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Thrive In Life

Is a revolutionary 5 month long individual coaching program for women leaders, coaches and healers longing for a container where they can commit to resolve their trauma on the deepest nervous system level.

It offers you everything you need, including accountability, to transform into the most empowered, resourced, resilient, confident, sexually embodied and self-trusting version of yourself.


Using a personalised body-based trauma resolution approach we powerfully and effectively bring healing and transformation to your relationship to love, sex, pleasure, and money,  and other areas where you long for empowerment, including menopause. In this program we actually address the roots of trauma using an archetypal, developmental and systemic system and nervous system tools to create resilience, resolve trauma and reduce stress. Offering you transformation where once previous attempts have failed while equipping you to shift from surviving to Thriving in Your Precious Life!

Georgina Stevens

'Working with Catherine has been life-changing for me. I have taken a huge step into understanding and helping myself through listening to my body and it's wisdom. And this has helped me to see where joy lies in my life, where I have gone off track, and how to remedy that, and which people around me can support me on my journey. Life changing, life affirming and essential work. I would love to explore further with her.'

Georgina - Thrive in Life Coaching Client


Welcome to The Thrive In Life Coaching Program


This is a short video where I introduce you to the program which you may want to watch.

'I have seen many therapists over the years, including somatic but the deepest transformation has happened through out our time together.'

 I was very touched by Catherine's empowering approach to working with trauma where she helped me to reactivate and remember my true self beyond the self-limiting beliefs and painful stories that I had felt trapped by until I met her.

Thrive in Life Coaching Client


My Thrive in Life Story

I had spent decades and a small fortune on doing the inner work - you name it I'd read the book or does the course. Yet life was still an enormous daily struggle as unbeknown to me I was in the clutches of multiple traumas, including trauma from sexual boundary violations, that were dictating my life.

It showed up everywhere - shame holding me back from living my full potential. Doing a job I hated. Flimsy boundaries leading to poor sexual choices. Addictions. Anger and rage bubbling underneath the surface. Not knowing I had needs let alone that they mattered.

I longed to feel safe in my belonging, for a job where I could shine and that paid me what I'm worth, for healthy consensual relationships, for both pleasure and safety in my sexual connections and the self-confidence to hold my head up high.

Catherine Hale - Thrive in life coaching

When I committed to showing up for myself in the most profound way I could by finding a trauma resolution container life started to get a whole lot better.  I discovered that by taking all the time I needed to unwind emotionally, to address the gaps in my early development, to build a safe, reliable, consistent attachment with my coach I began to live from the healthiest most vital parts of myself.

After decades of rupture in my family of origin we became reunited. I stepped into leadership in my business and it became the most successful its ever been, my relationships became based on mutual trust, respect and healthy boundaries. I let go of the addictions that were secretly running my life and claimed my sexuality as an authentic expression of who I am - grounded in slowness and sensuality.

I now finally feel I'm doing exactly what I've been designed for - teaching and guiding others out of the clutches of trauma into the life they have been dreaming of where they are empowered and Thrive!

I know how to guide you safely, offering an intimate and fully supported space in my coaching, so you can receive the power of the transformation I've been through. I'll offer you both compassion and precision while guiding you away from dead ends and into a more coherent transformation so you can heal much quicker than I did.

Catherine Hale - I want you to Thrive

What You Can Expect From Me and This Program


  • The highest level of professionalism, integrity and confidentiality - from the first session you experience embodied safety
  • Clearing confusion and embedded experiences of control - learn to trust yourself, others and life
  • My complete respect, kindness, care, non-judgement and compassion where ever you are – whatever you're feeling - so you feel met, honoured and accepted
  • 25 years of my personal healing journey - and professional skills as a Sexological body worker, trauma coach and TRE practitioner masterfully synthesised into this program
  • An intelligent structure grounded in deep wisdom and neuroscience allowing you access to understand yourself, to grow awareness and make immediate changes to lifelong patterns of stuckness
  • Normalisation and regulation of your symptoms through straightforward and easy to apply nervous system education - so you continue to reduce your stress and let go of old unhelpful habits and tendencies without the interference of shame
  • An on-going experience of clear boundaries, empowered choice and consensual heart-felt safe relating with someone who’s got your back - so you learn where your boundaries are and how to communicate them
  • Restoration of an authentic connection with your sensuality and sexuality- through developing self-worth, and removing any tendencies to hyper or hyposexualise
  • A priceless and upgraded life where authentic living and relating is easeful, your health is radiant, you embody self trust and safety, and feel empowered to continue to Thrive in your life. 


I often get asked similar questions about the program so I've put together an FAQ to answer your questions here.

'Catherine models healthy boundaries and compassion which I found really valuable having not really experienced that before.'

Working with Catherine has been transformative, not only in understanding how trauma has effected my body and behaviour, but also in learning how to meet myself in these different states.

I now understand life through the lens of the trauma response and this allows me to gravitate towards healthy people and places - meaning who and where I feel most regulated. I have more self awareness now and from this I have COMPASSION for myself. My boundaries are much clearer because I can feel my body and my nervous system. This makes me feel empowered.

Thrive in Life Coaching Client


Program Structure

  • Discovery call - we always start with a discovery call to see if we are a right fit to work together. Meaning you get to chose if it feels like the right support for you – and I get to choose clients who I deeply resonate with – this really matters to me. 
  • Intake questions - you'll complete the intake form, giving opportunity to reflect on the challenges you are facing and to share with me what you feel you want me to know at this stage.
  • Intake session - together we look at your intake answers and get clarity on your priorities for transformation.
  • Personalised developmental  program - I write you a multi-page program plan - highlighting the areas for growth, your developmental objectives, and strategies to facilitate the transformation you long for.
  • Program sessions - we start with where you are by creating clarity around your feelings - the behaviours that don't serve you - the trauma symptoms that have been plaguing your health - often over many years - and then moving towards healing what hurt you the most.
  • We'll grow your somatic literacy - enabling you to sense, feel and track your inner world of emotion and sensation allowing for regulated completion of trauma responses
Thrive in life step by step plan Catherine Hale

'I felt very held in our sessions, which shows how my trust has grown in allowing me to drop in deeply.'

My capacity and awareness has increased I can now regulate my nervous system and track where I am.  I now have the ability to take action/care to resource myself and am taking steps to having more healthy rhythms and boundaries with myself, others and work.

I felt supported, I love way you manage to see the overall patterns that are coming up and links it that the nervous system.

Freya - Thrive in Life Coaching Client


How We’ll Do This Tender Work Together


Step by step we move from the difficulty of trauma into the much longed for landscape of your Blueprint of Health – your original master design before the trauma imprints obscured it.


Your Blueprint of Health is

  • Worthiness
  •  Sovereignty
  •  Whole Self-Expression
  •  Clarity and Choice
  •  Vitality and Empowered Safety
  •  Intimate Belonging
  •  Co-Creation
Rebloom archetypes
  • We create breakthrough by resolving the stuck trauma at a pace that feels doable for you which leads to greater safety, a self trust that's foundational and sustainable leading to a growing capacity to be with challenge when it shows up.
  • We expand your healing potential by working at both the personal and the collective level of trauma healing - by unpacking the influences of systems of oppression and control
  • We use the Rebloom model of trauma healing combined with body based trauma resolution techniques to alchemise the emergency responses locked deep in your nervous system, your emotions, your heart and your soul so you are free of their control in your life

Thrive in Life Coaching Program Comprehensive Package

You receive 25 years of my personal healing journey combined with my professional business journey - masterfully synthesised into a trauma informed approach - so you don't have to attend all the courses I did and save time and unnecessary stress.

You also receive 3 levels of support from me  to ensure you get the results of living a life of Thriving.

Inside of a flower

In Sessions


In Sessions

  • Detailed intake question analysis
  • 1 x 90 minute in depth intake session
  • Multi-page personalised program tailored with focused developmental objectives for you to grow into
  • 1 x 90 minute program offer session - where we go through your program in detail - ensuring we have a map to support and focus our explorations
  • 8 x 90 minute on-going sessions via Zoom
  • The program is online and is spread over a period of 4 - 5 months - which gives time and space for change to occur in a regulated and lasting way.
  • I would usually recommend biweekly sessions but sometimes it works better for you to meet me more or less frequently so I invite you to book sessions at a pace that honours your body.
Thrive in life rose Catherine Hale

Plus - Between Session Support


Plus - Between Session Support

  • Personally designed practices between sessions
  • Light email support with personalised video responses between sessions where needed

Bonus - Master Your Learning


  • Access to the Thrive Learning Portal - a digital space with access to practices to teach your nervous system regulation to continue your learning experience

Your Program Gifts

Thrive in Life personalised plan

Your Personalised Thrive in Life Plan

Receive a multi-page personalised program tailored with focused developmental objectives for you to grow into

Thrive learning portal

Bonus Gift: Access to Thrive in Life  Learning Portal

A collection of resources with everything you need to create the results  you are looking for

'The way in which you hold the space, tenderly and gently was for me the most powerful aspect.'

Being judged has always been something that causes fear and I found the sessions to be free of that concern. My awareness lens has become wider which has allowed me to see and heal certain behaviours/patterns clearer and in the moment. I now can make choices from regulation instead of strong reaction.

Thrive in Life Coaching Client

Program Cost

The program is 5 months long. The current cost is £3000 and this will increase on the 1st September

Payment plans are available of £600 a month currently.

£600 /per month
  • Detailed Intake Question Analysis
  • 10 x  1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • Personalised Plan
  • Thrive in Life Coaching Journal
  • Personally Designed Practices
  • Light Email Support

Who’s a Best Fit For This Program

  • People who have previously worked with a therapist or coach and have access to feeling their emotions and bodily sensations
  • People who work as leaders, coaches, healers and therapists
  • People who are fully committed to their process and to the duration of program - who want to be held accountable
  • People who’ve struggled with boundaries and who know that healthy power and sovereignty awaits them
  • People who have been stuck in patterns of relating, addictions, depression and emotional volatility and who long for empowered safety and vitality in all areas of life
  • People who desire to have their needs met in sustainable and health giving ways
  • People with sexual challenges – ghosts of past sexual trauma who long for authentic sexual expression
  • People open to connecting to their bodies and going through the program at the speed that honours their body
  • People who want to step into truth aligned leadership in their lives
  • People who know they can no longer put off their desire for a deeper embodiment of their wholeness, their wellness and their capacity to thrive

Who’s Not a Best Fit For This Program

  • People who are looking solely for a cognitive/mind based approach to healing
  • People who are not working in leadership, caching, therapy or healing professions.
  • People who don't have the time, energy, resources to commit to the program - including self practice and enquiry between sessions
  • People looking to be saved
  • People who are not willing to feel their feelings
  • People who are missing the burning desire for deep change and transformation
  • People with active addictions or eating disorders who are currently not receiving support for this

'I have experienced a lot of therapy in the past, but have found the wisdom & combination of skills that Catherine holds has helped me really to embody and integrate on such a deep level.'

The space that was held by you felt empowering, I loved the mixture of education, embodiment and your own wisdom. It was profound and meant I could embody and learn about my nervous system and different energies within my body.

I feel more empowered in being able to take care of myself and have more trust in my capacity to recognising my nervous system state and can bring about self regulation much quicker than ever before.  Experiencing a coaching container with Catherine has been so EMPOWERING and has helped me to heal, grow, and develop knowledge and tools to weave into my life.

Thrive in Life Coaching Client

What Other Clients are Saying About my Work

Throughout my coaching programme, Catherine was a sensitive guide with a rare and subtle wisdom. She brought a spaciousness and a depth of attunement to my somatic process that allowed body intelligence to come through, such that patterns of trauma could be transmuted into states of bliss within our sessions. She held a container for whole self-expression, helping me track and transform my unconscious energy patterns that have previously held me back. Our sessions together were joyful, physically challenging and revelatory.

From the programme I have gained new depths and dimensions of self-awareness, which give me the confidence to be in a relationship again. I can distinguish trauma bonded attachment from healthy attachment, and how to create the conditions for safety with my partner. I now have an embodied map to navigate and breathe / imagine / move beyond my trauma triggers.

I learned practical and creative ways of regulating my state and moving from a history of extreme ups and downs to a stabilising my health and well-being. I now have more capacity to take risks and to thrive in work and play. This is a huge change – to truly dampen the patterns of trauma I’ve inherited, not just for me but for the people around me as well, is no small shift.

I have really enjoyed working with Catherine  - I always felt safe and cared for, and the work we did was at a profound level of creativity, depth and simplicity. Please do this work if you’re considering it, somatic work goes far beyond any psychotherapeutic and coaching work I’ve experienced before.

Jules - Thrive in Life Coaching Client

'I felt the love and care right from the beginning'

The slowness, spaciousness, and permission to what it was feeling and experiencing was DEEPLY HEALING.

I am much more aware of my old habits and tendencies that usually end up in burnout and overwhelm, not only am I more aware of them but I am now able to take the steps needed to ensure that I fill my cup more regularly than ever before leading to greater balance and harmony in my life.

I have also expanded my capacity to self-regulate thereby enjoying more ease in my relationships as well as a softer, less stressful and more gentle way of life.

I felt very SUPPORTED all the way through and  it was such a nourishing and healing journey where I was given the tenderness, space, presence and honouring I needed to really feel into the depths of my pain.

I look back over how far I've come these last few months of journeying together and feel waves of GRATITUDE for what a transformative and empowering experience it was!

Thrive in Life Coaching Client

'The re-parenting exercise gave me the opportunity to clearly recognise a part of myself that was struggling and needing attention.'

The depth of the exercise allowed the space to really “see” her and connect with who she was & how her needs were not met, which was something I knew in my mind, but hadn’t connected with her from my heart. This allowed space for empathy to arise & a release of stuck emotion I now feel safer in my body. 

Thrive in Life Coaching Client

'Catherine created an environment that was maximally conducive to growth and healing.'

I felt so safe with her every second of our sessions together. At the beginning of the program, she was able to see my Self and show me how to get there. Every step taken was together, fostering such an incredible capacity in me to trust myself, to heal myself, and to be able to heal others.

Its clear to me that the healing made possible in this program  has already begun to spread to others around me.

I am realising my potential in a way I could have never imagined both in my personal relationships as well as my professional and spiritual realms. I have been recommending this program to anyone and everyone!

Thrive in Life Coaching Client

'Catherine has an amazing gift at holding a compassionate, loving space with great presence, and care.'

I look back over how far I've come these last few months of journeying together and feel waves of gratitude for what a transformative and empowering experience it's been!

Thrive in Life Coaching client

'Working with Catherine was the medicine I needed in 2020.'

I've known for a while that I needed to do more nervous system work, and I've always felt safe and non-judged with her. In our time together I gained so many skills to work with my own nervous system and slow down, I feel like it's been a missing piece in my healing path and learning to trust myself again.

Thank you thank you thank you Catherine, I am beyond grateful.

Lucy Rowett - Thrive in Life Coaching Client

My Training and Experience

I am a professionally certified Trauma Resolution Practitioner, a Certified ReBloom Coach and a Sexological Body worker. I’ve also trained in the Wheel of Consent – Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy – Energy Healing – Tantra and Sacred Sexuality – Sexual Shamanism – Vaginal Steaming - Pelvic Health. You can read more about my qualifications here.

Since 2012 I’ve worked with 100’s of people supporting them with trauma resolution, particularly sexual trauma resolution - enabling them to find their true sexuality, in one to one, group, retreat and workshop settings.

I’ve worked with Rachael Maddox through both level one and two of her Rebloom Coach training and continue to work with her in supervision. I deepened into working both somatically and soulfully with trauma, learned practices to work with the 7 Core Wounds of Humanity, and discovered even safer ways of working with my client’s triggers.

I’ve worked with Katie Sarra through many 1:1 trauma resolution sessions. It was a profound journey using the Wheel of Consent and the Emotional Command System to unravel trauma, to develop choice and agency and to discover what I truly wanted. I learned the power of developing awareness in order to house somatic experiences and how to uncouple sensations from traumatic experiences.

I’ve worked with Indigenous peoples and people trained by Indigenous peoples, learning ritual, and ceremony to deepen my connection and love for the Earth.

What I Hope For You

That you feel inspired to move towards your own trauma resolution journey so across your life you too can live a more:

  • Empowered - to create the life you long for
  • Vibrant and healthy body, mind and soul
  • Pleasure - through restoration  of your authentic sensual and sexual connection
  • Deep sense of belonging - any feeling your place in this world
  • Ability to receive what you need
  • To know how to create embodied safety and to move away from what threatens that
  • A constant experience of choice and clarity
  • Expression across your life  including sharing your gifts powerfully in the world
Catherine Hale - Thrive in life coaching, you deserve it

The life your heart and soul has been longing for. With all of my heart I want to whisper to you

'You deserve it - it's your time and you are ready for the next step!'

Commit to Thriving in your One Precious Life today - if not now when?

Blessings and love

Catherine x