Practitioner Mentoring

Practitioner Mentoring Sessions

Are for male and female practitioners who work in the areas of: body-work, Tantra, energy healing work, sexuality work, physiotherapy and other healing professions.

  • 1:1 sessions on Zoom or in person
  • Ongoing or one off support
  • Mentoring specifically for your learning needs
  • Taught using embodied practices, energy work, and body work where appropriate
  • Using the latest research from the fields of trauma and neuroscience


practitioner mentoring Catherine Hale

I was feeling drained and depleted after my client sessions.

I could feel my client's energy leaking and it connected me to my unmet anger.  With your mentoring I knew I needed  to set clearer boundaries so I can be in service but not slip into the shadow of allowing by tolerating and enduring what didn't feel right for me. I feel more empowered to give consensual sessions, its such a transformation.


Why you might attend a Practitioner Mentoring Session

  • You want to develop your client practice
  • You want to develop your embodiment of boundaries and consent
  • You want to be trauma informed in your practice
  • You want to learn how to touch with more consciousness
  • You want to include sexuality in your healing practice

Session content may include

  • Embodied consent practices and assessment tools
  • Boundary awareness practices and assessment tools
  • Trauma awareness practices and assessment tools
  • Shame free pleasure based sex education
  • Other content you may need support with

With the trauma awareness you taught

..... I'm more able to determine whether my client has trauma. I see how many of my previous clients were experiencing trauma symptoms that I hadn't recognised as such. I'm ready to learn more more about neuroscience from you in our next session, I know this is what my clients need from me. Nothing else I've learned to date in my client work has given me such a comprehensive understanding, this is life changing!


What you may expect from a Practitioner Mentoring Session

  • You'll feel more confidence with how you touch your clients
  • You'll know how to apply an embodied understanding and assessment of  boundaries in your work and feel less burned out or depleted after a session
  • You'll know how to always remain in consent and to assess consent in your sessions
  • You'll know how to recognise and assess for trauma  in your clients
  • You'll know the essential approaches to working with trauma
  • You'll have more resources to deal with your clients needs
  • You'll have a shift in your own personal shame, guilt and fear around sexuality

Cost of a Session

  • Online sessions £70 per hour