Women’s Pelvic Health


Women's Pelvic Health Sessions

Our pelvis is a scared space, its the generator of our creative energies and the holder of our creations. Reconnecting to our pelvis is a journey of coming home deeply to ourselves and accessing this wild force of nature in our everyday lives.

Our society tends to value mind over body, as such many women are living in their heads sometimes severed from their pelvis, struggling, pushing and forcing their way through life wondering why its so difficult.

Living this way our body starts to speak to us, it creates symptoms, letting us know we are disconnected from our power and creative life force.

This is an invitation to pause and to listen deeply, however many of us were not taught this skill, so we run to the gynaecologist looking for answers. My work is an invitation to learn to listen, to learn to trust and to value the messages your pelvis is giving you. She can become our greatest teacher, I know that's been true in my personal experience and that of many of my clients too.





women's pelvic health Catherine Hale

I connected to the disempowerment I felt at the birth of my son...

as Catherine massage my C-section scar. I could finally express my rage at being abandoned during the birth by my absent partner all these years later. I had no idea I'd been holding onto it, but through the touch there was a visceral sense of being right back in the operating theatre feeling terrified. Now it feels complete like we went back and re-wrote that story. 

Why you might attend a Women's Pelvic Health Session

  • You have scar tissue in the pelvis, from C-section, birthing, or surgery
  • You have painful, irregular, or missing periods
  • Your periods have brown blood, dried blood, or clots
  • You are postpartum
  • You are post-menopausal and suffer from vaginal dryness and loss of elasticity
  • You have a vaginal prolapse
  • You have uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts or endometriosis
  • You get frequent urinary infections, yeast infections or bacterial infections
  • You tighten up during sex or lack lubrication
  • You're struggling with your fertility
  • You've experienced miscarriage or termination of pregnancy
  • Your creative ventures never seem to be successful
  • You struggle creating/maintaining the relationships you long for
  • You finding peri-menopause or menopause a challenge

We can work with any of this and whatever else you bring to a session.

Session content may include:

  • Bespoke Vaginal Health Protocol and Support
  • Vaginal Steaming
  • Energetic Womb Clearing
  • Menstrual Education
  • Scar Tissue Remediation
  • Pelvic Presence Practice
  • Inter-Vaginal Mapping
  • Emotional Expression
  • Perimenopause Support and Menopausal Initiation Support

I was holding onto two ex-partners in my womb space....

no wonder I couldn't meet a new partner! These old energetic holding patterns were cleared in the session, I sent them on their way and now I can breathe again. I was so congested in my womb, it was unbelievable what Catherine helped me unearth.

Sally Pearce

What you may expect from a Woman's Pelvic Health Session

  • You'll feel more connected to your pelvis, vulva and womb
  • You'll develop a healthy menstrual cycle
  • You'll be free of patterns of uterine stagnation
  • You'll raise your fertility levels
  • You'll feel your uterus and vaginal walls return to their pre-birth state
  • You'll have the tools to develop a self-care practice to attend to the needs of your pelvis
  • You'll have access to more creative energy and be able to hold your creative ventures for their duration
  • You'll have more spaciousness to create the relationships you want in your life
  • You'll feel more equipped to deal with the initiation of menopause

Cost of a session