One Off Coaching Sessions

One Off Coaching Sessions

I offer my coaching sessions online.

This is time dedicated to you, for your healing, where you’re supported to create the more authentic version of your life, the one that was there before any major single event trauma or developmental trauma occurred.

I work as a coach, guiding and supporting you to connect to your body through practices of body awareness. Sometimes we'll do other work such as talking, boundary restoration, or sex education.

The practice of presence cultivates our ability to stay acceptingly open to our emotional, visceral and somatic experience without repeating the cycle of reactivity. It also involves noticing the psyche’s penchant to dissociate from uncomfortable sensations.

Whatever the nature of the session my role is to guide or coach you, as you meet what is happening in your emotions, your body and the narrative in your mind with gentleness - learning how to expand your capacity for nervous system regulation.

As a sexological body-worker and coach.....

 I’m passionate about demystifying sexuality, to free it from the clutches of shame, to bring it back to the place of sacredness and to support people in connecting with this powerful life force that streams through us!

Catherine Hale

What may happen in a session ?

You’re an active participant in the process, I'll be supporting you to discover what you need, what you'd like to learn, including new skills you want to develop. Together we'll go on a journey to meet your needs, being open to discover unexpected treasures along the way, and respond to whatever may arise in the moment. This isn't a pre-planned formula, rather an alive organic process that unfolds according to you.

Imagine being met with openness, compassion, and non-judgment.....

 by someone who’s knowledgeable about women's pelvic health, trauma and sexuality. From someone who makes it their business to know the most up to date information about neuroscience so you can make the changes you are seeking. Someone who can offer you  practical support, guidance and soften your challenges with deep compassion and humour?

Catherine Hale

Cost of a session