sexological Body worker. I’ve also trained in the Wheel of Consent – Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy – Energy Healing – Tantra and Sacred Sexuality – Sexual Shamanism – Vaginal Steaming - Pelvic Health. You can read more about my qualifications here.

In the last 8 years I’ve worked with 100’s of people supporting them with trauma resolution, particularly sexual trauma resolution- enabling them to find their true sexuality, in one to one, group, retreat and workshop settings.

I’ve worked with Rachael Maddox through both level one and two of her Rebloom Coach training and continue to work with her in supervision. I deepened into working both somatically and soulfully with trauma, learned practices to work with the 7 Core Wounds of Humanity, and discovered even safer ways of working with my client’s triggers.

I’ve worked with Katie Sarra through many 1:1 trauma resolution sessions. It was a profound journey using the Wheel of Consent and the Emotional Command System to unravel trauma, to develop choice and agency and to discover what I truly wanted. I learned the power of developing awareness in order to house somatic experiences and how to uncouple sensations from traumatic experiences.

I’ve worked with Indigenous peoples and people trained by Indigenous peoples, learning ritual, and ceremony to deepen my connection and love for the Earth.

What I Hope For You

I hope by reading this offering you feel inspired to move towards your own trauma resolution journey so you too can find a happier, healthier more authentic version of yourself across the whole of your life whether you choose to take that journey with me or someone else. With all of my heart I want to whisper to you 'You deserve it!'

Blessings and love

Catherine x

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