Trauma Healing


Trauma Healing

When we feel safe enough to meet the old embodied emergency responses that got stuck in our bodies - trauma resolves. When we start with your health - with what feels alive and well - then you feel resourced to meet difficulty with no need for force or pushing but with gentleness and going slowly- then the magic happens. Together we can listen to your body's story of the trauma somatically unravelling, and your system learns to regulate as you feel one drop at a time, and recover a grounded spaciousness within.


Healing Sexual Trauma

Sexual trauma does not need to be a life sentence, there is a way through the triggers so you can return to the body finding safety within.

Its a step by step journey of coming into deeper love and acceptance for who you are, for releasing the shame that got put upon you and rediscovering you you are as an authentic sexual being.

trauma healing Catherine Hale

It finally was safe enough to feel ...

what I had been defending myself from. I've been so lost and alone but with you by my side I knew I could do it. I've claimed back a really scared part of me, I'm holding her close now, really, really close and relief floods my body.


Why you might attend my trauma resolution coaching program

  • You’ve experienced boundary violation
  • You’ve felt sexual energy was present and you felt overwhelmed
  • You grew up in a toxic family dynamic
  • You repeatedly experience intense emotional states
  • You have intrusive thoughts that feel harmful
  • You find intimacy challenging
  • You have a tendency to be defensive
  • You often don’t feel safe
  • You feel disconnected sexually or have trouble with orgasm
  • You want a sexual and intimate relationship but your fear prevents you

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When I got home last night I realised my body was relaxed.

That familiar feeling of tension in my left hip was gone, and the best part was I could hold my vagina and gently soothe her. Thank you again for being the one to bring this into my life. Much love and gratitude.


Watch my video where I share about how I work with Trauma

In the coaching call my body gently opened...

so it could heal from the sexual abuse I'd experienced as a child. I now have my very own healing practice and I love how self-pleasure makes me feel, before it felt disconnected now I can really feel PLEASURE!!!