Practitioner Coaching

Dear beautiful you - welcome to my Practitioner Coaching offering.

Practitioner Coaching

I'm passionate and gifted in supporting other practitioners to shine in their work. Maybe you are great at your job but you lack the business skills to reach an audience who are hungry for your medicine.

Or maybe you've not quite got clarity on what you're here to share in the world.

Or perhaps you need a change of direction and you're unsure of what they may look like.

I've been in each one of those scenarios so I understand how frustrating and demoralising it can be to not feel the rewards of all the effort you put into your work.

If you are a practitioner working in the areas of: body-work, trauma resolution, Tantra, energy healing work, sexuality work, and other healing professions are you looking to:

  • Breathe new life into your offerings to reflect the practitioner you have grown into
  • Become a trauma informed practitioner
  • Gain insight, clarity and new perspective on challenging client situations, including trauma awareness and neuroscience  and tools for creating lasting change
  • Get clear on the next evolution of your work
  • Learn to deeply attune and attend to your own rhythms of care so you remain a resourced practitioner
  • Receive 1:1 sessions online either ongoingly or as one off support?


practitioner mentoring Catherine Hale

I was feeling drained and depleted after my client sessions.

I could feel my client's energy leaking and it connected me to my unmet anger.  With your mentoring I knew I needed  to set clearer boundaries so I can be in service but not slip into the shadow of allowing by tolerating and enduring what didn't feel right for me. I feel more empowered to give consensual sessions, its such a transformation.


Why you might attend a Practitioner Coaching Session

  • You want to grow your business but are not sure how that may look
  • You want to go deeper with your clients, offering them more opportunity for transformation
  • You want to receive support and reflections on your client cases to move both you and them forwards in their evolution
  • You want to develop your embodiment of boundaries and consent
  • You want to be trauma informed in your practice
  • You want to be powerfully effective in your offerings

Session content may include

  • Creating a business model that really works for your business growth and development
  • Discovering what your unique medicine is and how to create coherence between your medicine and your offerings
  • Establishing your value and what to charge for your offerings
  • Learning embodied consent, boundary awareness, and trauma awareness practices and assessment tools
  • Other content you may need support with

With the trauma awareness you taught

..... I'm more able to determine whether my client has trauma. I see how many of my previous clients were experiencing trauma symptoms that I hadn't recognised as such. I'm ready to learn more more about neuroscience from you in our next session, I know this is what my clients need from me. Nothing else I've learned to date in my client work has given me such a comprehensive understanding, this is life changing!


What you may expect from a Practitioner Mentoring Session

  • Grow your business without the marketing hype and instead feel confident in aligning to your innate medicine and being coherent in your offerings to clients
  • Support your clients with life-changing transformation
  • Practice rhythms of care and feel less burned out or depleted after client work
  • Know how to apply an embodied understanding and assessment of  boundaries in your work
  • Know how to always remain in consent and to assess consent in your sessions
  • Know how to recognise and assess for trauma  in your clients and  know the essential approaches to working with trauma
  • Build an extraordinary toolbox of powerful somatic, ritual and coaching techniques

Cost of a Session

  • Online sessions £100 per hour