Couple’s Coaching

Couple's Coaching

All couples face challenges at some point in their relationship, and sometimes having support helps us to resolve conflict and ultimately can create a healthy relationship that serves love.

I work with women and their partners.


A relationship is like a bucket that you both hold.

You each choose how much you can pour into it and whether you put holes in the bottom and let it all out. Taking care of the bucket requires time, care and attention.

Catherine Hale


Why you might attend  Couple's Coaching

  • You're unsure of how to communicate your desires with your partner
  • You're feeling stuck in a rut in your sexual connection and want to explore sexuality in a conscious loving way but you're unsure of how that could look
  • Your libido feels like its disappeared for one or both of you
  • Your orgasms and/or erections don't seem to give you what you want
  • You find it hard to get close and stay close to each other
  • You feel your way of relating doesn't work any more
  • You want to move from co-dependent patterns of relating to choosing to be together

Session content may include

  • Communication Tools for Expanding Intimacy and Pleasure
  • Emotional Expression
  • Consensual Touch including Boundaries Work ~ Wheel of Consent
  • Anatomy of Arousal Education
  • Accessing the Tools of Breath, Sound and Movement
  • Emotional Fluency and Attunement
  • Body Work
  • Energy Work
  • Tantric Meditations and Rituals

We loved the 3 minute game...

playing it was a succession of light bulb moments. I could see where I'd got stuck making my requests for touch really small because I was scared of asking for too much. I now trust I can ask for what I want and if Peter can't meet my request it's ok. 

I now know I can say 'no' and I'm not rejecting Sara I just might just be too busy, or tired, now I can say 'no' it makes my 'yes' all the more powerful! Thank you, this is a game changer!!!! 

Sara and Peter

What you may expect From  Couple's Coaching

  • You'll know what you want when giving and receiving touch
  • You'll know the patterns, and how to work with them, which get in the way of creating deeper intimacy
  • You'll know how to take full responsibility for who you are and how you feel emotionally
  • You'll know how to move out of co-dependency and into wholeness
  • You'll understand each other more as sexual beings and how to increase your pleasure
  • You'll feel more confident in ways to touch
  • You'll know how to create sacred sexual practices
  • You'll know how to love yourself and therefore be more available to love each other

Cost of Coaching