Women’s Sexuality

Women's Sexuality

Female sexuality is no longer about just going along with others and what they do to you or tell you to do, its no longer going along with your old conditioned patterns of handing your pelvis over to someone else, its about developing your pelvic presence and becoming more connected to your body, and to your deeper fuller body~mind~heart~spirit~self, in every moment, especially the highly charged moments, and being able to choose what’s most true for you, to value it, to trust it, and communicate it.

women's sexuality Catherine Hale

I got to connect with my body....

 at a very deep level and I felt self-love and pure joy which had been hiding beneath the layers of shame and feelings of unworthiness. I see there is a whole world inside my body I didn't know was even there, when I say that I can allow the sadness for having not known for so long. Thank you for guiding me the way back to this magical land.


Watch my video where I share about the topic of knowing what we want, trusting what we want and asking for what we want, this is a game changer in women's sexuality and intimacy

Why you might join my Coaching Program

  • You want to discover more of who you are sexually but don’t know how
  • You’re unsure of how to communicate your desires to a sexual partner
  • You want to learn more about self-pleasure
  • You want to break compulsive patterns of watching porn or being in fantasy
  • You feel numb or disconnected from all or parts of your pelvis and vulva
  • You say ‘yes’ when you want to say ‘no’
  • You want to own your feminine sexual power
  • You want to discover your your sexual anatomy including your G-spot and female ejaculation
  • Your body doesn’t feel the same since giving birth
  • You experience chronic UTI’s or STI’s
  • You have scar tissue in the pelvis

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I feel more alive

My Yoni and I are getting to know each other after years of disconnection. I've found a long lost friend, which is both sad for all the years of not knowing her but there's excitement of finally knowing how to meet her, and today I feel more alive and less pain. Thank you!